Shur’tugal and C.P. at Comic Con International!

We’re thrilled to announce that Shur’tugal will be continuing its tradition of attending and covering the annual San Diego Comic Con international this July! Random House, publisher of the Inheritance cycle here in the United States, has stepped in as a sponsor of our coverage of the event, allowing us to conduct much of the coverage you’ll see here on the website.

This year’s 41st Comic Con International is going to be bigger and better than ever and we plan to make sure that our coverage of the event is the best we’ve ever done. Most importantly, Christopher Paolini will be attending this year’s convention, sitting on a panel, doing a book signing, and joining Shur’tugal for a two part interview (representing June and July’s monthly Q&A series interviews). We will have coverage of all of his events, from the panel to the signings and anything more!

We will also be catching up with Michael Scott, bestselling author of the Immortal Secrets of Nicholas Flamel series, Esther Friesner, author of the Nobody’s series, Lauren Kate, author of the Fallen series, and more coverage yet to be announced! In addition, we are extremely excited to finally lift the veil on the secret project and announcement we’ve been biting our tongues on. This will happen during the convention!

We will have a complete list of our event coverage, including schedules, author information, book information, and more available on the website prior to the beginning of Comic Con. The convention runs from July 22nd to the 25th and Shur’tugal will be in San Diego from the 21st through the 26th to cover every event we can!

Keep checking back on Shur’tugal throughout the next two weeks to learn more information on the coverage we’ll be conducting, weigh in with your own opinions on what you want to see us cover, learn about our huge contest and give-away running alongside the convention, and more! In the mean time, feel free to go through the Comic Con event schedule for Thursday, July 22nd to see which events you’d like us to attend – then let us know in the comments! (And if you yourself are headed to Comic Con, let us know!)

  • vannet

    Thursday 1:15 World Premiere of game by Studios 38

  • Eldest13

    thx 🙂

  • Chris

    July 22-25

  • Eldest13

    when is comic con anyhow?

  • Bob

    I saw a Big Bang Theory Panel on Friday…

  • Chris

    Oooh futurama would be nice. Might have to go. I haven’t really checked the schedule out much, lol.

  • Mike

    Our secret announcement has nothing to do with Book 4 – sorry.

    However, there’s no saying Random House won’t make any announcements at Book 4 at the convention. I haven’t heard anything and won’t until you guys do, but they may have something up their sleeves if they’re beginning to send Christopher out for press!

    Time will tell I suppose.

  • alucard

    Also add Futurama (1245-Sat) and Mythbusters (715-Sat) to that list, please.

  • alucard

    I vote you cover the Pixar Animation chat at 430 on Friday. 😉

  • HeXrider

    secret project…. sounds like….. book cover?
    announcement….. release date ??


  • Mike

    Just a quick note to everyone – the convention’s name is Comic Con but it really isn’t a comic convention (any more). Sure, comics are a huge part of the show but it’s evolved into more of a pop culture show. It encompasses nearly every relevant part of today’s “pop culture” – books, movies, video games, comics/graphic novels, anime. It’s an amazing convention (and one of the largest pop culture conventions in the world) and is considered a make-or-break show for a lot of new content being released into the wild.

    I’ve gone three times so far and I’ve had Shur’tugal represented there five out of the past six years. It’s a great show and we’re looking forward to bringing it to you all through Shur’tugal!

  • feanarang

    Looking forward to seeing what the secret announcement is!

  • Raevyn08

    Excited??? This is incredible news!!! I will be eagerly awaiting each and every update, especially the “secret project.” 🙂

  • ShurtugalLiam

    We never have comic conventions over here, sounds interesting 😀 keep the coverage up Shurty and well done! 😀 cant wait 🙂

  • zasekr1

    omg yay cant wait for this but i really want to know what the surprise is ^^

  • Neytiri

    OMG!!! this made my day! thanks! 😀

  • Dragonasker

    Sweet. The interview will be great.
    (On a off-topic note: I do wish some of the main stream authors would come to NZ they have thousands of fans and we have a beautiful country. I realise however that this is all but impossible and will be content to listen/watch/ read this Interview please make it awesome, for my sakes and over a thousand fans in Auckland who I know will love it.) Wondering what your big news is…

  • Theremier

    ahh I cant wait! =]

  • Chris

    Excited yet? 🙂