Support a Charity, Change the World

This post was originally a call to action to support the Harry Potter Alliance, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to healing the world by preventing genocide, illiteracy, and violations of civil rights. Thanks to the tens of thousands of fans around the world who rallied to the HP Alliance’s support, they are now the winners of $250,000 to help further their efforts.

However, the HP Alliance wasn’t the only brilliant organization or charity competing for the grand prize. Dozens of groups from around the world competed to place in the top five; most notable was the Kristin Brooks Hope Center, an organization which operates the Hopeline, a national free, confidential, and twenty-four-hour hotline for suicide prevention. Please continue reading this news post to learn more about these amazing organizations and what you can do to support them.The Harry Potter Alliance

The HPA uses themes from the Harry Potter novels to get people of all ages interested in world issues–a “Dumbledore’s Army for the real world,” if you will. Some of our campaigns include Accio Books, our annual book drive, which has collected more than 50,000 books in the last two years benefiting community centers in the Mississippi Delta region and a youth village in Rwanda; and Helping Haiti Heal, a huge multi-fandom effort bringing together HP fans, YouTubers, and many other fandoms and raising $123,000 for disaster relief in Haiti. Many of us are MASSIVE fans of Eragon.

The Harry Potter Alliance is responsible for:

  • Work with partner NGOs in alerting the world to the dangers of global warming, poverty, and genocide.
  • Work with our partners for equal rights regardless of race, gender, and sexuality.
  • Encourage our members to hone the magic of their creativity in endeavoring to make the world a better place.

The Harry Potter Alliance has also won direct praise and respect from JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, who has said: “I am honoured and humbled that Harry’s name has been given to such an extraordinary campaign, which really does exemplify the values for which Dumbledore’s Army fought in the books.”

You can learn more about the Harry Potter Alliance, including ways to support the organization by pledging time, resources, or purchasing one of their awesome pieces of merchandise, at

The Kristin Brooks Hope Center

Since the suicide of his wife Kristin in April 1998, KBHC Founder Reese Butler has been on a personal crusade. His mission the past 11 years has been to offer HOPE and the option to LIVE to those in the deepest emotional pain.

While the idea of a suicide hotline is not a new one, the challenge of creating a national network and connecting our country’s crisis centers under a single, easy-to-remember, toll-free telephone was a daunting task. Heretofore, neither government agencies nor non-profit organizations had ever attempted such a project.

People in crisis generally don’t have the energy or ability to take on a long search for help. When those looking for support dial 1.800.SUICIDE they are seamlessly connected to an available certified crisis center nearest to their calling location. While it’s seemingly a simple concept, the Network is elegant and effective when put into action. Behind the scenes there are significant computer and telephony infrastructures working in concert to provide help within 20 to 30 seconds of a call being placed.

Support from across the country helps KBHC achieve its mission to prevent suicide and educate people about depressive disorders. Support efforts.

You can learn more about the Kristin Brooks Hope Center and the Hopeline by visiting their website: Additionally, we hope that you may consider making a donation of any amount to their amazing organization. And remember, if you ever need help, the team behind Hopeline is there for you.

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    Read my latest post… July 14th, 1:22am! Hope it answers your question!


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    HP Alliance Inc. won with an ending total of 38,689 votes!

    The Kristin Brooks Hope Center was the runner-up with 35,053 votes.

  • Mike

    It was very close up until the very end — HP Alliance pushed ahead by about 2000 votes.

    The four runners up still receive $100,000, so it isn’t so much as a victory for one but more of a victory for five.

    Please consider looking into the runner up, the Hopeline charity. They were neck and neck with the HP Alliance for a good chunk of the competition and are a truly fantastic charity. They focus on suicide prevention and operate a 24-hour free and confidential hotline for individuals in need of help to call and talk.

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    We won! Too bad it doesn’t state the final vote tally, I was curious to see how close it was…

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    The Facebook group seems fairly buggy. Anyone who posts here, whether their vote got through or if they aren’t sure (but at least tried) will make it into the raffle. I also have a few people who have been unable to comment — they will be in it as well.

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    Well, I think I voted. It’s being really weird. HP Alliance is currently ahead by about three hundred.

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    Voted, got 6 or 7 of my friends to vote too. Awesome cause made by awesome people. Bought one of their necklaces too.

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    Thanks for voting everyone! I’m glad you guys feel as passionately about this as we at Shur’tugal do. 🙂

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    …I agree, MagitekElite! I’m a huge fan of books (majoring in English Literature), and there’s no better way to learn and induce a healthy imagination than by donating what are truly works of art to those in need!

    …zasekr1: It was weird for me, too, at first. I signed in, then went back to it, and it finally let me vote – took a whole five minutes, though. It shouldn’t’ve taken two seconds.

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    I have voted and asked all of my friends to do the same!

    I believe the votes are to be tallied at noon today – a mere 10 hours away! (It’s now 2am, July 12th.) And, as supporters of HP Alliance Inc., “we” are winning by 103 votes, as of now!

    Good luck to us all, and congrats to the winner of Christopher’s book in advance!

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    I voted! Wow, it’s close… the top 200 charities list is behind the actual numbers, but if you click on HP Alliance Inc and Kristin Brooks Hope Center, HP is only ahead by 2 votes. They were behind by 7 just a minute or ago.

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    I hope it wins. Giving books away to those who need them is very nice! Everyone should be able to read and helping charities makes it even better 😀

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    but say if i was the chosen winner or whatever wud i still be able to get the prize even tho i live in northern ireland n not america?????

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    Try to vote again soon if it didn’t let you through! Don’t give up until you’ve got that vote cast! 🙂

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