Christopher Paolini featured in four page Rolling Stone spread! — “The Prince of Dragons”

Christopher Paolini has been featured in the March issue of wildly popular “Rolling Stone” magazine as one of four pop culture figures profiled, alongside the likes of Paul McCartney (The Beatles) and Danny McBride! The spread, which takes up almost five pages of the magazine, features an incredible photo of Christopher in his home state as well as an in-depth look at the man behind the series and the family which helped contribute to the book’s success.

The article is available in print everywhere magazines are sold, and we also have a summary of some of the article’s key (and extremely interesting) details and revelations available after the break, accompanied by two incredible photos from the issue. Keep reading for more!

The article contains a whole host of new information on Paolini and his family, including the role the entire Paolini family plays in the behind-the-scenes workings of the cycle, Christopher’s struggle with a then-undiagnosed thyroid disorder, a rune-encrypted journal, and more! Below are the article’s highlights:

  • Similar to the recent New York Times feature on Christopher, the Rolling Stone article goes into detail on the dragon decor Christopher has chosen to line his office with, including “a dragon coffee table, a dragon side table, a dragon sconce, a dragon shelf, a dragon clock, a dragon mirror, a dragon lamp, a dragon letter holder, a dragon bench and a dragon head mounted outside the door”
  • Christopher bought himself a three-and-a-half-foot broadsword made of high-carbon Damascus steel and etched with an elaborate calligraphic design, accompanied by a black leather sheath, as a gift to himself for finishing Book 4. The sword was purchased from the only custom sword store in NYC. “I hope never to have to duel, but if I do, I would trust my life to this sword.”
  • Christopher is quick to credit his family, whom have helped tremendously with all of the work that goes in to creating and curating such a successful series. “Paolini repeatedly emphasizes that he’s spearheading a team effort, with Mom fielding fan mail, Dad turning ‘the financial wheels,’ and sister acting as girl Friday, and all four editing.” (Girl Friday is defined as: “a female employee who has a wide range of duties, usually including secretarial and clerical work”)
  • “According to Paolini, he and Angela, a petite woman with intelligent dark eyes and a fantastic nest of dark, springy curls, have their own near-telepathic bond, not unlike Eragon and his dragon.”
  • “A set of djembe drums rests against one wall. ‘Who plays the drums?’ I ask. ‘Oh, we all do,’ Paolini says with a shrug.”
  • The Paolini family watches a movie or television show together each night while eating dinner. The night before the Rolling Stone reporter’s visit, the family had watched Il Bidone, following the film up with “Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon”.
  • The article details the family’s time with CUT before leaving the church to forge a new life in Montana. The family’s experiences with CUT can be found as minor influences throughout the Inheritance cycle.
  • Christopher discusses the two forges and the underground lair, similar to a Hobbit hole, that he created out of boredom after graduating from high school (through American School, a distance learning home schooling program) before beginning work on Eragon.
  • Christopher had been accepted to Reed college but chose to defer attending in favor of promoting Eragon (then still self-published)
  • Christopher keeps a journal which he has encrypted “in runes”
  • “The writing of Inheritance was excruciating for [Christopher]. He was mainlining coffee and chocolate, grinding out only 350 words a day. It turns out he was suffering from an undiagnosed thyroid disorder, and he still seems drained from the ordeal.”

  • Bassdanika0

    Kvetha Fricaya.

    His series is my favorite!
    that is saying a lot cuz i’m a 13 yr. old grl who has read at LEAST 100 NOVELS since last school year!
    I find that i find a lot in common between the character Eragon and i. The only real difference is the characters(Especially the dragons) and a few things here and there. I find that if i had been Eragon, i don’t know what i would have done different! I just finished Inheritance today and i almost wanted to cry! I can’t believe he has to leave! And never return! I really hope that he’ll make another book, even if it is only 300 pages!
    if he doesn’t, i will hunt him down and strangle him with my thumb! Then, i will nicely ask him like an innocent girl to write another book.
    If you want to talk to me about these amazing-books-i-read-in-about-10-days, you can e-mail me at [email protected] or [email protected].
    I would wet my pants if Paolini emailed me with a video of him saying hi to me! I think i would seriously-NOT exaggerating-think i would scream.
    I myself love the movie. As you know, the movie isn’t 100% accurate, but what do you expect? NO movie i have EVER seen is accurate to the book. In fact, Eragon is very accurate compared to quite a few movies. If you watched Harry Potter and saw the Weasley house burn down from Beatrice, for instance, that never happened.
    Also, GARRETT HEDLUND GREW UP NOT TEN MINUTES FROM WHERE I LIVE!!!!!!!! The very same guy who played Murtagh! He was born in Roseau, MN, and then lived most of his early life in Strandquist, MN, and i live a little more North in Karlstad, MN! SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw him in a tux from a pic, and i thought i would never see him around here, then i saw him dressed in everyday clothes and was like, “Hello neighbor!”
    I would LOVE to meet him along with EDWARD JOHN SPELEERS<3<3<3(Eragon-i love him so much i could die!) and Jeremy Irons(Brom-love his voice sooooo much!).
    Let's get this straight:
    PEOPLE FROM MINNESOTA DON'T SAY, "yA, SURE YA BETCHYA!" WE are the ones who made it known by making fun of people who say it in North Dakota.

    The Inheritance cycle is and always will be my favorite series!
     Se onr sverdar sitja hvass un se ono waise ilia.

  • Mary

    Was this issue 1151 or 1152? Please answer! 🙂 

  • Aleitheia

    I feel your pain, Christopher. Recently I was diagnosed with hyperparathryroid disorder via hypercalcaemia, and my mom, aunt, and maternal grandmother all suffer from hyperthyroidism. Unfortunately, it seems genetically particular to the females of my family.

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    Excuse me, IN our time.

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    Need it, want it, gotta have it… >:)

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    So excited to have something to read again 🙂 and great article. Who knew Christopher had a disorder while writing Inheritance? I hope he recovers soon!

  • The Grey Rider

    Well, it’s taking my own original fiction (first draft nearly complete, another day or two, maybe…) as well as the ‘Dragonriders of Pern’ and William King’s ‘Blood of Aenarion’, but I may soon be able to reread the Inheritance Cycle and not be overwhelmed by the anticlimactic ending.

    Interesting titbit looks into the man’s life as well…I wonder how that sci-fi he’s writing is coming along?

  • Chopin’s Dopplegangër

    Very cool. It’s nice to read a new post! This reminded me that it’s been nearly a month since I’ve read one of the four. . . omygoodness! This is the longest I’ve ever gone without a dose of Alagaesia!! Aaaaaaagggg. . .

  • shurtypoo

    I love how the author of this article is so subversively condescending and mocking of Paolini.

  • Bored Player

    What’s next? Paolini on Playgirl? xD 
    This is hilarious. Oh you crazy cycle fanatics. 

  • Does anyone know what CUT stands for, and what it’s about? I can’t find anything online about it

  • Irock13198

    A new post!

  • Lancek, Rider of Ignitus

    His inventions have done so much for us. I’m also glad he has such a great home-life. I’m going to get my own sword when i finish my first book! Perhaps it’ll be a movie replica of Zar’roc!

    • The Grey Rider

      You’re kidding right?
      Who’d want ANY reminder of that god-awful film?

      • Denmark111

        Come on! It wasn’t that bad. It was just not true to the series.

        • Lancek, Rider of Ignitus

           Yes, thank you Denmark111. I do admit it could’ve been done a lot better, but yeah. At least we were given a movie.

      • Lancek, Rider of Ignitus

        I like the battles and I especially like how they did Zar’roc. If you have any shred of decency, you should be grateful that we were given a replica of this magnificent sword. We sure as heck can’t have the one Shur’tugal funded to have specially made. So deal with it.

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    Awesome, I’d like to read the whole article 😀

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    thats tight. i heard about it but i didnt think it was real

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    Haha, Harry Potter 7 is just next to his right shoulder in the bottom picture. 🙂 Cool article.

    • Swim flyaway

      Well, I guess he was trying to emulate the greatest work of fiction on our time…