Higher-res version of Christopher’s “end of Inheritance” drawing, plus another drawing from the author!

You asked and we (with the help of Christopher) have delivered: Christopher has generously provided us with a high quality photo of his end-of-Inheritance sketch, posted yesterday, which depicts the final scene in the Inheritance cycle.

We encourage you to check out the full post from yesterday for context on the drawing’s creation.

Click the photo for a full resolution version.

Christopher also provided fans with another sketch from the first page of his journal depicting his interpretation of the end-screen from Marathon Infinity, the third game in the Marathon Trilogy, a series of scifi first person shooter video games:

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  • James2305

    So I’m listening to the first ever book 4 podcast, cause I’m bored, and had to laugh when Mike said they had a special prize for someone who collects all 20 words from the podcast… that was nearly a year and a half ago… still waiting…

  • Shadow

    Alright people. My brother has set up a website but we need to figure out what to name it…also do you all want to a message board?

    • Activist

      Yes! Nice going Shadow! We should definitely have a message board and forums where we can all communicate and discuss further action. What’s the URL? Why don’t we call it DragonWatch? Once we organize, maybe we can even see about contacting Paolini and redoing the interview.

      • Shadow

        Okay,its called DragonWatch! There are forums now of course. For now the URL will be DragonWatch.webs until i get enough money to get a “.com” domain. Is there anything else you’d like to see ion the website? Its not published yet though

  • imstillhungry95

    I want a copy! That’s cool!

  • The Grey Rider

    Okay, that second image looked like a Chaos-altered power-fist…
    I think CP might be branching out into Warhammer 40k…

  • Activist

    Ok. It’s official. Mike is trolling us.

    • Anymouse

      Well yeah, he deletes anything with the word “interview” in it. Watch, this is gonna get deleted.

      • Activist

        I’m sure.
        Ok, I’m with you.
        Boycott time!
        Let’s all remind Mike what this site would be without us…Nothing!

      • imstillhungry95


        • imstillhungry95

          Let’s try this again

          Sadly, it hasn’t been deleted yet

  • crazyjjvols

    wow, great!

  • Mitchell

    I love it!