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A Guide to Companion Guides: The official companion guides of the Inheritance Cycle, including ‘Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia’ and ‘The Inheritance Almanac’

Many fans clamor for more Inheritance, clinging to the hope that Christopher Paolini will get to writing a potential “Book 5” sooner rather than later. Surprisingly, many of these fans are unaware of two official companion guides released by Christopher and Random House which add to and enhance the experience readers can get from the

New Inheritance Book Editions (Physical and Digital) and Inheritance Advertisements Hit Stores!

Eagle-eyed fans will have noticed the marketing push behind Inheritance (Book 4) beginning to ramp up, as new editions of already-existed Inheritance books have been released throughout North America. Additionally, retail stores including Barnes and Noble have begun displaying advertisements, easels, and more promoting the release of Book 4 in November as well as attempting

“Big Twenty” – Eragon’s Lackluster Love Life: A Future of Doom?

The Big Twenty is Shur’tugal’s twenty week long series of in depth discussion and theorizing, all centered around twenty core questions, loose ends, and theories in the Inheritance universe. The Big Twenty is the ultimate fan guide to happenings in Book 4 — and we hope you’ll join us for the adventure! To learn more

Christopher Paolini is Headed to Book Expo America — And We’ll Be There Too!

Authors, guest speakers, and attendees for this year’s Book Expo America in New York City are slowly being announced as the convention creeps up on us and among the already-announced authors attending the show is Christopher Paolini. Christopher is headed to the Big Apple to promote the upcoming release of Inheritance! Christopher is currently slated

“Super Fan” Video Contest Winners Announced!

Random House and Christopher Paolini have officially announced the winners of the recent Super Fan video contest, which tasked Inheritance cycle fans with creating a video showcasing why they are the ultimate Inheritance cycle fan. The grand prize winner would receive a trip to Montana to meet Christopher Paolini. The contest’s first place winner receives

Interview with Christopher Paolini and Mike Macauley

You may remember Shur’tugal’s coverage of Comic-Con International back in July, where staff of Shur’tugal traveled to the world’s largest fantasy/scifi/horror media convention in the world to cover the event for Shur’tugal visitors. While there, Shur’tugal conducted multiple interviews with Christopher Paolini, all but one of which have already been released. Mike Macauley, owner of

“Making Of” The Inheritance Almanac – Part 1

It’s been pretty hard to miss all of the exciting coverage regarding the recently-published Inheritance Almanac here on Originally announced in July of 2010, The Inheritance Almanac is the ultimate and official fan companion guide to the Inheritance cycle. Long-time Shur’tugal readers were shocked and excited to learn that we had been keeping the