Alagaësia Prequels and Standalone Novels

Beyond Book 5: Prequels, Stand-Alones
Christopher has a lot of stories planned for Alagaësia!

Christopher has long expressed interest in expanding the world of Alagaësia beyond the Inheritance Cycle and planned Book 5. In fact, he has confirmed that he has at least seven books planned (and possibly already plotted), some of which are a part of a new series, [S] and has confirmed interest in additional books, which we’ve detailed below.

What we know for certain:

  • Prequel: A prequel to the Cycle would be from Brom’s perspective following Galbatorix’s rise and his efforts to undermine the traitor
  • Stand-alone: Wolf-Eyes and Bladesinger from Brisingr are the subject of their own story
  • Seven words: Brom’s seven words are the subject of their own story (which may or may not be told)


Mysteries travelers: In Brisingr, we encountered two women – Wolf-Eyes and Bladesinger – who had their fortunes read by Angela. Christopher later confirmed that they assisted Roran in the battle for Uru’baen. [S1] These women will not be in Book 5 but are the main characters of another story. [S2] The author has referred to this story as “smaller” than others he has in mind. [S3]

Brom’s seven words: The mystery behind Brom’s final words to Eragon haven’t been forgotten. They won’t be addressed in Book 5 but are the subject of another book [S] or short story [S].

Brom’s Story/Fall of the Riders/Rise of Galbatorix: Christopher has expressed interest in writing a prequel to the series exploring the fall of the Riders and Galbatorix’s rise to power. [S] If he does so, it would be told from the perspective of Brom. [S1, S2]


Characters and races explored in other stories:

Murtagh and Thorn: We haven’t seen the last of the pair, who will appear Book 5, but it’s possible we’ll see more of them in other books. It’s possible that their appearance will include further developments on the fan-wished Murtagh/Nasuada relationship. [S]

Tenga: Tenga’s mysterious inclusion in Brisingr and disappearance in Inheritance (which was also addressed in Jeod’s letter, an epilogue-like piece following Inheritance) will definitely be addressed in future books. [S]

The First Eragon: It’s no coincidence that Christopher never revealed the fate of the first Eragon. His story is likely to be told in a future book. [S]

Roran using magic: Roran may have struggled to use magic in the Cycle, but all hope isn’t lost yet. It’s possible there may be more to this, which could be explored in a future book. [S]

Elva: Christopher was coy when revealing whether or not we’ll see Elva and Eragon work together in the future. Chances are good that things aren’t done between the pair. [S]

Inarë: These mysterious people are alluded to in Jeod’s letter – said to be something that Eragon saw (presumably after the end of Inheritance) – and will be of significance in future books. [S1, S2]

Grey Folk: We’ll definitely find out more about the Grey Folk in the future. [S]

Elven children: Christopher originally planned to use the elven children encountered in Eldest as part of a plotline in the Cycle, but decided against it and scrapped the idea. However, he’s considered repurposing the unused plot for inclusion in a future story. [S]

Menoa Tree’s repayment: Like other loose ends, this one will be answered at some point! [S]

New mythical creatures: Christopher isn’t done introducing us to mythical creatures only found in Alagaësia. Others, including some illustrated around the entrance to Galbatorix’s throne room, will be revealed in the future. [S]

Vampires: We haven’t heard much about this mystery since 2011, prior to the release of Inheritance, but when asked about the existence of vampires in Alagaësia, the author said: “Yes… and no. That’s a subject for a future story.” [S]

Raising and training the new Riders: We’ll see some of the beginning of Eragon and Saphira’s efforts to bring back the dragons and raise a new generation of Riders in Book 5, but an extensive look at the pair’s efforts in establishing a “New Vroengard” and more will be the subject of a separate story. [S]

Future of the Ra’zac: Christopher has teased that we haven’t seen the last of the Ra’zac, after talk of surviving Ra’zac eggs rescuing the race from extinction. [S]

Events and places explored in other stories:

El-Harim: This mysterious location, mentioned in the series, is found in the northern part of Alagaësia. Christopher has revealed that we strayed close to its location during adventures in the Cycle. He’s hesitant to reveal additional information, hoping to use the place in a future story. [S]

Nasuada’s reform on magic: We’ll see the outcome of Nasuada’s crackdown on magic and magicians in future books. [S]

The Dragon War/”Du Fyrn Skulblaka”: Christopher would like to write a prequel exploring the first war between dragons and elves, which led the first Eragon to end the war between the races, establishing the order of Dragon Riders. [S]

Magical and missing artifacts explored in other stories:

Shruikan’s Eldunari: Wondering about the existence and location of the late dragon’s Heart of Hearts? It’s something worth wondering about, according to the author – a hint that we’ll see more about it in future books. [S]

Oromis’ sword: The disappearance of a Rider’s sword is never something Christopher would overlook. The author does know where it is, and that may be a part of future stories. [S]

Belt of Beloth the Wise: This magical artifact may not be gone for good. Christopher sometimes thinks that Angela swiped it during the skirmish in Dras Leona, but it’s also possible we’ll see the belt pop up in a future book. [S1, S2] The sudden disappearance of a big magical artifact is something we shouldn’t overlook. [S3]

Technology and magical research: Don’t be surprised if we see developments in the realm of technology and magical research in future books. Christopher has stated he’d like to explore both, as well as a possible combination of the two. [S]