Christopher Paolini shares beautiful hand-drawn depiction of the final scene in Inheritance

Christopher Paolini recently showcased his art skills in several drawings included in the Deluxe Edition of Inheritance, which released in North America at the end of October. The author, who is on currently traveling through Italy following a brief promotional tour to promote the Deluxe Edition, took to Twitter to share his latest sketch – a depiction of the final scene in the Inheritance cycle.

Christopher had this to say of his drawing: “Did a little sketch in my journal today. From Inheritance of course. […] I do drawings in my journal every now and then to mark major events. Been waiting to do one to mark the end of the series.”

And the ship sailed onward, gliding serenely down the moonlit river toward the dark lands beyond.

What do you think of Christopher’s portrayal of this iconic Inheritance scene?

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    Hey guys, guess what? I just did a whois search on the forum’s website, and you know what? It’s parked! You know what that means? They’ve taken it offline and aren’t using it as a website any longer. Face it, they’ve shut the forums down? What’s next, this website? This is proof that Mike no longer cares about Shurtugal.

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      even more proof, he hasn’t deleted your comments like he usually does! :O

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        Not sure if serious or sarcastic. Thank you anyway.

        • ShurtugalLiam

          Haha serious sorry 😀

    • Activist

      Let’s boycott the site until the interview is posted and let’s get everyone on board!

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    I saw we spread it to their facebooks and twitters if it isn’t posted soon.

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      Yes! I agree! Let’s get operation Interview of Die underway1 😛

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    Ok. Guys. We are doing something about this. I am so sick of being at Mike’s Mercy! Let’s start commenting and asking for the interview on Mike’s other page – Lytherus. We know he pays attention to that, and he’ll probably get pretty tired of us doing it soon. That way we can get his attention!

    • Activist

      Ok. I posted a comment asking for the interview in each of the top five stories on lytherus. I can’t do this alone! Help me guys!

      • Shadow

        I’ll help. I still thank we should make our own website though. My brother makes websites all the time. So maybe I’ll get him to do something.

    • Morzan

      I’m in! And also, cool idea Shadow!

    • Another Angle

      Before passing judgement on Mike, I think it is important to consider the core issue at hand, which, I think, is the lack of communication with his fans. I don’t think we would be as frustrated with Mike if he stated that the reason for the interview’s delay was, for example, related to an extended personal or family emergency which limited his ability to work on whatever needs to be done with the interview. I personally would certainly be able to understand at least this reason for delaying the interview for so long a time. In fact, I would have no problem at all waiting for the interview given that he at least gives a general explanation for the delay and regular (weekly, at least monthly) updates on the progress of the interview. However, given that Mike apparently has had time and energy to post other items here and on Lytherus since announcing the interview, there are at least three, interrelated possibilities that may or may not be more likely explanations for the interview delay: (1) the interview requires an enormous amount of effort, and he is the only person working on it; (2) there are circumstances or forces out of his control that are actively preventing the posting of the interview; and (3) the person posting these articles is actually not Mike at all and is instead someone taking his place (using his name) for one reason or another, indicating that Mike has either already abandoned Shurtugal and/or Lytherus or is physically (or emotionally?) incapable of maintaining these sites on his own, which also explains why the interview is not up (his temporary replacement does not have access to relevant materials or does not know how to handle what needs to be done with the interview). Anyway, this is just another angle to consider when judging Mike’s actions (or lack of action). I’m not saying any one of these possibilities is actually the case; I just think it is important to consider alternative explanations for Mike’s behavior before taking any definitive action against him. The point is that the situation is likely to be more complicated than it seems.

      • Anymouse

        He’s physically incapable of posting on here yet he can post about his breakfast on twitter. Yeah, sounds legit.

        • Another Angle

          Okay, so that is evidence against the “physically-incapable” possibility. What I think we should be doing is taking a rational approach to understanding why Mike is not communicating with us before we give in to anger or frustration fueled action against him – at least until we rule out all the more understandable possibilities for the lack of communication. How about the “emotionally-incapable” possibility? Everyone has emotional issues at some level, so on its own it would not excuse Mike’s lack of communication. I think this second possibility would depend on what is the cause – for example, loss of a loved one or a bad breakup (do you see evidence of this on twitter? it is difficult to ascertain something like this over the internet unless either he freely and publicly posts such personal/emotional details about his life or you personally know him). But even then, it would not take much effort to make a very general, nonspecific post on this site explaining that “due to issues of a personal nature, I will not be able to post the interview in the foreseeable future.” Yet even if Mike did this, I don’t see why he couldn’t pass on the role of posting the interview to someone else unless he is emotionally or perhaps legally attached to completing the task himself. Again, my main point is that we at least try to understand the reason for Mike’s lack of communication before taking action or speaking against him. Without at least first attempting to understand the issue in this way, are we not being impulsive if we act/speak against him?

          • Trains

            I agree we shouldn’t attack Mike. We should still post go with Shadow’s idea though, just not be, well, mean. (But I still want the interview…) 🙁

  • Denmark111

    Great sketch and nice art style! But that sure is a funny way to draw a sky 🙂

  • Mitchell

    I almost cried seeing that picture and reading that text.

  • Geoffrey

    Hi fans,

    Unfortunately, the forums are down, so I’m posting this here.

    Truth be told, I’ve never been fond of this series. I’d like to gain some other perspectives and I’m curious. What is it about these books that you find enjoyable? What appeals to you most? Why does it appeal to you? What is it in these books that keeps you reading and loving it?

    Any insight from your perspective would be most welcome.

    Thank you,

    • The Grey Rider

      A big part of the reason I love the Inheritance Cycle is I love fantasy, but the other part is I got the first book when I was about ten and had just finished the Deltora Quest series and was looking for something new.
      At the time, virtually no one was criticising CP for being derivative and for me the Inheritance Cycle was a lot more sophisticated than Deltora Quest.
      After I finished the first book I reread it about six times.
      Nowadays I like it because I appreciate that while CP might’ve been a little derivative with some things and some people might find Eragon annoying, but I find it’s a good series in terms of world building and supporting characters: Angela, Saphira, Murtagh and a few other characters are highly compelling and memorable.
      CP also put major effort into making Alagaesia and like all good fantasy settings, its a good wayplace to escape for a while while reading.

      • Rhyson

        I LOVE the Deltora Quest series. It takes the credit for introducing me to fantasy.

        • The Grey Rider

          Sir, you have impeccably good taste. Ever heard of the Temeraire series?

          Kind of sucks the anime adaptation was so focused at kids though. Could’ve done with being a bit more true-to-source in terms of the actual violence and without explaining the puzzles encountered.

          And same with DQ getting me into fantasy.

          I know Emily Rodda has a new series out (The Three Doors, or something) that has the Shadow Lord as a bad guy but I’m yet to sit down and read it.

          • Rhyson

            Yes, I have!! Temeraire is awesome. But I couldn’t get my hands on the third book. 🙁 But I hear Peter Jackson is talking about turning it into a movie!!

            Ever heard of Robin Hobb? She has a very unique version of dragons in her Farseer series. And I learned a lot about keeping track of long-term cause and effect from that series. It’s downright mind-blowing.

            And I’ll have to keep an eye out for Rodda. I haven’t been doing nearly enough reading lately.

    • Morzanson

      Hello rhyson (Yeah, I’m reading the ongoing sporking and am quite enjoying it).I liked the first books in the series when I was younger, mostly because of the dragons. Honestly, I’ll try almost anything with a dragon on it. No, the first book wasn’t amazing, but it was still fun and rearranged cliched ideas in a way that was fun to read (at least, for my eight year old self). That charm has diminished with each book, until we got to number four. In my opinion, the fourth book was horrible (the understatement of the century , I know); I was so mad after I read it, that I went looking for other people who also thought it was terrible and that’s when I stumbled on antishurtugal. However, like many other people, I am anxious to read the interview, if only to find out how Paolini defends his many questionable calls.

      • Morzanson

        P.S. I liked the way you compared the drawing to the book in your post. And seriously, what IS going on with the sky???! I’m looking out my window right now. That’s not what a sky looks like!

        • Rhyson

          Hi Morzanson,
          Aren’t I feeling a little sheepish now? I just wanted to avoid drawing trouble just in case someone thought I was trolling, not just asking for opinions.

          I read the first book, too. I found it to be okay. Nothing I haven’t seen before. Back then, I had a habit of skimming, rather than reading. I tried reading the second book, but found that I just didn’t care what happened next.

          I took art in highschool, and loved it, and according to that, he’s adding his own interpretation, sort of like adding a bit of himself. My art teacher hammered that into us. “Don’t simply draw what you see, draw what you interpret.” So he added a pattern to the sky. In of itself, it’s a beautiful pattern, but it overwhelms everything else. If he had used dark and darker for shades, instead medium dark and white, and added contrast by the ship, already that would have drawn the eye to the ship, rather than the sky.

  • Shadow

    Mike,what the hell is up with the interview!!! it doesn’t take so freaking long to post one interview!

    • Activist

      Exactly. If you can post this, you can post the interview!

  • anymouse

    Good job, now what about the interview we’ve been waiting almost a year for?

  • lastrider

    INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!! love the drawing

  • Activist

    What are all the interlocking lines on the top half?
    Also, what happened with the interview?

    • Activist

      Ohhhhhh! It’s the sky going down to meet the sea. Tilt your computer away from the screen a bit.

      If only the interview issue could be resolved so easily.

      • Activist

        *i meant, tilt you computer screen away from yourself.

  • Hastalavista

    Beautiful. Like the last 300 pages in Inheritance, it brings tear to my eyes.

    • Dycalynius

      Agreed, my favorite book by far.

  • beautiful and a excellent depiction.