We’re back — again

It’s been quite a while since we had a day where issues did not hit the website — downtime, Google blocks, and more. These have been the result of the same persistent attack on Shur’tugal and its networks since early fall, and we’re happy to say that we’ve resolved the issue for good. We’ve moved the sites to a new home, where they’re more protected against outside attacks. This will enable us to resume doing our job: building and maintaining the best Inheritance cycle and Christopher Paolini-based community on the internet.

We have some great plans for the site’s future, but before anything is set in stone, we want to ask for your input. What would you like to see from Shur’tugal in the future? What kind of content — articles, interviews, fan art features, opinion editorials, etc.? Share your ideas in the comments and we’ll see what we can do about adding the best ideas to our line-up!

For now, welcome back and thanks for sticking with us!

  • Jägebratt

    You could analyse all the minor carachters when they lived how old they became. how they might come into the story in future books. but you don’t have to make it as an standalone artikel you could incorporate it into a podcast

  • jdthegreat

    your site is infected again with virus
    time to clean it up again
    last four days before Norton start to black mass attacks

  • Suggestion

    I guess a general thing I would like from this site is more direct, clear communication on your part with us in relation to what you end up deciding to do with the future of shurtugal. Based on the comments, there are some of us who are confused about the status of certain items (the interview, contests, etc), which could mean either we have missed something very simple that would answer our questions or that you have not been clear in your communication with us (if you have been communicating at all). What I suggest I do not think is unreasonable (but correct me if I’m wrong): at least weekly or biweekly (roughly twice a month) updates (on the status of major events/plans that require a lot of time/energy) that appear clearly on the home page. I do not know what goes into maintaining this site, but a once or twice a month update does not seem too time-consuming, and keeping the updates on the home page, rather than the comments section for example, would seem to me a more direct (and hence more efficient) means of communication. This suggestion is based on the relatively low activity on this site for the past year or so, but even if that were about to drastically change, i still think the manner in which communication is handled is an important thing to consider. What do you think?

  • Denmark111

    (First of all, thanks for asking, it’s very much appreciated) The only thing I can think of that I want to see is all the stuff you’ve promised. Like the book 4 podcast (did you ever do the “collect all the words” competition?) and… Honestly I’ve forgotten about anything else. But an interview with Christoffer Paolini would be great as well, just to see what he’s up to/how long he’s come with his new book. But I have to say, if don’t put ‘something’ interesting up soon… No I can’t say that, I’ll keep visiting this site no matter what you do to it <3

  • Scruffs

    I think the site should have some quizzes/trivia or some games or such. Or maybe, the fans can create their own quizzes, like on goodreads. That would be really fun. I think more interviews would be really nice. Not only of Christopher, but maybe his family. Like his sister. About how they feel and how the book has affected them. I think we would all love that.

  • Thank you for coming back!!! My life was very dull!!!

  • Juliana

    I want SFF back. At least consider it, please.

  • Simon

    Inheritanceforums is still blocked by google chrome

  • LadyRian

    Book 4 podcasts, the interview, Inheritance related games/quizzes/puzzles, a place for fan art, a place for fanfiction, maybe discussion boards.

  • SaphiraXThorn

    The interview…or at least an update on what’s going on with the interview.

  • EternalShade

    Will the inheritance forums be up soon as well?

  • Halo

    That interview that was promised way back when put up or an official word why it hasn’t been all this time.

    The 20 words contest and prize from the previous podcast.

    • Fred

      I second this. A year-long delay is bad enough but pretending it doesn’t exist is inexcusable. If there is some good reason for the delay tell us about it.

  • imstillhungry95

    Yes! Shurtugal is back too! I think pretty much all of the ideas already presented are good for where to go from here, but you guys have been running this site for years, I’m sure whatever you decide to do will work out fine.

    That said though, if you were to make your next post an announcement that CP has announced his next book is going to be released this summer, I would be okay with that 😉

  • Beomjun


    A prequel of the first eragon (elf)
    ot the prequel with brom and morzan

    • Denmark111

      You do know that they don’t write the books, right? 🙂

  • Bob

    Chapter-by-chapter re-reads as either podcasts or articles would be cool.

  • MasterBrom

    It would be nice to see the interview that was done with Christopher just after Inheritance came out and the podcast that he said was recorder around that time too.

  • Jéssica

    I really miss reading fanfictions on Shur’tugal. Maybe you could relaunch Fanfiction? Please?

  • Thequickerpickerpickerupper

    The interview with Christopher where he was going to answer questions. In essence I want some closure or at the very least know the beginnings of where Christopher plans to take the series.

  • more fan art and interviews with mr Paolini!1

  • maybe an animated series based on the books? as terrible as the movie was i’m dying for some visual material…you know, cause a remake of the movie will never happen…

    • imstillhungry95

      Don’t be so sure. I think in five or six years, we could reasonably expect to see a remake of the movie

    • EternalShade

      Im all for a remake… but not animated. that would ruin it.

  • I guess i picked the right day to wear my Shurtugal shirt! I just added “shurtugal” to dictionary,one step in the right direction! But back on topic, anything that will bring the website back to how it was pre-Inheritance would be really nice. And basically everyone else had amazing ideas already, so yeah…

  • That One Guy

    i think chat rooms would be a cool idea!! Like maybe we could have a chat room for each book in the inheritance cycle where we could discuss the book after we read it. Also, an interactive inheritance game is a great idea i think that could bring in a lot of money too. Of course it requires a lot of work but i think it would be cool to have something like an inheritance MMORPG. I know that would not really be something the website would create tho it would be like a gaming company but it would be so cool!

    • A long time ago we had chat rooms. No one was ever really in them. This was at a time when the site had a ton of traffic too.

  • 4th book podcast would be excellent. SO loved the others!!

    Maybe a gallery for various Inheri-art (paintings, drawings, sketches, sculptures, Alagaesian pickles etc). Be it the work of a fan or Paolini himself, we could view it there. . . maybe music as well. (I wrote a piano solo. “Shameless plug”.)

    Quizzes, contests sound loverly. I’d like to see some more Inheritance merch. Surely we Shurties have some designs/ideas for T-shirts and such.

    Inherinerds for the win!!

  • Andrew Johnson

    Remove all the ads from the site, they are just annoying and they were probably the cause of the site being down in the first place.

    • Websites don’t support themselves!

      • Andrew Johnson

        I run several sites that have zero ads and are still working just fine!

        • Do your websites get thousands of visitors a day and cost thousands of dollars a year to run? If we didn’t have advertisements, how would we pay for the hours of work that go into the website and the thousands per year it takes to keep the site online?

  • Chopin’s Doppleganger/Blagden

    WHOOHOO!! Well, I second everyone else. 4th book podcast.

  • Michael


    • Ethiwen

      Oh, that would be amazing! Good one there mister. 😉

  • EternalShade

    I would be completely satisfied if you did the “book 4” podcast, and nothing else. I would really like to see that interview, but i could live without it if i had to.

  • I want the inheritance podcast really, really badly.

    • What would we talk about?

      • Bjames96.swimmer

        Anything about book four, basically going through and analyzing it just like in the other three, maybe you’ll come across some of those hidden things that may come up in other books (:

        • yea, there was supposed to be a Book 4 Podcast, and unless I missed the release, it never hit the airwaves! I enjoyed the show so much, I wanna hear it for Book 4!

      • Scruffs

        What do you mean?! Book 4 has alot more stuff to talk about than any of the other books. It was also the best. You guys would have so much fun! So would we!!

      • Denmark111

        Talk about how it relates to the other books, your initial reaction to it, your theories on how this would relate to a would-be sequal, and generally just analyzing. You don’t have to make it as long as the others were.

    • I would love that as well!

  • Loving Liver

    Bi-monthly/monthly drawing contests! (Draw Saphira, Glaedr, Oromis, werecat, giant wolf, bear & boars, certain scenes, etc)

    Or it could be just general original art, so people could also (LEGALLY with credit and free use or stock) photo-manipulate images. That’d be pretty fun too!

    And maybe gtalk hangouts. That’d be quite fun too! It’d be fun to connect with other fans and maybe even Shurtugal staff or something. (I’m not sure how you’d be interested in running that. ^^)

  • Eragon Fan

    lets see…. some ideas i have are maybe some votes and quizzes about christopher paolini and the inheritance cycle? maybe some contests? anyways thats all i got for now…..

  • Creeper bros

    this site should stay up stay up

  • Brent

    That interview Mike said he did with Chris shortly after the last book was released would be great

  • Ethiwen

    Also, nice to have you back! 😀

  • Ethiwen

    Maybe some podcast where you summarize the whole series. What are your thoungts about the development of characters, the story etc. Also about the questions that still hasn’t been answered and a look on possible future books. 🙂 Would be awesome.

  • Bjames96.swimmer

    Basically, anything related to ANYTHING by Christopher would b much appreciated, new books, ect.

  • Bjames96.swimmer

    Don’t wanna be that annoying repeat, but I do wanna support the idea for a 4th book series of podcasts, I loved those things!

    • EternalShade

      I know right? Those were hilarious

  • Aqwater

    I’d definetly love to see you doing a show where you are doing a chronological walkthrough of the entire last book, I’d especially love to see what you guys think about the end.

    Great to see you’re not dead 🙂 cheers from Sweden

  • Chay

    I would like to know more about the world. Maybe some minor short stories unrelated to the main story, stuff like Urgal myths and legends or ancient elvish stories, something to give Alagasia even more depth. Maybe something like create your own dragon. Of course updates about Christopher Paolini’s work. Fact files on creatures and species throughout Alagasia. History of the characters, family trees. Quizzes, crosswords etc.

    • Grond

      Well said.

      • Chay

        thanks, your walkthrough idea sound good.

  • Mitchell

    Why would anyone want to shut down this site?

    • There are a lot of groups on the internet who try to exploit websites for free ad views, etc.

  • bromandsaphira

    hi Shurtugal!

    um…ideas, ideas, ideas….
    A book 4 read through podcast like we did with the other three books? I really miss those!

    Maybe a place for people to share their fanfiction and or/fanart? contests for the best fanfiction/fanart?
    really, though, I would love a book 4 podcast!
    thanks for all you do! you guys are AMAZING!