Today We Ask: “What was your favorite part of Inheritance?”

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  • lw58390

    1) How Eragon destroyed Galbatorix, for it was very punchy, exiciting, but also almost filled with dread.
    2) EVERYTHING WITH SAPHIRA! dragons rule!

  • Bball101978

    1) loved the redeeming of Murtagh, as i had a feeling there was more to be fleshed out with his story.
    2) how Eragon was able to destroy Gablotirx, as it was probably not what any of us saw coming

  • Lavrema

    1) Loved it when Roran killed Barst-genius move!!!
    2)best part when murtagh says, “You’re a kingkiller now too.” Eragon: “it seems to run in the family.” Murtagh: “Watch out for Roran then.”
    3)Arya+Eragon and Firnen+Saphira

  • Jobelpoter

    When it ended, I stopped suffering.

  • Saphira is the best!

    1) I LOVED LOVED LOVED when Saphira met Fírnen!! They are the cutest couple! I was so sad that Saphira and Eragon had to go. 🙁

    2) I also liked when Saphira is describing how bright and shining her scales are when she goes into battle and how everyone mut not only fear her but admire her as well. Oh vanity!

    3) Lastly in every book I smile when Saphira says “little one”

  • Bball101978

    just got it today and will post when i finish, one thing i do know is i see why he had to split brisgenger and inheritence, otherwise brisenger would’ve been over 120 chapters, yeah lot of people likely would’ve not made it

  • Anonymous

    One of my most favorite parts of the story was during their first trip to Vroenguard. The image he painted was excellent. I very much enjoyed reading about how they found themselves at the top of the world and seeing for themselves how it is round under the twinkling stars that they have never seen before. …That would make for a cool painting.

    P.S.     …First post  WOOO!

  • Niazilla

    When robo-dragon goes running off after Saphira after their arrival in Ellesmera, since she still has all the eggs and Eldunari with her. She only had one thing on her mind…awww yeah ;D At least someone got some love in the end.  But seriously, I was giggling for so long, such a funny image.

    “ROBO-DRAGON NO LIKE” “Where my sugar daddy at?” “ROBO-DRAGON NEED TO GUARD FOREVER” “Gimme some lovin!” 

    • Saphira Flametongue

      Same!! I couldnt stop laughing and I was wondering how long it was gonna take for him to find her! Poor Saphira… I wish that she didn’t have To go with Eragon. Her and Fírnen are adorable together!!!

  • Ankush

    Chapter: the way of knowing 

  • ines

     eu sou portuguesa. adorei os livros, sao magicos. a minha parte favorita foi quando Nasuada estava presa em Urû´baen. 🙂

    • Saerina

       translation?! (I think you said your fav part was Nasuada in Urubaen?)

  • Skymon77

    What is an “RT”?

  • Mason fFeeman

    i like when he killed galby tht was so sick how he took over his mind and telepathically told him his evil also when eragon and murtagh fought was super swag

  • Skymon77

    Id say when he defeats galbatorix. Eragon just wanted him to know what he had done, wanted him to understand the evil he had caused. I thin it was the deepest moment in the book. (Besides the end of course 😉 )

  • Rabailbadar

      this is an extremely hard question…………….but there are some
    parts i enjoyed than the rest..1)how nasuada fought with galbatorix and
    the way murtagh helped her …2)when eragon,saphira and glaedr find the
    heart of hearts and the dragon eggs in the vault of souls (frm the start
    i had a feeling that there were eggs and eldunari in the vault but when
    glaedr said it was impossible i was like “shit man”)  3)when eragon and saphira find their true names and when roran defies his orders and kills some 127(not sure how many:|) soldiers and doesn’t cry out when he was flogged in public……….. roran’s awsome!and katrina’s right, hes better than eragonand murtagh and the other magicians cuz hes got man power

  • Dasf

    When that dwarf got on the dragons back and ewas like something about pointy and look at my signature.

  • Umaroth

    What an incredibly hard question to answer. I read the first book about 8 years ago or more and loved it so much I could hardly wait to read the next one, much to my despair when I found out that it had not been launched yet. Ever since the first taste of Eragon I have been hungry fore more and have read the other three book as they have come out. I think every bit of every book is equally amazing but if I had to choose one it would be when Eragon meets Glaedr and Oromis for the first time and then the training he undertakes in Ellesméra.

  • ME

    A difficult question, being that the first 3 books were read over a year ago, and book 4 just finished only a few hours before this post; so the exact details of the previous 3 elude me at this moment. With that said, page 848 within Inheritance, when Roran stood on the banks of the shore and let out a cry of his loss. Best part by far! In my opinion he was the strongest of all, suffered the most, and gained more. My favorite character, which wasn’t expected. He seemed to entail what it means to be human more than any character, and after all, we are all human (unless elves, dragons, and other spirits that glow in the dark read the series as well). He was weak, strong, and fought for what he loved without magic. He had his heart! 

  • Kathryn Schmitt

    -the change in eragon once he discovered his true name.  he became truly humble, truly understanding, a true rider.
    -when saphira “played” her memory of brom for eragon.  the way he lit his pipe etc, brought back such strong memories of him from ‘eragon’
    -when arya finds out about all the eldunari eragon brought back from vroengard.
    -when arya finds out there are dragon eggs.
    some of you may remember her whisper something like “the dragons are alive”
    -all of the (way too short) time saphira got to spend with firnen
    -when eragon and arya are dueling and…. “i…see….you”
    -eragon, saphira, and glaedr’s discovery that the earth is round.  that whole scene was kind of breathtaking for me.

  • Redmg

    My favorite Roran part in all the series was surely his fight with the urgal from his batallion In hand to hand combat (3rd book), which he wins! I mean, seriously he had to fight with his BARE HANDS a freaking 7 feet tall muscular creature with horns that can crush with a single blow. Roran is like the perfect human soldier or something. Stronghammer rules!

  • Ncasteja

    The best part of the book was definately all the vroengard section: saphira and eragon battling against the raging storm (extremely realistic), their encounter with the nidhwal during their flight (awesome addition), eragon discovering that the world was in fact “round”, and of course the SNAGLI part that nade me laugh so hard i had to stop reading for a while to catch my breath.

  • Bjames96 Swimmer

    No doubt when Roran killed Barst. Or when Eregon gets the Eldunari and all the dragons are feeding him knowledge and power

  • murtagh rules

    all the parts with murtagh 🙂 every single last one.

  • HB

    I have two favourite parts in the series, both of them in the final book. the first one is when Eragon and Arya went their separate ways. I’ve never liked Arya, shes too annoying.

    The second was when Murtagh leaves, because it is an incredibly emotional scene. I found it more moving than any other scene in the series.

  • Saerina

    A few questions for everyone: A.)Favorite couple (Nasuada and Murtagh would be an amazing couple!)
    B.) Favorite characters (Nasuada, than Saphira, Murtagh and Eragon being equal)
    C.) Favorite book (Inheritance)
    D.)What would you have rewritten?
    E.) What would you like the next book in Alagaesia written about (Murtagh hunting Ra’zac eggs five years after Inheritance, silver egg hatches for Nasuada, she resigns from the throne, lets Jormundur have it and together they save the world from the evil Ra’zac.)
    In addition  to that plot line, Arya and Eragon after five years of being apart agree to meet, and do secret stuff. 😉

    • EternalShade

      A.) ExA of course!
      B.) Eragon, then Arya, then Blodgharm, then Murtagh. (I didnt really enjoy Saphira much.)
      C.) Inheritance
      D.) The ending!!
      E.) I would want Eragon and Arya to meet again… but I’d rather it be after 50 or more years as opposed to just a few. It would make more of an impact, and Eragon would be considerably older, filling the age gap just a bit.

    • Guest

      A) NxM
      B) Saphira, Murtagh, Nasuada, Eragon
      C) Eldest
      D) Put Saphira in more and the end. 😛 
      E) Eragon being away and Nasuada and Murtagh having to face some new threat. Shade rider?

    • 2thfaery


      A) Firnen+Saphira

      B) Brom- always Brom……also Saphira, Roran and Angela…Respect!
      C) Eragon and Inheritance….almost equally matched…Eragon is better….
      D) Nope….may be redrawn bit of the disillusioned imagery!:)
      E) …secret vision!!


      Fav line..Pg 122 last paragraph…..i had the same feeling few years ago….
      except for me…east=west and the whole cycle=my life

      God bless+ <3

    • Eragon Shadeslayer

      A.) Eragon and Arya
      B.) All the main characters. I can’t pick
      C.) Brisingr
      D.) nothing much
      E.) {Please leave comments. Sorry if it’s long. I tend to get carried away} Eragon and Arya meet in battle against a Shade several years later (you’ll see why I say a few years in a moment). They kill it, doesn’t matter who deals the killing blow, then reunite. Saphira meets Firnen again, and they all begin to catch up. Murtagh comes and starts chatting with them, now a changed man. Thorn is with them, and all the dragons seem to begin to debate about the best way to hunt an Urgal without flying. Murtagh asks for their permission to court Nasuada under certain conditions. They agree to the conditions, all go to Nasuada, then offer her a gold egg in remembrence of Orimis and Glaedr. It hatches for her, a female, then she steps down and helps choose the next ruler. All four go to Du Weldenvarden, where, Arya decides, after much debate between her and her council, and her and the others, that she too will step down and go with them. When Nasuada’s dragon is old enough to carry her, they fly to Eragon’s new home. There, they all begin to train with the Eldunari, which most have been healed from their madness from Galbitorix. After they all learn their new true names, they  begin to train the new Riders that are their with Eragon. Of course Angela and Solumbum will some how end up at the new dragon keep, doesn’t really matter since she won’t tell them. After several more years of trainging the young ones, when Algaesia is again in peace, Nasuada and Murtagh marry. After seeing them happy, Eragon slowly begins to court Arya. She agrees, and they marry. Years later, all of them go back to Algaesia to help with the games, which have been a huge hit, but this year has been a little off. They go and over see that it goes smoothly. It does, and they go home, but not before they learn that a new threat will rise to eradicate them four. They go to the keep and stand before the Council of Elders, the Eldunari, and ask for guidance. They go back to Algaesia and find all the races in an all out war against an army of Shades who come fromt he north. Obviously Eragon, Arya, Murtagh, and Nasuada have grown in power and are able to destry a huge bulk of the army on their own. They find the leader and learn that one of their own has made him. They call all the Riders, for obviously they sent the ones ready back to Algaesia to defend it, to Vroengard. All four of our heroes pay their respects to the dead, then wait. The reduced numbers of the Riders come and pay their respects to the dead then wait to hear what their masters have to say. After two weeks of questioning, they find the Rider responsible, a young one who wanted to travel with his dragon before he was ready. They take him back to the mainland and show him what he has down. He repents, goes with them back to the keep, when they find a new member of the Forsworn waiting for them at the edge of Du Weldenvarden. They do battle, and the newest member escapes, swearing to rise up and avenge his master.

    • Evelyne Labelle

       A.) Firnen and Saphira
      B.) Saphira,the werecats
      C.) Inheritance
      D.) The ending, CP should have spent more time writing the ending then he did the begining:the end felt rushed.
      E.) I think the next book should be written by the point of view of a werecat (maybe Solembum). This way we could follow wht all the characters are doing no matter where they are. I also think Saphira should lay a blue and green egg! 🙂 Also Vanir should become the King of the elves so that Arya and Firnen could join Eragon and Saphira and help raise the dragons.
      F.) (Favorite Quote for those who still have the book) 
      Pg. 795:
      “‘The courting of dragons is no gentle affair,’ he said to Arya.
      ‘Did you expect soft words and tender caresses?’
      ‘I suppose not.'”

  • Crazyjjvols

    When Eragon tells Arya that he and Saphira are leaving to go and raise the dragons. It is so emotional. Also I like when Arya says she would like Eragon in time, it proved that they were meant to be together!

  • Eragon Shadeslayer

    My favorite parts of the enitre series was 1.)when Eragon found Saphira’s egg, I mean, c’mon. Musn’t forget how it all started, 2.)When Eragon was reunited with saphira after Orik was chosen as Hrothgar’s heir, mayhe rest in peace in Morgathol’s hall, 3.) When Eragon claimed Brisingr as his sword, and his girlish scream when it caught. 4.) When they find the eggs, 5.) When Eragon found out his father was Brom, 6.) When roran saved Katrina and when they were married, 7.) And when Arya showed signs of falling in love with Eragon… But seriously CP, why have her stay? She admits she wants to be a Rider, but the Rider’s can’t choose sides, so you make her queen? C’mon. The Riders need to stick together. Let someone else be king for the elves. Have Arya go with Eragon. Let them have a family. Let Nasuada, Orik, Halfpaw, and any other leaders for the races pass the eggs around between them to see who becomes the new Riders. Arya and Eragon were made for each other.

  • James Picard

    Do you mean the book itself or the series in general?  If you mean the series, definatley the story of Brom and Selena, that would be a great book if CP were to actually write it (hint hint).  If you mean the book, probably when Eragon defeats Galbatorix.  He did the one thing very few protaganists do to their antagonist: make them understand the pain they cause.  That was a very creatve way of stopping him, and I’m glad CP did it.

    • me

      That was my favorite part of the whole series, I think. While I was reading it, I had no idea how he could possibly win until that moment. Very cool and unique.

  • Rubydragon

    I enjoyed reading the inheritance series for each part of the plot was well though out. The one that sticks to me the most is Eragon, Saphira, and Glaedr’s trip to Vroengard. I don’t know why, but everytime I read that part of the book 4, I could just see how far I am from the ground. This is the best part because this is when Eragon figures out everything he needs in order to beat Galby.
    The invasion of Dras Leona I found quite nightmarish, for the whole raz’ac thing reminded me of Alien and after that, a bad dream.
    In the final showdown, I found it funny for Eragon to think to himself, “Okay, I can’t move my mouth, so I’m going to cast a spell without talking.”

  • Thequickerpickerpickerupper

    Best Part: I liked the final battle between Eragon and Galbatorix. I like the cleverness of the solution that undid Galbatorix.

    Worst Part: Arya acting as if becoming the queen would be something she wouldn’t want to do and then after several elves ask her for a period of no more than a couple of months she relents. It seemed to go against the very nature of her charachter.

    Would have written differnently: I really wish Eragon would have helped build Carvihal when he was there. He certainly had the ability, time and strength to do it. Or maybe he could have asked a few elves to help do it. It seemed kind of callous to not do anything since he was responsible for the village being leveled.

    Question: I have many questions but this one just popped into my head: Has anyone asked if Eragon has any family left in the village Brohm grew up in?

  • S Carpenter3

    Remake the films they COULD BE A WORLDWIDE PHENOMINON, why not they are so good !!!!!!

  • Bowen 8

    eragon and saphiras reunion after orik becomes king when she gets hiccups

  • Michelle

    When Eragon found the eggs and realised the dragons were saved and when Arya realised she was slowly falling for Eragon

    • Eragon Shadeslayer

      I am so with you. I somewhat understand why it took Arya so long for her to fall for him, and why she denied it to everyone, even herself, but seriously, If you like the guy who saved your life and gave you hope beyond what you thought possible, just admit it.

  • Jackal

    Favourite part: The line in Inheritance where it says ‘Arya took Eragon’s head in her hands and kissed him,’ least favourite, the continuation of that line, ‘formally, on the forehead.’ Come on! Talk about a dissapointment!

  • Manuel Benitez

    Eragon and Eldest were very very awesome, Brisingr was nice,Inheritance should have been two books so that CP could write everything out. Felt rushed. 🙁

    Overall favorite part, Eragon learns Brom was his daddy.
    Inheritance, The Nasuada, Murthag, and Galbatorix deal.

    Least favorite, the Eragon becoming atheist part. Am like Wt-fudge? Was this truly necessary?

  • Silkku

    When it ended and I could come online to share my grief over how C.P managed to make us wait for 3 years just to end up with a shallow book with a lame plot and a load of unanswered questions (inb4 Book 5)

    • Guest

      I totally agree! My favorite part: THE END! When I could finally put it down and come here for solace. ;P 

  • Arya<3

    Top Four:
    1) Eragon hugs Blodgarm
    2) Arya and Eragon share true names
    3) Angela runs out with a woolen comb and gives soldiers blood poisoning
    4) Nasuada leans on Murtagh’s shoulder 🙂

    • 2thfaery

      haha mine 2….


      We think alike…..


      Although I think, tough baby face Elva ….would’ve been a splendid twist as
      the next d-rider…a real twee-star!

      Nah, Arya is better than best!…

      Christopher I pray “Inheritance” tops the TCA….God Speed!<3…..

      • Arya<3

        haha elva as the new rider was actually one of my theories. Then she could kill anyone she wanted to and she would be worse than galbatorix

  • BestGuest

    When Roran tricked Tharos the Quick!

  • wish they would have made a better movie from this series.   Could have been as big as Lord of the Rings…

    • Eragon Shadeslayer

      BIGGER. Don’t even think that a couple of hairy midgits can compare to one of the greatest speallcastors of all time, and the hope for the Riders

  • When Eragon made the spell to destroy Galbatronix, the final fight between Eragon and Murtagh, and when Saphira and Arya save Eragon from Durza…

  • Anonymous

    I think my favorite part was when Nasuada was tortured. Not knowing whether she would live or die was excruciating. Christopher wrote those sections incredibly well.

  • I don’t think I could really pick a number one favorite, There were just to many good parts. I have to agree, though, Roran’s Water Ram was pretty awesome

  • hoke

    When Eragon hugged Blodgharm!

  • Blackmanga

    When the Empire got justice on Islanzadi for the sacking of Ceunon.

    • Saerina

       hardyharhar. If you notice, it was Barst killing her, and not out of revenge or justice. (I hated that part of the book when Barst was killing elves, werecats, humans, and urgals left and right!)
      Who’s your fav charcter?

      •  Just judging by his/her post, I’m guessing Galbatorix

        • Saerina


    • Eragon Shadeslayer

      Justice? You call a lying, coniving evil son of a b**** giving the mind of a mad dragon to an idiot who thinks he’s all that? That wasn’t justice. that was slaughter. At that point of the book, my favorite part was when Roran killed him. Barst was by far, the most pathetic and most hated character in the entire series, second only to Galbatorix

  • bigmike

    I have a three way tie on my favorite part: the very end of the chapter “Moon Eater”, the part when Roran used the water ram, and when the robotic dragon first was shown.

    • Eragon Shadeslayer


      • bigmike

        Yes, robotic, in the sense that the dragon HoH was placed into a metal body to do its will. I am refering to the scene when eragon enters the vault of Souls and sees what he first assumes to be a metal statue until it starts to move. The fact that this creature is a creation of the elves, just goes to show that they are far more advanced then we are at this time………

        • Eragon Shadeslayer

          O. Ok. Now I got you. But I thought it was a creation of magic, not machine.

          • bigmike

            It was a mix of both. they made the machanical body with magic. If you add the two elements os science and magic together, then apperantly you get a bad arse dragon headed robot. However, one of the most memerable moments in the entire series, let alone that single story, has to be the end of the chapter “Moon Eater”. Its just down right funny.

          • Eragon Shadeslayer

            By far.

          • bigmike

            So what was the most memorable scene of the final book in your opinion? 🙂

          • Eragon Shadeslayer

            For me? well, it’s a tie between when they find the Eldunari and when Arya let on that she liked Eragon. The second was spoiled when she left Eragon hanging, but I still liked it.

  • Anonymous

    Favourite part for me was Eragon’s discovery of his true name surrounded by the ruins of Vroenguard. And Galbatorix’s death – that was good and unexpected, but I still think there should have been an aerial battle above Uru-Baen between Eragon and the king, even if Shruikan is a bit obese. Ah well. Least favourite moment – the lack of jubiliation when Galbatorix is actually defeated. Needed a star wars moment like at the end of the Phantom Menace. I’m all for cliche’s.

  • Saerina

    oh, hard question! (I love the book so much!)
    Probably when Nasuada insults Galabtorix, making him mad 🙂 heheheh, love that part!
    And… when Nasuada and Orrin come to an agreement on King and Queen, (I like all parts with Nasuada no matter what!)
    I just caught this in Eldest, but when Nasuada decides to stay behind and fight with the archers at Farthen Dur.
    That’s about it! I just like the whole series!

  • jollygreengiant

    I really dug the beginning moments before the final battle from Roran’s perspective. His interaction with Katrina were utterly moving. And the final goodbye between Eragon and Arya. Breathtaking. (I’m a tad biased, for I am rereading Inheritance again and are rediscovering these parts.) Brom’s story of the fall of the riders in Eragon, Roran’s speech to the villagers of Carvahall in Eldest, and the forging of Eragon’s new sword in Brisingr are all moments in literature I will never forget.

    • Eragon Shadeslayer

      AMEN!!!! FINALLY, someone who understands me.

  • bigmike

    Definently the water ram part. It shows just how incredibly cunning Roran is.

  • EternalShade

    When I hit the “Inheritance Almanac” button at the top of this page, it doesn’t work. Is there something wrong, or are you just working on it?

  • Taz

     What does RT stand for?

    • Person replying to Taz


  • Irock13198


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