Lytherus Giveaways: Another Inheritance-themed week!

We were thrilled to announce our year-long giveaway series, which aims to give away three fantasy, scifi, or horror related items (books, movies, games, and more) over the coming months. Our first week kicked off with an Inheritance-themed bang and we’ve had a number of successful weeks since, giving away dozens of items to lots of lucky Facebook and Twitter winners! This week will be no different: we’re giving away three Inheritance items, starting with a signed copy of the Deluxe Edition of Brisingr! For more information on what to expect from this week’s giveaway series, check out the giveaway page on!

  • Alexis

    When are the twenty words thing going to be happening? Cause I feel like I collected those twenty words for nothing. And I know I haven’t missed it cause I’ve seen not one post dealing with them and I check this site daily

  • hoke

    Mike whatever happened to Chris and Bob? I can’t even find them on twitter

  • Sverd abr Sundav

    whatever happened to the book club podcast for book 4? are you still planning to do it, because I was looking forward to that.

  • Catbird

    only fb and twitter……again.

    • Horsegal4ever

      I know, right? Darn.

    •  I’d feel bad if Twitter and Facebook weren’t free to sign up for… but both are. If you aren’t interested in using real information to sign up for either, you aren’t obligated to. You can sign up for Twitter using a fake name or nickname and still be eligible. This is the easiest and most efficient way for us to give away three items per week, every week, for a solid year while also reaching the most people.

      • Baber Farrukh

        Hey Mike, why is Fanfiction still down.

        I clink on the link and it says that nothing found on page, the contact page doesnt work either.

      • Horsegal4ever

        The reason I can’t sign up is because of my parents. They don’t care for FB or Twitter. Their word is law at my house. 😛 So, no FB or Twitter.

        • gsfr

           same. my parents won’t let me use a facebook or a twitter, even just to make a fake account.

  • Denmark111

    Only NA… Sigh…

    •  Yeah, it does stink. The people who sponsor most of the prizes require this for legal reasons, so it’s out of our hands. 🙁

      • Denmark111

        You can’t get European sponsors?

  • Anonymous

    Cool this is back up…

    • This is always going! 🙂

      • Anonymous

         That’s great Mike, for a moment there I thought that there was no more shurtugal… Just wondering weather or not the sweepstakes have/are still happening. The forced read though was intense to say the least…

  • Anonymous

    I missed this site :’) 
    But on a different note… FREE STUFF 😀

    •  Free is a good word.

      • Anonymous

        A beautiful word 🙂

  • Two posts in two days?! Apocalypse incoming!

    • The Green Dragon

      Zombie hopefully?

  • Nsam85

    finally an update!

  • Irock13198