Christopher Paolini’s recent Rolling Stones feature article is now available for online reading!

We recently posted about a Rolling Stones feature profiling Christopher Paolini and the family behind one of the world’s best-selling fantasy series. One Rolling Stones reporter was allowed to shadow Christopher and his family during the hayday surrounding the release of Inheritance, and the article is the result of the reporter’s observations and interviews. It offers interesting insight into Christopher’s mind during some of the busiest days his life, as well as a glimpse at the family members who help to reenforce his success. The article is now available in its entirety on the Rolling Stones website!

You can view several incredible photos of Christopher (not available in the online version of the article) in our past news post about the article. In addition, we went ahead and summarized the article’s key parts — including new and interesting information about Christopher, his family, and the writing process behind the Cycle. View our first Rolling Stones article here.