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NaNoWriMo: These writing tips and tricks from Christopher Paolini will help you grow as an author!

Whether hard at work on your NaNoWriMo project or looking to grow as a writer, our latest writing advice article is filled to the brim with some of Christopher Paolini’s best writing advice! We combed through many of the author’s interviews, essays, and articles to highlight what we feel are some of the best nuggets

NaNoWriMo: Christopher Paolini’s advice on plotting your story and worldbuilding

Aspiring writers and NaNoWriMo participants: facing the daunting task of worldbuilding and plotting out yourstory? Christopher Paolini has come to the rescue with advice on these topics! For those looking for a place to start, an essay written by Christopher Paolini for our sister site sheds light on the importance of worldbuilding as a core

Three books Christopher Paolini recommends reading to get hyped for his upcoming sci-fi novel!

Christopher Paolini’s upcoming scifi novel is fast approaching! The author is wrapping up his final edits and has sent the completed manuscript to his agent, who loved it. The author will now work with a publisher to get the book to fans as soon as possible. What should we do in the meantime? Well, Christopher

Catch up on Christopher’s answers from his recent Reddit “Ask Me Anything,” part four!

In the fourth part of our five-part Reddit AMA recap, Christopher discusses the power of true names, Eragon’s gold flower appearing in the future, Angela’s backstory in Book 5, progress editing his sci-fi novel, and much more! Last month, Christopher took to the popular internet community Reddit to host an AMA, or “Ask Me Anything,” allowing