Shurtugal.com is the world’s largest and most comprehensive website for the Inheritance Cycle book and movies on the internet. Founded in late 2003 (though officially released on March 5th, 2004) by Mike Macauley, Shur’tugal surpassed all of its competition to become the leading Inheritance Cycle fan community. The staff of Shur’tugal work closely the with Paolini family, Random House (publisher), 20th Century Fox (movie), and Vivendi Universal Games (game developers) to bring the best possible content to site visitors. In 2005, Shurtugal.com was named the official destination fan website for members after the closing of Random House’s official Eragon fan website. Shur’tugal continues to operate as the official fan community for the Inheritance Cycle in partnership with Random House and the Paolini family.

Shurtugal.com celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014. The website and its staff continue to aim to provide the best fan service in the fandom through regular updates, new content, and news as it breaks. Shur’tugal also launched a sister website, Lytherus.com, offering fantasy and science fiction news, information, editorials, and reviews across all media types – from books and movies to video games and anime.



Mike Macauley
Founder, Editor in Chief
Mike Macauley is the founder and owner of Shurtugal.com and Lytherus.com. Mike is responsible for the day to day operation of Shur’tugal, including all content creation and social media, and works directly with Random House and the Paolini family to ensure that all information released through Shur’tugal is accurate and official. Mike is also the author of The Inheritance Almanac, the official companion guide to the Inheritance Cycle. Mike is now the developer and community manager for the Paolini family’s official website, Paolini.net.

If you’re interested in a behind-the-scenes look at Shur’tugal or learning more about Mike Macauley and his projects, you can find Mike on Twitter!

Robert Cox
Technical Developer
Robert Cox has been a member of the Shurtugal.com team since the website’s founding. Robert is responsible for much of the website’s backbones, including its content management system and server issues.