Shur’tugal Podcast – Shurtycast, Episode 201!

After a plague of issues preventing the timely release of our first “return” episode, we are excited to announce that Shurtycast 2.0 is here! Our first episode, recorded two months ago immediately following the Great Shur’tugal Outage of 2010 (when we were down for a week due to major server issues), tackles many subjects intended on bringing old and new Shurtycast fans to the realm of Shurtycast, the official Inheritance cycle podcast of!

What is Shurtycast? Shurtycast is a recorded Inheritance cycle podcast (or internet talk show) which tackles the latest news, developments, discussions, inside scoops, and interviews of the Inheritance world! Give Shurtycast episode 201 a listen in our podcast player below! We’ll have options for subscribing to the podcast on iTunes and other podcast services in the near future!

Continue reading for a full show summary, more information on exactly what Shurtycast is, our hosts, and more! We’d also love to hear your feedback in the comments!What is Shurtycast?

Shurtycast is the official Inheritance Cycle podcast of, the leading source for Inheritance Cycle news and information on the web. Founded in 2004 by Mike Macauley, has aimed to offer fans a destination on the web for news, theorizing, discussions, and more. In 2005, Shurtycast was started as a bi-weekly podcast discussing the world of Inheritance, and more specifically, the Eragon movie. Following the movie’s release in 2006, Shurtycast wound down and eventually entered an unofficial hiatus. Fast forward to 2010 and Shurtycast is ready to re-launch bigger and better than ever, featuring both new and old voices and Inheritance content you can’t find anywhere else!

Join hosts Mike Macauley and Joelle Saveliev to discuss the latest news and information within the Inheritance world, as well as segments aimed at theorizing and discussing the upcoming final installment in the Cycle. The hosts’ humor and wit offers a fun and exciting dimension to the informative and face-paced internet web show.

Who hosts the show?

The original Shurtycast was hosted by a number of great Shur’tugal staff members, including Mike Macauley, Joelle Saveliev, Robert Cox, Tim Bach, Matthew Heck, and more. The revival of Shurtycast, coined Shurtycast 2.0, brought with it two familiar faces: Mike Macauley, owner of, and Joelle Saveliev, long-time member of the Inheritance community and Artist in Chief!

Shurtycast Episode 201 – We’re Baaaaack! – The Summary!

After a three year long hiatus, the popular Inheritance Cycle podcast, Shurtycast, is back with veteran hosts Mike Macauley and Joelle Saveliev. As part of our relaunch, our new series is being called Shurtycast 2.0… a reboot, but still much of the same old Shurtycast! Humor, wit, news, discussions, theories, and entertainment abound in episode 201!

  • What’s been going on since our last podcast? Lots! Top secret projects, Shur’tugal re-designs, book releases, college, and no movie news!
  • Lots of fun projects coming up on Shur’tugal! New shirts, the Paolini Scrapbook, editorials and theories written by fans, new website design, Q&As with Christopher Paolini, book giveaways, and more!
  • Lytherus. You heard us mention it a year ago on Shur’tugal. Where does it stand? Is it still happening?
  • What’s in store for the future of Shurtycast? Theories, interviews, guest hosts, convention coverage, book coverage, breaking news, and more!
  • Side projects! What’s Mike been up to? What’s Joelle been up to?
  • Send us your feedback and show ideas!
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  • Sneak peek at episode 202!
  • Feedback – We’d love to hear it!

    As with everything we do on Shur’tugal, this is for the fans! Because it’s for you guys, we want to hear what you think of the show! Have thoughts on the current episode? Suggestions on how to improve the show? Ideas for new segments. Share them with us!