Christopher won’t be abandoning the world of Alagaësia!

Christopher Paolini has consistently kept fans up to date on his current and future projects. Shortly after completing the Inheritance Cycle in 2011, the author announced that a fifth book, referred to by fans as “Book 5,” will someday be written. The author sees the book as a continuation of the same story, heavily influenced by the events of the Cycle, but featuring new main characters.

“The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm” – Tales from Alagaësia (Volume 1: Eragon) is not Book 5. This new book is a standalone story narrated by Eragon and featuring three original short stories. Familiar faces, such as Eragon, Saphira, and Murtagh will make a return!

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Before Christopher tackles Book 5, he’s working on finishing his sci-fi novel, code-named “TSiaSoS”. The author hasn’t definitively stated that Book 5 will be the next project after the sci-fi novel’s completion, but has repeatedly expressed interest in returning to the world of Alagaësia.


Book 5 will be a standalone novel set in Alagaësia. Eragon, Saphira, and Nasuada will not return as main characters. Instead, the series will follow new/unnamed characters. However, Christopher still sees the book as a continuation of the same story, being heavily influenced by the events of the Cycle. [S1, S2]

The entire book is already plotted out and has been since the conclusion of the Cycle. The fifth book isn’t the only story has planned for the world of Alagaësia! In addition to “The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm,” Christopher has shared a desire to write prequels, sequels, and stand-alone books, all found on on a dedicated page here.


Fans of the Cycle will know that Christopher deliberately hid clues and left loose ends in Inheritance which set the stage for events in Book 5 and beyond. Many of the community’s most burning questions are set to be addressed. We’ve compiled a list of confirmed plot details to be found in the fifth book below.

Christopher has revealed that some of the hidden groundwork laid for Book 5 in Brisingr and Inheritance has been discovered by fans, while even more remains hidden. [S]


The book has no official title and likely won’t until just a few months before its release. Fans have affectionately referred to the book as Book 5 since the beginning. However, other fans stick to more “complete” titles, such as Inheritance Cycle Book 5 and Eragon Book 5. The big question: will Christopher stick with his one-word-title scheme or break free of that constraint to mark a new chapter in the series?


When asked to reveal any new detail about Book 5, Christopher delivered two cryptic messages:

“Everyone in Alagaësia has overlooked something really, really important with regard to the new peace they hope to establish.” [S]

“Light and shadow shall meet in an epic battle. Bwahahaha! #ineverjokeaboutstories” [S]

Dive into this topic in further detail on our Confirmed Book 5 Plotlines page (COMING SOON)!

Timeline: Book 5 won’t pick up immediately after the ending of Inheritance. [S]

Main characters: Eragon and Saphira will not be main characters in the book. [S1] We have, however, met the new main character. [S2] Never fear, though: many old characters will return in the fifth installment. [S3] The strangers who had their fortunes read by Angela in Brisingr are not the subjects of Book 5 but rather a different future story. [S4]

New villain(s): The Unnamed Shadow (from Eragon’s Guide to Alagaësia) and Nameless One (Jeod’s Letter from the Deluxe Edition of Inheritance) are very real. “Beware of shadows that seek to use mirrors.” [S1] As for who or what these are – we’ve already met “him/her/it/they/what-the-heck-is-that?” [S2] Christopher has revealed that they are separate entities, and that some characters (including Jeod and the man he was writing to in his letter) know more about the Nameless One than Christopher has revealed in canon materials and interviews. [S3]

Future of the dragons and Riders: Book 5 will reveal the outcome of Saphira and Firnen’s mating at the end of Inheritance. Little baby dragons? We’ll find out! [S] We’ll see the beginning of the new generation of dragons and Riders, and it’s a very real possibility we’ll see dwarf and Urgal Riders. [S1, S2]

Angela the Herbalist: Angela’s origin story and other mysterious details will be addressed. [S1] Christopher also has an entire book about Angela planned. [S2]

Eragon and Arya: Eragon and Arya’s confusing and open-ended relationship will be addressed – but not necessarily in the ways we expect. [S]

Murtagh and Roran: Fans looking to see more of the two warriors will be happy with Book 5. [S1] It’s possible that Murtagh (and Thorn’s) appearance will include further developments on the fan-wished Murtagh/Nasuada relationship. [S2]

Tenga: Tenga’s mysterious inclusion in Brisingr and disappearance in Inheritance (also addressed in Jeod’s letter, an epilogue to the Inheritance Cycle) is likely to be explored in Book 5 – all but confirmed by the author with a “no comment” answer in a Q&A. [S1] If not in Book 5, he’ll definitely appear in other stand-alone books. [S2]


New lands: It’s likely we’ll see an extended map of Alagaësia, further cementing the idea that we’ll explore lands beyond what we saw in the first four books. [S1] Whether in Book 5 or beyond, we will see the lands Eragon sailed off to. [S2] Could this include the lands the humans and Ra’zac migrated from? Yes – someday. [S3]

It’s worth exploring other teased plotlines that Christopher has confirmed will be explored and included in future books, but did not specifically state they would be in Book 5. These include topics such as the Grey Folk, what the Menoa tree took, Tenga’s whereabouts, Oromis’ missing sword, and more! All of these confirmed plots can be found on our “Beyond Book 5: Standalone books, prequels, and more” page.

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