Christopher Paolini has been nominated for Teen’s Choice Book Awards as 2012’s author of the year — vote now!

Christopher Paolini has been nominated for a Teen’s Choice award for Best Author of 2012 in this year’s “Children’s Choice Book Awards”! As the award title indicates, the winner is up to the voters — us! — to decide, which means that Team Paolini needs to band together and cast their votes to help Christopher win Best Author of 2012. Voting for this year’s awards also includes Book of the Year and Illustrator of the Year, offering you a chance to vote for additional authors that you may see on your book shelf. You can cast your vote here!

Be sure to cast your voting soon, as award voting isn’t open for long! We’ll be sure to update on Shur’tugal once winners for this year’s awards are announced.

  • EternalShade

    Ha, i knew he’d win! Congrats CP!

  • Joseph Wilcox

    Voted for me AND my dad and will do for my whole family!

  • Glaedr

    I voted for Christopher good luck 😀

  • Yes!! Good luck to Inheritance!!!!

  • Thaen

    I can’t choose between Paolini and Riordan…Patterson is good, also, but not as. 

  • EternalShade

    When does the voting end?

  • Anonymous

    Voted!! But I’m not entirely sure that Inheritance will win.
    The Son of Neptune  was really good too.

    • Irock13198

      it was, I do wonder who will win.

    • Lancek, Rider of Ignitus

       Are you kidding? Inheritance will win for sure! >:D

    • EternalShade


  • If Anthony Horowitz were nominated, I’d be having a hard time choosing who to vote for, but Christopher is one of the only authors on the list who wrote an almost perfect book. 

    Anthony Horowitz wrote “Scorpia Rising”, which was amazing, and he wrote the Sherlock Holmes book for adults, “The House of Silk”. The latest “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” was a bit of a disappointment, and it seems “Inheritance” was the only wonderful book nominated. 

    Chris D’Lacey should have been nominated for “The Last Dragon Chronicles: Fire World”. That book was almost a masterpiece.

  • Anonymous

    I voted 😀

  • EternalShade

    My vote is cast! I’m sure he’ll win. He’s much better than those other author BY FAR!!

    • You’d be surprised how many people are obsessed with Diary of a Wimpy Kid and are willing to keep voting over and over again.

      • EternalShade

        Yes, but there are alot of Inheritance fans who will vote multiple times as well (Me!! :D)

  • Denmark111

    … Why is it only US? WHY!?!
    I soppose I should have grown used to it by now (sigh)

    Why didn’t I see the “outside US”-option? WHY!?!

  • Saerina

    I really like Inheritance and Son of Neptune. But Inheritance out shines EVERYTHING there!  It’s a totally amazing book! (My fav characters are Nasuada and Saphira, fav couple, MxN)

  • Okay, Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Really? CP should win easily

  • me

    Looks like your link to get there isn’t working.