Random House Australia announces that Christopher will be touring Australia and New Zealand!

We recently announced that Christopher will be hitting the road again this spring and early summer to tour the United Kingdom and Europe on the second leg of his Inheritance book tour. Now, with help from our friends at Random House Australia, we are able to announce that Christopher will also be headed to Australia and New Zealand following his European tour! Keep reading for dates and more information.

Tour stops and locations have yet to be announced by Christopher’s publisher, however we do have set dates for his stay “down under”, as well as information on cities he will tour through and events he will attend.

Christopher will be in Australia from June 15th through June 24th. His trip will continue in New Zealand, where he will be through July 1st.

Confirmed cities for “major events” (detailed to be announced) include Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne, and Perth.

Christopher will also attend two Supanova events — Supanova Perth and Supanova Sydney:

  • June 15 – 17: Supernova, The Dome, Olympic Park, Sydney
  • June 22 – 24: Supernova, Claremont Showgrounds, Perth

You can learn more information about Supanova, as well as purchase tickets, on their official event website.

We will continue to work with Random House Australia to update fans with international tour information, including dates and locations, as it comes in. Keep an eye out!

  • Gigasceptile

    WHY CAN’T IT BE IN MELBOURNE.  I may have to go up there just so I can be there.

    • The Grey Rider

      Say what?
      He’s just going to Sydney and Perth?
      Who comes to Australia, and doesn’t go to Melbourne?
      A lot of the internationally renowned stuff in Australia is in Melbourne, why skip coming down here? T.T

      • meeee

        He IS going to Melbourne, there’s just no dates yet, it’s only because he’s coming to Supanova Expo its been announced for Perth. Melbourne gets every geesh, I’m happy that he’s actually coming to Perth before announcing Melbourne dates!

  • Anonymous

    According to ‘The Children’s Bookshop’ Facebook, Christopher will be in Wellington: Christopher Paolini- June 28th 6pm- Scots College Hall, Monorghan Rd, Strathmore. Tickets $5- bookings essential through The Children’s Bookshop.

  • bris

    omg hes not going to brisbane are you kidding me

  • Victoria

    Can’t wait until New Zealand dates are announced!

  • Jamesdmaloney001

    OMG. im going to supanova. so excited. this is like a dream come true

  • Taz

    its nice they have dates fore Australia now but how about dates and locations for the European tour?

  • nic

    I hope he will see Peter Jackson to plan a movie…

    • While I love Christopher’s books, and I think Mr. Jackson is the greatest filmmaker of all time, I think it would be better if a slightly underrated director was the one to do new films. A director full of new and innovative ideas. One who hasn’t had his big break yet. Sort of like Chris Columbus when he directed the first Harry Potter film.

      • They already tried that. See ‘Eragon: The Movie’

        • I meant a GOOD director!

          • But that thinking was what was behind the choice of director the first time. I don’t think Harry Potter is a good indicator of what to expect from slightly unknown director

  • And yet there hasn’t been some sort of decision to have him come to Pittsburgh.

  • Anonymous

    I hope he comes to Wellington!!!

  • Jake_p

    Is he commingling to Brisbane

  • The Grey Rider

    YES! SWEET! I might actually get to meet the man himself!
    It might mean having to skip school or something, but it would be more than worth it for an opportunity like this!

    Hopefully, he’ll make a stop near Geelong or Bendigo or Warnambool, Melbourne can have some pretty bad traffic.

    • I can’t speak for his Australian publisher as I really only work with Random House in the USA, but generally they try to schedule book signings in the evening/night time (5-7 PM) on week days so that students/people with jobs are able to make it.

  • Glaedr

    nice first comment

  • Glaedr

    nice first comment