Christopher Paolini announces international book tour through Twitter, visiting Europe this Spring!

International fans, get excited: Christopher Paolini has announced (and by doing so, has confirmed) a large portion of his international book tour! Christopher will be visiting Europe throughout Spring 2012 and will have more dates to announce soon. Sorry, North American fans — your time has come and gone, as Christopher already toured in fall/winter 2011.

April 14 – 19
April 19 – 21
April 22 – 26
April 27 – May 3
Czech Republic
May 3 – 6
May 7 – 13

Other countries (dates TBA):
United Kingdom
New Zealand

As soon as we hear dates for the last few countries, we will pass them along.

  • Tiago Gomes

    Christopher why don’t you come to Portugal? It’s just down of Spain. I write and all you books inspired me.

  • Guest

    Any news on UK dates yet, please?

  • Guest

    P.P.S. Just one word again and I’ll pass away. So, dear Chris, if you’re gonna back to Murtagh/Nasuada ( as you mentioned once in interview with Mike), that would be cool if he apologized her and then they remained friends, okay? 

  • Anonymous

    Any chance you might know where in the Netherlands he’ll be touring?

    • guest

      utrecht 21.04.12

  • Anonymous

    He should come to Mexico someday. It’s not that far.

  • The Green Dragon

    ugh i lost my ipod with all of my 20 words stuff on it 🙁

  • EternalShade

    I’ve been going back and relistening to the previous podcasts… makes me want to listn to a book four podcast. I’d like to see their reactions to Inheritance.

    •  I just visited Mike recently and this topic came up.  It’s in the works….

  • Vrael

    needs to come to scotland so many people here i know are big fans think it would be amazing!

  • Yay! I wanna get my copy of Inheritance signed! 

  • Zannagrace98

    Off subject comment, but where in the world is El-Harim?! It’s mentioned twice in Inheritance, but it’s not on the map

    • Arya Dröttningu

      mmm… i didn’t notice… let me check

      • Zannagrace98


    • EternalShade

      Its never stated where El-Harim is, but I dont think its in Alagaesia.

      • Saerina

         mmmh. cool

  • L Schwitzko

    wehre he´s going in germany??

  • Arya Dröttningu

    Is he coming to south america???? please!!! tell me he’s coming!!!

    • Denmark111

      Judging by the fact that no South African country is on the list, I’m afraid you will have to wait ’til another time.

  • Arya Dröttningu

    I have a friend in Spain!!!! She has to obtain an autograph for me!!!

  • Misha

    Yes!! 😀 Supeeeer! Czech Republic.

  • I sincerely hope he comes to Scotland

  • bigmike

    Does anyone know if he is going to be holding a tour in the United States? I was unable to go to see him the last time. I hope i get a chance before i have to leave the country. Any help would be much gratified.

    • I doubt he’s going to be doing another one for quite a while. At least until he actually announces his next project would be my guess

  • Liam

    When is he coming to Australia? Does anyone know?

  • Nikki S

    YES!!!! I can’t wait till he comes to the UK!!! Definitely going to see him! The Inheritance Cycle was probably my favourite collection of books EVER <3

  • Weird Witch

    P.S. Oh, and I would like to see Murtagh’s wet nurse 🙂

  • Weird Witch

    Well  done, Christopher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  J My heart goes on you and your epic
    Inheritance Cycle….  I wanna share some
    of  my feelings  about some aspects  of the books. 
    I think it would be great  if you
    decided  someday to continue Alagaesian
    stories, we would understand   many
    interesting things,  more hidden stories
    & events would be revealed to us, for example  who is Angela, how Dragon Riders became the
    Forsworn,  what was Brom’s  role, how Morzan and Selena met, how the Elves
    came in Alagaesia   etc  etc …

    concerning characters now. From  the  male 
    ones,   my  favorite 
    one  is definitely  Murtagh. 
    Not  only because  he’s  a
    tall, dark, handsome man  [  Others  you 
    know  are like  “awww he’s 
    so  gorgeous;  so 
    hot…”  and other  fangirl stuff ] but  also 
    he  has  a 
    different  and  unique 
    personality,  sort  of 
    dark  horse  or 
    lone  hero  type,  which
    him  so  interesting! 
    Basically,  I  see Murtagh 
    as  Arya’s (  favorite female character) male
    counterpart,  with whom  I 
    identify,  her  solitary yet 
    fighter  spirit  being 
    very  similar  to 
    mine,  so   he ‘s 
    like  a  fictional 
    older  brother  to  me,  as 
    I’ve  always dreamed of  having 

    That  being 
    said,  I  strongly 
    believe  he  and 
    Thorn  are the  best 
    suited  for  their 
    “soul-searching”  process.  While 
    almost  100% of  Inheritance 
    fandom  is obsessed  with 
    banal  Mary Sue + Gary Stu  “happy 
    end  Murtagh & Nasuada” ,   Murtagh and Thorn’s  lone journey 
    will  be  much 
    more  interesting.   I’m 
    hearing  already the whole fandom  snap at 
    me  angrily: “ Does not he
    deserve  happiness?!  He’s 
    a  good  guy.”  
    Of course  he’s  a 
    good  man,  of course he 
    and Thorn  need  to begin 
    a  new  honorable 
    life,  after  all 
    the terrible  hardships  they’ve been through :   forced loyalty  to  Galbatorix,  torture, 
    abuse…   (  he ABSOLUTELY 
    needs  to reconcile  with  Selena,  at least 
    she  should  be 
    visit his son  from  hereafter,  as a Spirit!!! )  But 
    different  people  define 
    happiness differently 
    regarding  this  or 
    that  matter.  Maybe, 
    if  we  consider 
    their  fondness  for 
    wildlife  and  our 
    Red Rider’s  Knight  Errant 
    personality ,  this  freedom 
    would   be a  happiness?  
    My answer  is definite  yes!!!  
     Of course  I don’t have anything  against love and marriage in general,  by no 
    means,  Roran and Katrina’s  was 
    awesome. But  Murtagh,  he’s  another
    thing,  right?!   I don’t mean  he 
    had  absolutely no  feelings 
    for  Nasuada,  it’s clear his certain  liking for her helped to change his  true name.  I don’t mean Eragon  didn’t love 
    Arya,   but  girlfriend/boyfriend stuff,  romances, 
    marriage —-  BOOOOOOO, EPIC FAIL!!!!!    bye bye  
    uniqueness and originality…..  

    9 of 10
    fans  admire  Murtagh’s 
    “complexity”, yet  God  knows  just  why  the
    Hell  they  don’t 
    want  him  to 
    make his own  choices  and  just  be 
    himself.   To me,  he’s  a
    bit gloomier  image  of  Sir
    Galahad  the Chaste  from Arthurian  legends,  a knight 
    by nature, whom  Tornac  instilled  good ( to genuinely honor  and help ALL women,  children,  needy  and
    weak  no matter what  and regardless of anything ;  protect  those 
    in  need,  be 
    forgiving, selfless and understanding ) 
    forcefully  submitted  yet resisting 
    evil  and  perverted  King,   ( I 
    love how  he  shied 
    away from  Galbatorix’s  actions) 
    and finally  getting free of
    his  wickedness,   committing 
    honorable  deeds  just like Selena   to 
    forget  past evil  ways.  

    my  feedback   for  
    your  future  follow-ups 

    Keep up the
    good work!!!

    My your
    swords stay sharp  ^^


    • Pantalaimon

      to quote the infamous Raj Koothrapalli from TBBT – Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! Don’t ruin it for me, man! I printed out a PDF to read on the potty.

      • The Green Dragon

        Best. TV Show. EVER!!!!

    • This is a very long post.

    • Ryuu

      I must say i enjoyed reading your comment…my favorite character is also Murtagh its the one i identify myself with the most and i was trembling inside when i was reading Inheritance cause i wasnt sure of what fate Christopher had chosen for him but i think it was the best!sure i would like to see him with Nasuada as well i would like to see Eragon with Arya but that would just be another happy ever after story…things arent like that and i think it kinda made it more real!there are times in life when ppl have to do whats best for the world or for the ones they love even if it hurts and its a difficult choice and thats what they did!i never read such an amazing story like that and im thankfull to Christopher Paolini for giving me the opportunity of reading such a story and allowing myself to grow in a way i never tought possible…im not sure of who i am yet but im sure my true name has changed since i started to read Eragon…

      Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass!


  • GooperChickenFace

    Coommmmme on Northern Ireland, just please, at least give me the Northern Ireland. Least then I can just get a bus up from the republic *fingers crossed”

    • Pantalaimon

      i would like it in Northern Ireland as well, esp Belfast as it’d make it easy for me to get there

  • Co6742


  • Teotsi

    do you know when the book will be published in greece?

    • Aspen

      Ton Aprilio! 🙂

  • red_dragon_thorn

    Soo hope he comes to Scotland this time. Otherwise he’s not going to the UK, he’s going to England. I didn’t get a chance to see him last autumn because he stayed south of the border :'(

    • David

      Yeah me as well 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Are you serious!?!? Christopher is coming to New Zealand? That is AWESOME

  • Daniela

    Now that he’s officially confirmed the dates, I hope we’ll hear more about his agenda/schedule. I’ll go to Prague, but it’s not easy to arrange travel & accomodation if you don’t have any idea what and where Christopher will be doing…

  • Anonymous

    Love how the commonwealths haven’t been announced ¬¬ come on CP, come to the Queen’s Jubillee! (lol) 🙂

  • Joachim

    why could’nt he come to Belgium?? ;o

    • Taz

       from belgium you close to the netherands and maybe france so you wil stil get a change to see him

  • Emeric

    Aaaaand he’s going to UK again. Haven’t they already got their chance? Wish it could be Scandinavia instead…

    • Anonymous

      no :S he hasn’t come to the UK yet … as far as I’m aware … 

      • Emeric

        He was there last autumn. In September or October.

        • Yeah, but Inheritance wasn’t out at that point- so technically speaking, it wasn’t really part of the Inheritance tour. He was just getting the fans warmed up ready. And I decided to skip that tour, as I wanted him to sign Inheritance.

  • Tobias Jagebratt

    dammit… i want him in Sweden 🙁 or atleast in the Scandinavia

    • CeeCee

      Yeah. Or, I would prefer if he came to Denmark. Dammit. At least there’s Germany…

  • Baber Farrukh

    Why is Fanfiction still down.I clink on the link and it redirects to home page, the contact page doesnt work either.

  • Steliosk3


    • Anonymous

      *recession … 

      • Chaos is more like it. Why would he go to a country that is quickly becoming a war zone?

        • Aspen

           We are humans as well you know. Just because our country faces a bad economic situation doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve to live like people in other countries do. And non of the things that are happening now in Greece is our fault. Our politicians caused it.Not we, the citizens.

  • Anonymous

    I am over the moon, he (might) be coming to NZ hurray, we don’t get many visiting famous authors last one I heard of was Neil Gaiman back in 07…. I just hope I’m not away!

  • Jethro

    Any word on where abouts he’ll be going in these countries? Would love to go see him if he visits Valencia, Spain.

  •  I wonder if we will get any new information about his upcoming short story during this tour, such as what it’s about, how is it going to be published, and for that matter, when it will be published

  • The Green Dragon

    Sorry, but again what about the twenty words contest?

  • Emeric

    Sounds more like a West European Tour to me…

    • Anonymous

      since when was Czech in the West of Europe you idiot? … 

      • Tobias Jagebratt

         Wow one country in the east Europe and the rest of them in the west.

    • since when was Australia and New Zealand a part of Europe?

  • I would like to go to these countries. Alas, it’s not going to happen right now…