Shur’tugal and Lytherus are hiring — be a part of something epic! and our sister site (a news, review, and opinion website dedicated to fantasy, scifi, and horror) are both currently looking to bring on volunteer staff members to help out with various aspects of each website!

Shur’tugal is currently looking for several members interested in blogging to help keep Shur’tugal active, fresh, and up to date for our ten thousand daily visitors! We are in search of writers interested in composing short editorial-style explorations of various aspects of the Inheritance cycle (similar to our Big Twenty series), as well as “reviewing” various parts of Inheritance in discussion-based editorials aimed at engaging fans and encouraging discussion of Inheritance and the future of Alagaesia. In addition, we are looking for these writers to be interested in helping to create, update, and maintain existing and new static content pages for Shur’tugal. Finally, we are looking for individuals interested in news writing to keep up with the latest news and developments in the world of Inheritance, in addition to keeping a watchful eye on Christopher Paolini’s Twitter feed and helping to contribute to Twitter-based news posts! Interested individuals should email [email protected] to learn more.

Lytherus is currently in search of a wide range of reviewers and news writers for all of the topics the website covers — books, movies, television, video games, anime/manga, comics/graphic novels, and more! While writing for Lytherus is a volunteer position, we are able to offer some incredible perks which include advanced copy of pre-release material in the topics you write in, access to industry individuals for reviews and interviews, as well as access to some of the industries’ biggest conventions! If you enjoy fantasy, scifi, or horror of any type and feel as though you are interested in contributing to a fast-growing blog with a fun and diverse team of writers, please check out our “We’re Hiring!” page over on Lytherus!

Update: Shur’tugal and Lytherus are also looking for serious and experienced web designers to take part in our initiative to redesign both websites. If you’re an experienced web designer or experienced programmer familiar with the WordPress platform, please get in touch at the email above.

Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments section of this post!

  • EtremePessimist

    Hilarious. Lytherus is for sale on GoDaddy? It’s not even two years old yet, is it? hahahaha Or is this just a rumor? If it is just a rumor then it is even more funny. lol

  • CP Hater

    Wow a month since any news has been posted here. Ridiculous!!!!!!

  • Baber Farrukh

    Why is Shurtugal Fan Fiction still not working. Clicking the link to Fan Faction redirects to Shurtugal Home Page. Anyone know Whats Up?

  • Irock13198

    if you know where to look, there is many doctor who related things in    Inheritance

  • Michelle

    How can we apply?

  • Alexis

    When is the twenty word thing from the podcasts going to be done???

  • EragonandMurtagh

    what happened to

  • Shade Of Shadows

    I think IF is working now, It finally came up on my computer, after a week of not coming up.

    • derp

      It’s still down for me :'(

  • Rebecca

    Hey Mike, What happened to the 20 words from the inheritance podcasts? Are we just not doing the words anymore, or is the contest going to still happen? If so, when? Thanks!

    • I have a feeling, they have bigger issues on their hands right now if the Lytherus domain is up for sale on GoDaddy right now

      • Arya<3

         what happened?

  • Yea, IF has been down for a week. The domain seems to be lost too? As GoDaddy says it’s available for purchase:/

  • Caniac996

    A question unrelated to this, does anyone know what’s wrong with Inheritance Forums? It’s been down for like a week.

  • Gabs345

    whats wrong with lytherus?

  • derp

    Does anyone know why the inheritanceforums are still down?

    • Aleitheia

      I know, I have exclusive writing information that’s posted only on those Forums. I emailed [email protected] and no response yet…

      • derp

        Do you have any idea when the forums will be up again?

        • Aleitheia

          Nope 🙁

          • derp

            IF is finally back up!

      • Misswriter18

        I’m a little worried because we just started a Writer’s Workshop on IF and now people can’t access it. Also, I’m hoping no one’s information was compromised during this downtime. 🙁

  • Not to be demanding, but do you guys know when Lytherus is coming back online?

  • EragonandMurtagh

    why is down? is is the same reason that shurtagul was down yesterday and the day before?
    se onr sverdar stija hvass
    may your swords stay sharp

  • a smart guy

    Why is lytherus down????

  • Co

    I emailed [email protected] a several weeks ago, and still haven’t heard back. Can I know when and if you guys are going to respond to all of the inquiries.

  • Landon Bell

    I sent aneks ago exactly, no response. I understand you are busy, but I’m anxious to know. I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Loicadlar

    Are there ever going to be any more book 4 interview. I really hope the answer contains the words “yes” and “soon”. 

    • Guest

       What other questions need to be asked?  I feel like all that could be asked has been asked.

    • EternalShade

      A book four podcast would be nice too 🙂

  • dragonite1997

    Book 4 podcasts please? I need something to procrastinate with…

  • hoke

    Mike is in the process of moving, so I’m sure that he is a little preoccupied. He will get to us all at some point though

    • hoke


  • Aleitheia

    Hey Mike,

    I’m currently on the forum and already have critiqued a lot of content on the Cycle. Would it be possible, if hired, to re-work this information for a series of articles? Much like magazine authors publish their series of articles as books? (I also have experience writing for, and getting published by, several newsletters, my college paper, etc.)



  • Arya<3

    Can you make another post about chapters 1-20 or something?

  • Jwelde

    I’m sure he’ll get to all of us in due time.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to put my name forward, but I have a feeling this is just limited to America …….. and I’ve been thinking how could this even be called a job?

    However, I look forward to seeing someone else posting, this sites getting boring withot CP writing, so I’ll maybe see y’all in a few years lol 🙂 back to “Legend of Heroes: Gagharv” 😉

  • Kalanna Dae

    Hey Mike, are you going to get back to people even if you aren’t going to be hiring them, just so that they know you actually got the application?

  • Jonathan Timmins

    Hey Mike I just want to say that I sent in for more info and have not heard back for about 4 days. Just want to know if you have already made your choices or if it will just take a few more day…  

  • Landon Bell

    If you get hired by Lytherus for book reviews you get to read books before they are released? That is awesome! I really hope I get hired because that is like a dream job.

  • Elijah Mamaev

    Hello, Mike! I know that you are very busy with answering emails, but I sent my email 2 days ago and didn’t get an answer.

    • Co

      yeah same for me

  • Holy shazbok!Whyyyy do these opportunities always come at the most impossible times? If I wasn’t in college 40 hours a week, I would be on this like Han Solo on Leia! Good luck to everyone getting involved. I shall watch dreamily from the audience.

    • hoke

      40 credits? holy smokes..

      • my thoughts exactly. That’t not including the study time I put in.

        • hoke

          wait your seriously in 40 credits? how is that even possible???

      • Anonymous

        whats 40 credits? ….

    • My bad. Didn’t read that straight before. 40 hours = 13 credits.

  • hoke

    I love Inheritance, and I’d like to get involved!

  • WaffleHermit

    One more question. Approximately how long will it take to get a reply back to the email you sent? A day or two?

    • A few days. I’ve got a lot of emails to go through and want to make sure each gets the amount of attention it deserves.

      • WaffleHermit

        Ok thank you. Also, would you need an example of writing skill in an email?

  • ckmc

    Shoot, not old enough. Oh well, can’t wait to see what new people are brought on board! 😀

  • WaffleHermit

    Also, Mike, how would we need to write the application? Is there certain guidelines on what to write? And when do you think we might get a reply saying yes or no?

    • If you’re looking to write for Shur’tugal, send an email to the email in the article and we’ll get back to you with what more we need to hear from you.

      If you’re applying for Lytherus, there are specific things we’re looking for listed on that page. 🙂

      • WaffleHermit

        Do you have an estimate on how long it will be before you answer the emails? Because I’ve sent mine yesterday.

  • Rabbitfish

    The people you’re looking to hire, I’m assuming you’ll want the work the do to point out the positives of The Cycle, not the negatives?
    As in, what would you say regarding someone who wanted to do an in-depth review of it’s weak points?

    • Rabbitfish

      *done, not do

    • I personally have no interest in running negative views on the Cylce. Like every book, movie, etc., there will always be a group of people who do not enjoy or appreciate the content. I have absolutely nothing against those people, as they’re just as entitled to their opinion as I am. However, Shur’tugal was conceived and has been operated as a fan site — where fans of the Cycle come to discuss and enjoy the series. Running material not in favor of the Cycle would not make sense on the website, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

      • Rabbitfish

        Haha, yes I do agree. Just curious as to what’s slightly frowned upon. 😉

  • Kalanna

    I sent in an application a little while ago, but I haven’t heard back yet, so…

    • Kalanna

      And that was for Lytherus.

    • I’ll look into that! Maybe yours got flagged as spam.

    • Skulblaka_Shur’tugal

      I had the same problem as well. I assumed they would just start getting back to people once they got a set number of applications.

  • The Grey Rider

    Hey mike, are you going to be doing anything about participating in the anti-SOPAPIPA Blackouts?

    Unless I’m mistaken, this site would be at risk if those bills went through.

    • I’ve called my local representatives and have made it very clear that their positions need to be anti SOPA and PIPA. Aside from that, doing something with Shur’tugal itself is not really within my technical expertise (sadly).

      Shur’tugal does not have to worry, however. We operate at an official capacity with both Random House and Christopher Paolini — what we do is sanctioned and allowed, so no copyright infringement is happening.

      However, this does impact many websites I utilize on a daily basis. Both are serious and awful pieces of legislation. I hope that any interested Shur’tugal member can Google them and join the anti- cause. 🙂

      • The Grey Rider

        The reason I was asking was mostly the same, this is probably the first time everyone in the world is on the same page about something.

  • WaffleHermit

    Lets say if I do make the part, when I write does it have to be only about Inheritance book 4, or could be the other books of the cycle? Sorry for the question, but I just didn’t fully comprehend the concept of what you were saying.

    • We’re open to all ideas, but always ask that these ideas be approved by us first (so that you don’t waste time writing something that ultimately cannot run).

  • Travis

    Would we be told what to do something on or would it be up to us? How often would we be required to write something? I ask that just because of school and work, and both of those take up a fair amount of time, but I would still love to try something like this out! I’m a huge inheritance cycle fan!

    • Honestly, as long as you’re up front with the amount of time you can commit when we bring you on and stick to it, we’ll be fine with however often you’re able to produce content. What you write is up to you, but it obviously has to be approved by me before it runs. 🙂

  • Travis

    Would we be told what to do something on or would it be up to us? How often would we be required to write something? I ask that just because of school and work, and both of those take up a fair amount of time, but I would still love to try something like this out! I’m a huge inheritance cycle fan!

  • Rabbitfish

    Age requirements? As the Lytherus page clearly states what is and isn’t required. A definitive list of requirements would be nice to have in accompaniment with this announcement.

    • We have age requirements for Lytherus, however none for Shur’tugal. Even on Lytherus, we’re willing to look at exceptional applications that do not meet the age requirements.

      • jay tee

        So say about thirteen cuz’ I have a friend who could do this for you… he lives and breathes inheritance?

      • Rabbitfish

        Hm…I might apply for this one, possibly Lytherus. Though, I’m unsure on the amount of time I’d be able to commit to the latter. With Shur’tugal I’d have an easier job doing the work as I already know The Cycle backwards and forwards.

  • Skulblaka_Shur’tugal

    I am very interested in this. What are the requirements for the Shur’tugal writers, of any kind? As well as this, what are the expectations (obligations, deadlines, etc) for either side?

    • Requirements are excellent writing skills and a passion for Inheritance. Other than that we’re pretty lax for Shur’tugal. Obligations will be what you commit to — we need to know people will follow through on writing commitments. Deadlines and other stuff is all flexible.