Eragon Battles Aslan in a Fantasy Cage Match!

Our friends over at, Random House’s fantasy and sci-fi blogging initiative, have informed us of an exciting activity they’re running to coincide with March Madness: SF/fantasy-character cage matches. Suvudu’s team of editors selected a large group of popular and easily-recognizable fantasy and SF characters to fight in pre-written cage matches. The winner of each round is up to the viewers (done by vote). Our very own Eragon will be pitted against Aslan in the third division on March 10th. If Eragon makes it through the first round (which he will with your help – be sure to vote!), he’ll move on to fight the other round one winners. Aslan is never going to see it coming! Be sure to continue reading for more information on the event!More information on the event directly from our friends at Suvudu:

It’s up to the readers to vote on who they think would win. It’s up to them to convince others they’re right.Think their analysis is wrong? Let us know. Clearly it’s you who are wrong, but we’ll humor you.

At the end of the day, what matters is that two men (or women…or elves…or one elf and one “other”) are entering the ring starting Monday, and a few days later (voting for the Monday matches close Thursday; voting for the Wednesday closes Sunday), only one of them is leaving.

And then the second round begins!

Make your voice heard.

    The Matches:

    Monday, March 8th

    1st Division: Dragon Army

    1) The Shrike vs 32) Arthur Dent

    16) Kahlan Amnell vs. 17) Drizzt Do’Urden

    8) Ged vs. 25) Edward Cullen

    9) Aragorn vs. 24) The Wee Free Men

    2nd Division: Gryffindor

    5) Rand Al’Thor vs. 28) Locke Lamora

    12) Harry Dresden vs. 21) Conan the Barbarian

    13) Roland Deschain — The Gunslinger vs 20) Elric

    4) Gandalf vs 29) Hiro Protagonist

    Wednesday, March 10th

    3rd Division: Nightwatch

    3) Aslan vs 30) Eragon

    14) Kvothe vs 19) Garet Jax

    6) Raistlin Majere vs 27) Ender Wiggin

    11) Dumbledore vs 22) Vlad Taltos

    4th Division: The Fellowship

    7) Temeraire vs 26) Haplo

    10) Polgara the Sorceress vs 23) Anita Blake

    15) Jaime Lannister vs 18) Hermione Granger

    2) Cthulhu vs 31) Lyra Silvertongue

Head on over to now to vote for your favorite characters in the cage fight! Be sure to show your support for Eragon by voting for him in his battle against Aslan!

Update: Eragon lost to Aslan!

  • Mike

    Comments are closed on this post. I just spent a large time cleaning up the nonsense you guys chose to kept going on about well after I asked you very politely to stop talking about religion.

    Shur’tugal is an Inheritance fan site with visitors from over 100 countries throughout the world. Our visitors are of every religion (or non-religion), every race, sex, etc. Everyone has an opinion and while you’re certainly entitled to it, this is not the right place to have these discussions.

    I will no longer be issuing warnings in the future for problems like this. If I have to, I’ll start suspending and banning repeat offenders. It is horribly inconvenient for me to have to sift through piles and piles of comments that break rules here on the website when I have many, many other things I’d rather be doing on Shur’tugal. I’m sure you can all agree that you’d rather see new features and interviews than have me spend hours deleting comments and suspending posters simply because a few stubborn people who know the rules refuse to follow them.

    Please remember that is a website run for free, a service provided to you that requires no reciprocation to use it. Because it’s privately owned and operated, “rights to free speech” don’t apply on privately owned websites on the internet — not meaning I have any intentions to censor people, but meaning when we choose not to allow topics like politics and religion, we have every right to do so.

    I really, really like that Shur’tugal offers several outlets for fans to discuss Inheritance. I don’t like having to shut these outlets down because people can’t control themselves and follow the rules. I am sad to say that this will be my final warning on the topic and yes, in the future, we *will* suspend members if we have to.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Yeah, Eragon is a tad bit of a weakling. Saphira does all of the work for him. Eragon would just turn around and go “Oh, s**T. A Lion!”

    And Mike, I agree that we are not hot-headed in this debate and, if you look through the posts, it has provided many with enjoyment. I was not attempting to alter anybodies views (after all, I would not have somebody try and sway mine). I am an open-minded person and I see this as more of a polite philosophical debate than an arguement. I shall just end on one point:

    I got a double B at GCSE science and I have sent many years studying Zoology as a hobby (since I was about 4). I have seen that many species HAVE evolved through my research.

    It is not just fossils that prove this, but DNA taken from fossils that shows their closest living relatives etc.

    Also, I agree that being the perfect distance away from the sun for gravity/heat/radiation is not a coincidence, but I don’t believe that it was God. We grew here simply because its the only planet on which we could.

    I don’t know if hyperlinks are allowed, but for further reading use as a starting point. I know wikipedia isn’t a reliable website, but most points are cited to other, more accurate websites. And that is my last point, unless anybody wishes to carry on this discussion AND if Mike will allow us to have a civilized philosophical discussion. Thanks all.

  • Nico

    hey Mike, im sorry i don`t know who to ask, but where is the Q&A 5? and 6? im sorry for my english im from argentina

  • Mike

    Hey guys, tone the chat down or I’m going to have to start suspending people to cool off. This really isn’t a place to discuss religion, evolution, etc.

  • Joanna<3

    That’s a good examle padfoot 🙂 And, to you others, like I said my example was only one out of millions of things in our world which are not possible unless they had been created, designed and planned. There are so many things in the human body alone which scientists cannot possibly understand; things such as the human brain are so incredibly complex that it is not possible for us to understand it completely. There are things in this world that the demand the explanation of a creator, things which cannot possibly be explained or comprehended through the words and workings of man. Anything that people may use to try and explain things which cannot be explained, except by a divine creator, don’t make much sense. For example, Ganon, using the fossil layers to give evidence of how old the earth is is cyclical reasoning. Scientists say that the fossil age is found through the age of the rock layer, you ask “how old is the rock layer?” they say, “well the age of the rock layer is determined through the age of the fossil.” You see? Cyclical reasoning.

  • Nico

    where is Q&A 5? and 6?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Darn, ‘meant *Bat*

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Oh, and sorry about the double post and contradicting myself, but, sorry, guys, I done a fair bit of reseach and readings about evolution, I don’t think theirs enough evidence, I mean, if a bad evolved, for goodness knows how many years, the wings would be incapable of flight and shall hinder the bats use of his paws. Therefore, he would easily be eaten or starve from lack of food. Not trying to offende anyone, but I just don’t see it.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Oh, boy, I think this has officially become a riot. All right, you lot, can we just agree to disagree? I’m a Christian, but let’s not fight here! I can honestly say I don’t believe we’ll be changing anyone religion (or lack there of) on a comment board. I understand that everyone has their own beliefs and can’t people just GET ALONG? This reminds me of the elves and dwarves, really, guys?

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Joanna, your ideas are well put forward. Yes, I do believe in evolution. Why? Because of fossils etc. (especially in other animals, ie. the Wooly Mammoth evolving until it became the Elephant). Plus, scientists have proved several things about the first years of our world (Earth\’s twin planet colliding with it, ice from the resulting asteroids creating the first seas that bacteria began to flourish in, and then that bacteria evolving into the various lifeforms that we know of today).

    However, as I said in an earlier post, I think it is possible that a higher power controls science (maybe/maybe not God, but some higher power). This means that I believe it possible that, maybe, life was created via trial and error of this higher power? I\’ll say God for arguments sake, but say a drawing is a metaphor for his creation. We started out as bacteria (the first few lines drawn). These became a rough sketch and things get added/rubbed out gradually.

    I don’t think anything could disprove the idea of evolution as it is established as fact. Thank you Dannylink for helping my ideas.

  • dannylink2007

    …Seriously, what is the point in religious debating? It is a true and well known fact that Jesus WAS a jew, so if Christianity is practicing his beliefs, then…

    Evolution IS a slow, and delicate process. As for complicated ear functions, remember, our reptillian ancestors probably had simpler ears that worked differently, but over time, they increased in complexity as hearing became more important in survival. It also could’ve happened by accident, if the first generation of multi-ear boners were extremely lucky in terms of reproduction.

    Nuff said.

  • Joanna<3

    Whoops, that was supposed to say Glofindel, lol my iPod spell check decided that I didn’t know what I was saying and changed it on me 🙂

  • Joanna<3

    Ganon, you say you believe in the “big bang” which seems to say to me that you believe in evolution. If you do, then there is something I must say: if the world ‘evolved’ by random acts of chance and and slow methodical change over hundreds of millions if years, how then do you explain things like the three tiny bones in the ear. These three bones, the malleus, incus and stapes, were all needed at the same time to have hearing work at all, and therefore without them all there at once how on earth would we be able to function? Why would evolution make one tiny bone of seemingly no use in the ear, and later add onto it? Something like this demands explanation; only God could have thought in advance that a human would need something like that to be able to hear, and only He could have planned it. There is no possible way, to me, in which this could have developed by process of random evolution. Therefore, I must believe in a Creator, and planner who can develop something so small and complex for somthing as seemingly simple as being able to hear… And that is only one miniscule example.
    I commend you though for your excellent debate 🙂 it was well thought through and intelligently put forth.
    Glorcindel, you spoke well in defense of your faith 🙂 good job! I’m impressed 🙂

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Agreed. I am not attempting to change anybodies views, I am simply putting forward my own. npe77 summed up what I meant by beliefs and the Nazi idea pretty well (better than I could have done).

  • Tulkas

    Agreed, ShurtugalLiam.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Overall …. i think the obvious thing that’s happend here is what has been called “the clash of faith” from where i come from. Where religion and science battle it out with quotes, stories, evidence and belief. Little can compete with belief, for we can all choose what we believe in, whereas some choose religion, others choose science, some sit on the fence and most don’t actually care. Regardless if it leads to our own undoing, people can’t be forced to believe in god or science. So lets cool it because you’ll never sway each other and lets be honest … these posts take too long too read. 🙂

    Glorfindel, kudos for sticking to your belief my friend.

    Ganon, congratulations in debating 🙂 Let’s all bask in the glorious rays of …. oh wait its night time here :/ oh well 😀 XD lmao 🙂

  • npe77

    Seriously, no offence meant with Old Testamnet thing. Its just how atheists and many Christians and agnostics see it.

    By the way, I was wonderng when book 4 will come out. My guess is February 2011. What are your thoughts?

  • npe77

    It seems as though an increasingly long discussion is ocurring here. So far, ‘Ganon’ has said he believes in ”science’, thinks that many bible events were ‘impossible’ and that truth is perspective. Meanwhile ‘Glorfindel’ has claimed that God exists and that truthmust be black and white.

    The idea about the burning bush is plausible and unlike with some events in the bible, we have constructive and alternate theories . No offence meant here, but the Old Testament is made up of sources written by biased and prejudiced gentiles. The entire thing is one of the most embarassing wastes of paper and many Christians in Britain, where I live, actually cringe when hearing some of their ‘sacred’ old testament texts being read out. In this ‘text’, most messages are conflicting, events are practically impossible, God is cruel and sadistic and so are his followers like David and Moses.

    As for truth, there is actual truth such as Glorfindel suggested whilst there is a grey area like Ganon implied. This however isn’t called truth. What he is pointing at is that what seems right to some, is interpreted differently by others. In this, there may be no right answer. Even now, I, an agnostic, think that the truth is that there may or may not be a God, and that there is no way to find out. Meanwhile, there are plenty of people who disagree and base everything on a piece of text which has been frequently edited, changed and mistranslated so that all messages conflict.

    As for the Nazi’s thing, you should bare in mind that many didn’t willingly fight for the Nazi values. Hitler, for instance, often changed his principles and others had to change with him in order to avoid being seen as a threat and tried for a false charge

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    I think Aslan won. Not sure.

    Anyway, let’s get off the topic of religion before I offend anybody too much. I am open minded to people’s beliefs and don’t want to seem the opposite. I’d like to say sorry incase I have offended anybody, that was never an intention.

  • npe77

    I don’t seem to be able to find the outcome of this event?

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    And to your other point \\\\\\\’were the Nazis wrong?\\\\\\\’ Of course they were to us. But were we wrong to fight them? German soldiers faced with the choice of fighting or being executed, either way being forced to die. Were we right to kill German soldiers (somebody\\\\\\\’s husband/father/son etc) when they probably didn\\\\\\\’t want to kill us? They were simply conscripted and had to fight?

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Almost exactly. There is the physical truth – there is snow or there is no snow. But there is also the truth that lies in what you believe. For example, I see the Bible as fictional in most places (I mean lets face it, science knows that most of the stories are a physical impossibility). Also, many Christian stories and traditions are bastardized variations of older Pagan traditions (Yule=Christmas etc). With all of this, Christianity is false to me. But to you, why shouldn’t it be truth? There is no answer.

    I suppose, I am not saying that it is definately true and false at the same time, but I don’t think it matters which it is. In this case, the ‘truth’ is what you believe.

  • Glorfindel

    Just because it was truth to the Nazis, were they still wrong?

  • Glorfindel

    Okay, so they SAW themselves as true. But all that means is that their concept of right and wrong was flawed. I’ve “proved” (as much as you can prove anything) that truth, real truth, is independent of our views, is it not? The example of the snow shows this. I agree that yes, the Nazis saw themselves as good. It was “truth” to them that they were good. In other words, the Nazis believed that they were doing good. But they were wrong. “Truth to them” does not make it real truth, because truth is dependent on what God says it is, not on what they thought. “True to them” is just another way of saying they thought they were right.
    I feel like I’m repeating myself here, and not doing a good job of explaining what I mean. Perhaps I myself don’t fully see exactly what you mean. I think that we both have slightly differing views on truth. I view truth as a constant, independent of a person’s beliefs. You view truth as a variable, determined by whatever a person wants it to be. But you also agreed with me in the example of snow, showing that you also believe that truth is not subjective. After all, you agreed that there is snow or there isn’t snow, no matter what someone says. Do you then think that there are two kinds of truth? The truth about snow, and the truth that we determine for ourselves?

  • Tulkas

    Aslan is not immortal in Eragon’s world. Guntera does not exist in Aslan’s world. For Aslan gets his immortality from the emperor-over-the-sea. So here we also have the emperor-over-the-sea vs. Guntera, but neither of these could come into contact. Anyway, you could just kill Aslan the way that you did the supposedly immortal laughing dead.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    I see no arrogance, just your own point-of-view. I shall try to clear some things up that I mean.

    1) I believe that the Big Bang created the world as that is the scientifically accepted version of events. I believe in science, so naturally I believe the Big Bang created the universe. What I was saying is that I believe there is some ‘higher power’ that creates these laws of science and controls/enforces them.

    2) Moses had been in the desert for years, with little water and food as I recall from the Burning Bush tale. What I am saying is that (remember I believe in science) a mix of this starvation/dehydration/exhaustion and heat of the desert would have a high chance in causing mirages.

    3) I barely understand the third point myself as I struggled to word what I imagined. An example like the one that you gave is obviously false, but I am talking about point-of-view. My example to counteract this is: The Nazi’s were evil. True of False? We would say true, but a Nazi would have said ‘False.’ They believed that what they were doing was good, hence it was truth to them. The idea of God and Christianity is truth to you, because your point-of-view choses to believe it, but to me it is false. When it comes to point-of-view topics like good-and-evil or religion and beliefs, there are no right or wrong answers, just what you chose to believe.

  • Glorfindel

    I haven’t taken offense, but I’m curious. You say you believe in a higher power, and also in the big bang. Why would you deny that that higher power created the world, but not that he started the big bang?
    And I’m still confused as to the hallucinations. What things are you saying are hallucinations, and how are they scientifically plausible?
    And I also don’t understand why you say that the only truth that matters is what you believe. Are you saying truth is subjective? That we can just…. create our own truth? Truth is just whatever we want to believe? If that’s true, then there are no lies. And if there are no lies, there’s no contrast in anything. And if there isn’t lies or contrast, is there really truth if there isn’t anything that’s not truth?
    If I say that there is a foot of snow outside in my backyard (which there is not) is that true? Of course not. I made it up. But you say that if I believed it, it would be true. That makes no sense to me.
    I read this and I seemed to hear a faint undertone of… I don’t know, arrogance or nastiness. I assure, if that is apparent, that it was not intended. I’m not trying to be arrogant or nasty here. Please let me know if I come across that way.

  • IronAngel

    Let’s put this in perspective, Aslan is a giant lion. He doesn’t have wards.
    All Eragon has to do is cast one of the twelve death words and Aslan topples before he can do anything.

  • Glorfindel

    Ganon and I aren’t rioting, we’re having a civilized conversation.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    @Glorfinel: Ahhh, sorry. Got a tad confused :S. I’m not really a religious person so I find it difficult to believe anything like that.

    I only know two or three stories from the Bible, and when I said about hallucinations I meant the Burning Bush tale. That is scientifically plausible.

    Religion is a difficult and dangerous concept, where the only truth that matters lies in what you believe. I find it difficult to assume there is no higher power that ‘controls’ sciene (for example, I believe that the Big Bang created the Universe, but who/what created what went bang and who/what caused the explosion….this is the higher power I speak of).

    I hope I’ve caused no offence, my rants about religion can often put me on dangerous grounds hehe.

  • Evarinya

    Hey guys, lets get off the subject of religion please before we start a riot :S

    I think its obvious that Aslan is going to win against Eragon in the polls. Just saying people 😛

  • Glorfindel

    And when I say “by Gideon”, I actually mean “by God, through Gideon”.

  • Glorfindel

    Ganon:RiderofArogorok, how does science explain the parting of the Red Sea? And the defeat of Midian by Gideon?

  • Glorfindel

    I didn’t say that it was true merely because I believed it. In fact, I SAID that my believing it doesn’t make it true. The Bible is one of the oldest, and the most historically accurate document known, written by the most authors. The sack of Tyre was predicted in Ezekiel, and came true under Alexander the Great.
    And guys, I’m not able to prove it, no one can prove it. Part is faith, part is evidence. The evidence is what you refuse to believe, or twist it to corroborate what you believe. It saddens me that you think the Bible is a product of hallucination.
    Shadedrival, I can’t read your post very well, but I think that you’re saying that believing that there’s a god with no proof, that’s okay, but if you disbelieve it, then you’re right? I’m not sure of your meaning. Let me know if I got it right, because I do want to know what you mean.
    Also, I will NOT base my beliefs on a fantasy book written by a fifteen year old boy. Besides, Angela isn’t saying “I say toads are actually frogs. Therefore, since I say it, there are no toads.” She’s saying nothing of the kind. She’s just trying to prove that they are the same thing.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Glorfindel – You are correct, not believing in something does not make it false, but believing in something does not make it true. Most of the Old Testement is based in very hot deserts under extreme conditions where hallucinations are common-place. I’m not saying its not true, but science has good reasoning behind the stories.

  • Tulkas

    Furthermore, whatever strength that Aslan may have does not matter, as it is we that decide the outcome. I like Eragon. Sorry Christian people, but the emperor-over-the-sea just doesn’t exist in Alagaesia. If he did, then CP would be plagerizing the work of others.


    Actually when u dont believe in an abstract idea such as a god it makes it not true such as a real god. If i was to believe hes real with no proof then okay but if i dont believe hes real then hes not u may have to used some thought to figure it out but im sure u could do it if u try. As a reference look at eragon and angela with the toad or should i say frog 🙂

  • Eldest13

    Glorfindel, your right. But to be honest, i just think of aslan as a lion, but you are still right.

  • Glorfindel

    Shadedrival, sorry to sound preachy. Actually, I’m not sorry.
    Anyway, not believing something doesn’t make it not true.
    I believe in God, other people don’t. Does their disbelieving mean that he’s not real?
    Disbelieving that Aslan is a god wouldn’t help Eragon.

  • Tulkas

    Okay, about the Immortal Aslan thing.

    First of all, if I am correct, the thing about him coming back to life was only if he had been sacrificed on the stone table.

    Second, If comparing him to Jesus, then Jesus died.

    Third, in the little story, they are in Du Weldenvarden. Helzvog and the other gods, or no gods at all, rule there, so all of the power of the Emperor-over-the-sea is taken away. Also, did Aslan enter Du Weldenvarden by magical means? If he did, then the entire forest would have lost it’s energy through the wards being depleted.

  • Evarinya

    Aslan.. is going to totally win against Eragon.
    But yeah, he would have done alot better if Saphira was around 😛

    Hey Mike! I just though of an idea for the web site.
    Whenever I make a wrong post, it would be nice if I had the ability to remove it. Not anyone else’s. Just mine.
    Kind of like when you make a post on Youtube. You have the choice to remove it if you want.
    Just a thought! ;]

  • RandomGuest

    aslan sooooooo pwns eragon

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Hey, not complaining by no means, but noticed that you’ve disabled comments on Q&A submissions. Does this mean that we can expect the next one soon? If so do you know when it should be up by?

  • feanarang


    The first seed is the Shrike, the killing machine robot, and the second seed is Cthulhu.

    Unfortunately for Drizzt, the Shrike barely beat Arthur Dent yesterday: 50%-49%… which actually doesn’t add up, but none of the matches add up to 100%, they all add up to 99%, haha.


    Eragon would totally win because why he doesn’t know if there is a god or not and gods are tottaly based on your belief in them. So if he believes aslan is a regular lion then he is a regular lion. GO ERAGON AND DRESDEN AND HERMIONE AND DUMBLEDORE AND EDWARD CULLEN SUKS.

  • bka;df

    just wondering…
    could you guys do a page on the possible clues in Eragon’s Guide? or have you already done one…

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    My vote is on Aslan, I mean, he is suppose to be like a version of God in Narnia….. Sorry, Eragon, but my bets on the Great Lion.

  • Glorfindel

    Who’s first and second?

  • Eldest13

    What, no! Aslan is an LION! Eragon HUNTS in the SPINE!

  • Mike

    I’ll be sure to let our friends at Suvudu know that you all agree Eragon would have done better with Saphira. 😉

  • Evarinya

    OH. Thats sad.. I though he was winning!
    Ah well. Can’t blame people.. Aslan would totally kick Eragon’s butt in a fight.
    No offense to Eragon.

  • Bob

    I just realized, by reading the page, that Eragon is seeded 30th of 32 while Aslan is seeded 3rd. Ouch.

  • YourName

    So who won? And how? And so yeah.

  • SlGrey

    LMAO! some people really are taking this far too seriously. it’s just a hypothetical thing. IF these characters were to fight, who would win – the fate of alagasia doesn’t matter, neither does that of narnia or anything else, it is literally just about comparing the characters and their abilities.

    I think Alsan would absolutely win over Eragon, afterall, he is supposed to be, you know, Jesus. As a general rule, Jesus pwns all.

    @Huoremanu – lol nice answer ^^

  • Rob

    That story left out so many things. Wouldn’t Eragon be protected by his wards? And where’s Saphira in this?

  • anomynous

    Aslan would win, hands down. He carries the power of good magic and the Emperor Across The Sea; Eragon wouldn’t have a chance.

  • dannylink2007


    LOL As an ability Aslan cannot die?
    That’s kinda stupid…

    Btw, Eragon isn’t that stupid/ aggressive to just kill something standing in his way, he’s too good at heart. Also, if Aslan killed him, he’d have to be stupid enough to put all of agalaesia at doom! Also, Saphira would’ve wiped his #@$43%. Even if she couldn’t, Angela would pwn him! PATHETIC! PATHETIC!

  • dannylink2007

    Where do you go to see this match? Btw Eragon pwns aslan.

  • Dax

    I just vote for eragon but it isnt looking good for him. He only had 12% of the vote.

  • Cavuy

    Eragon got owned! XD

  • Evarinya

    In a normal battle.. Eragon would lose to Aslan, hands down.
    But he is going to win the battle since he as WAYYY more votes. 😀

    OH come on. Edward is going to lose. Not even close.

  • feanarang

    The one I really want to see is Drizzt vs Al’Thor or Aragorn. Battle of the swordsmen!!

    My pick for the finals are Aslan and Cthulhu… unless Cthulhu comes up against Conan or some other god-slaying character who wins no matter what. It’ll be interesting, no matter what.

  • kwstas

    how can i make a quetion which it may be heard by paolini????

  • YourName

    hey mike, who are the other contestants for this shin dig?

  • Bacobaco

    I guess Rhand al’Thor is going to balefire his opponents to the Ming-dynasty of even further back in history. After that, Aslan will spank him…:P

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Lol 😛 i like this ^.^ nobody likes Edward 😛 i hate him, his films and the books XD

    He’s about to step into the light and …. sparkle? wth? XD lmao 😛 yes, i think eragon will be about to cast a spell and get his head bit off 😛 …..

  • JeffRee

    But Aslan is more than an animal: he is the Son of the Emperor Over the Sea… Eragon Vs. Aslan = tough choice.

  • Eldest13

    I agree, Eragon is the best (Do not take that litterly) Aslan has no chance, He is a HUNTER Aslan is a ANIMAL do the math people. so long as Gandalf, Dumbledor, and Arther Dent get beat, he will win! but come on, Gandalf lose?

  • Chris

    Go eragon! 😛

  • Tulkas

    My faveorites to win are Eragon and Oloruin. Against each other… Elf vs. Maia… Well, I’d say it depends. Olourin the grey or Oloruin the white? Oloruin as an old man or Oloruin in his Maia form? Which is

  • Glorfindel

    Yeah, I’m going with Aslan. After that Gandalf, then Polgara the Sorceress. Edward is going to die when Aslan roars and he has a heart attack.

  • Baboo

    Too bad Atreyu isn’t in it (Never Ending Story), I always liked that story. Although he’d probably get owned.

    This might be better done with bad guys. I mean sure there’s guys like Galby and Voldemort (esp if he still had his horcruxes), but could you imagine Sauron. Yikes.

  • Eldest13

    yes i realize those are spelled wrong

  • Eldest13

    My best guess would be either Arthur Dent, Gandolf, or Dumbledor

  • fdgfdg

    gandalf will win the whole thing

  • Daniel

    I’m partial to Cthulhu myself. He’ll definitely make it to at least the quarter-finals.

  • Unknown

    Yeah…sorry. Aslan would whip Eragon any day of the week.

    Now if it was Angela or Saphira against Aslan…

  • feanarang

    Have to say, Gandalf would own Dumbledore any day. Gandalf has a ring of power, Glamdring, his elven sword, his staff, and his ridiculously awesome spells.

    That said… My pick to win this whole thing is Cthuhlu. Not only does the Cthulhu kill you, he devours your soul to make sure you can’t come back to life… Though Aslan with his “deeper magic” and limitless powers would give him a run for his money, lol.

    I would love to see Drizzt Do’Urden do well… I hope he doesn’t get matched up against anyone ridiculously powerful anytime soon.

    I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. Ahh, intersecting fantasies.

  • Huoremanu


    aslan is a lion. And a god.

    Eragon is…a gary stu that is gradually becoming well characterized. so. -_0

  • Shawn

    Between Ged and Edward, Ged is winning.

    Total votes-6398

  • Eldest13

    Eragon, duh

  • Eldest13

    ahh, thank you

  • Shawn

    That is because Edward is a total poser.

    Aslan is the lion from the Chronicles of Narnia.

  • Eldest13

    You all have Edward Cullen issues.

  • Eldest13

    OKay, um, who is Aslan

  • DuSundavarFreohr

    I am sorry, but Dumbledore will take this!!! He is eternal!!

  • :P

    Eragon´s dead, even if he beats Aslan, Who can beat Albus Dumbledore?

  • Shawn

    Also, on a side note… I say that we all vote in the matches involving Edward Cullen, and we make sure he loses every single one. He does not deserve to be in the presence of all of these great Fantasy characters.

  • Shawn

    Eragon would win. After all, he has magic, and Brisingr, plus the belt and Aren. But, he would have a very difficult time to win without Saphira.

    Can you answer a question for us Mike? Can you ask he he is fighting along with Saphira for us?

  • Banned4ever

    k i agree go aslan…but dont pay any attention to me cause i have no freakin idea what were talking about…some body explain?

  • Banned4ever

    this is just strange….i dont post anything in a while and every one goes nuts….*sighs* for the days when people were sane…lol *jumps of a cliff*

  • Glorfindel

    And Polgara the Sorceress, if any of you have read David Eddings, is freaking awesome.

  • feanarang

    Without a doubt. Aslan wins, whether Eragon has Saphira or not. He has “a deeper magic,” and is seemingly without limits in Lewis’ timeless fantasy.

  • Glorfindel

    Personally I hope that Cullen gets his head bitten off.

  • Glorfindel

    Aslan wins.

  • Lottiebeck

    I really want to see eragon vs edward Just so saphira could come along and fry edward! Because the only thing that can kill a Vampire in twilight is fire……….

  • Silverhand0688

    LOL! Is Eragon going to fight along Saphira? If he fight alone he might get into trouble as he always did.

  • Neytiri

    Aragorn VS The wee free men… LOL.

    Oh, and Eragon will win, of course.

  • Slabdoela

    I thought the first update that would be would be about the fifth QandA??? Why the *beep* would I be interested in this little abovementioned thingy, while we’re waiting for half a year on a *monthly* QandA? Hope that this does not mean we’ll have to wait for another 6 months…:S

  • #$%&

    that seems kinda stupid

    it would be better if it was a videogame like “Mortal Kombat vs. DC Univcerse”

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Oh, sorry for doble-posting, but Hermione, Rand Al’Thor, and Garet Jax are going to kick butt.:)


  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Hahaha awesome. No offence, but I like Aslan better.:)

  • Valbrandr9

    Well, no offense to Eragon, but I think that Aslan would beast him. Why? “Because he’s JESUS!”


    I would be interested to see Hermione Granger kick some serious butt. Wouldn’t it be great if she got matched up against Edward Cullen? Then again, I bet the Twihards would skew the results…

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Lmao i don’t know many of these characters 😛 such figures as Lyra Silvertongue i admire lmao. would she be fighting with Iorek Brynison? (cant spell his name XD)
    i reckon dumbledore will win his fight lol 😛 but if Eragon has to fight alone in his elven state, then he will probably lose, if he is with Saphira, however, then he would win lol.

  • IronAngel

    Oh, and haven’t these guys heard of Black Library?
    Games Workshops sci-fi\fantasy novel publishers.
    I mean, those characters are packing serious fight. Why didn’t they get an invite?

  • IronAngel

    Ok, we all know Eragon is going to round two.
    But I just really want to see Aragorn vs. Eragon.
    (And because there both gentlemen no magic on Eragons part. Maybe against Gandalf…)

  • sadsas

    hahahah nice, does he fight alone or with saphira