Q&A Five with Christopher Paolini – Transcript!

Our long-awaited fifth Q&A with Christopher Paolini is finally here (and as they say, better late than never). Curious fans threw some great questions at Christopher for this Q&A, which included the selection and bonding processes for dragons and their Riders, Galbatorix’s possible siblings, the map of Alagaesia, character progression in the series, and the original Saphira. Questions for our sixth Q&A for Christopher Paolini have already come and gone, so keep your eyes open in April for our post seeking questions for the seventh Q&A! In the mean time, enjoy the full fifth Q&A on its transcript page! If you haven’t read the first four interviews, head on over to our Q&A with Christopher Paolini archive and check ’em out!

  • bronson

    Eragon I’s white dragon could not be the nameless dragon who sealed the ancient pact between the elves and the dragons,because Gleadr says

    “this dragon did not have a name that could be expressed in this language nor any other one.”

    and,as we all know,Eragon I’s dragon was name Bid’duam

  • ZenaShurtugal

    What if there’s a really powerful shade training Galbatorix’s magicians?

  • russell7

    i think that book 4 is taking so long to come out that people has guessed half the things that will happen as what happened with book 3

  • shurtugal4life

    finally a clue to the fourth book!!

  • Sarah

    Naegling was also the name of Beowulf’s sword. :p

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Oh fair enough Tulkas 😛

    and Will point taken 😛 i assumed Eragon’s white dragon was the one sealing the pact as it were, as well being leader of the dragons at the time. 🙂

    But i am now on Brisingr, and i remain adament that Roran will become the monarch, not Orrin or Islanzadi (or Arya).

  • Tulkas

    ShurtugalLiam- Brom said that the thief never made it back to the Varden.

  • Will

    @ShurtugalLiam: Bid’Daum and the dragon Glaedr mentions are not the same dragon. Bid’Daum is Eragon I’s dragon, the dragon whose name cannot be pronounced was the leader of the dragons at the time. Eragon and Bid’Daum convinced Queen Tarmunora and that dragon to make peace. They were both white, but CP said that was just a coincidence 🙂

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Oh this is awesome finding all CP’s links 😛

    @Tulkas — fair enough 😛 they did seem a little evil didn’t they? xD

    Okay this has probably been discussed lol, but does anyone think Kuthian could have been Vrael’s Dragon? Because his dragon’s name is never mentioned in any of the books, so it could be a possibility….

    And i’m currently re-reading eldest, and it puzzles me as to why Brom named Eragon I’s dragon Bid’Daum, but Glaedr says it’s not possible to say it in any shape or form…

    And i remember what i meant when i posted about Saphira’s egg. In Jeod’s office in Teirm, Brom says he found the egg and took it to the Varden, and THEN it was stolen, but in Brisingr i think Oromis tells Eragon the thief ran away with the egg after poaching it from Gil’ead …. LOL that’s where i got confused. But i’m just going with Oromis cause he’s awesome and his version of things sounds better 😛

  • Tulkas

    ShurtugalLiam- I think that Galbratoriz taught the twins, at least.
    davidlewing(member)- Indeed. I found out that bjartskular was also a Mongolian tribe around the time of Ghengis Khan a few days ago… Temijuh.

  • Mearad

    Mordor- I’ve read the first few pages…. Is it bad?

  • davidlewing(member)

    While reading through a book on medieval swords and swordsmanship I came across a list of named viking swords. In this list was a sword called “Naegling” which meant “hole maker”. Now “Naegling” was a name from the ancient language which (in the real world) is based off of Old Norse which is the language of the vikings. So, for all of you that have been asking… “Naegling” means “hole maker”.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    LOL at npe77 😛

    And Ganon, everyone was saying the new Doctor was pretty good lol, but i stopped watching it a LONG time ago 😛 it just bores me now ;D haha.

    And, i’ve noticed there’s been no new news lol, i recently had to replace my eragon book, so i finally got the version with saphira on the front 😛 cause i had the movie edition. 🙂

    Strange question … but does anyone think that Galby taught his magicians (such as the Twins or them three sorcerors from brisingr) personally? or is there some super strong mage in the Empire? I’m curious lol …. has anyone else thought about this?

  • npe77

    and i meant you not ‘oyu’. lousy keyboard.

  • npe77

    i meant stone not ‘stine’.

  • npe77

    It’s philosophers stine, not sorcerers. i couldn’t care less about the US being to stupid too understand what philosopher meant. thats why its title was changed in the US. being british, i will stick to its original name. thank oyu.

  • Tulkas

    For anyone that’s wondering, the Sorcer’s stone is the Philosopher’s stone.

  • Mordor

    I read the HP series, most of them anyway, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Rowling spent a while thinking about ti before she ever published book one. And that’s the Sorcerer’s Stone…
    I personally think Prisoner of Azkaban was the best book & movie. Despite the size.

    Back on topic (more or less): There has not been news in a looong time.

    Has anyone here read Maximum Ride?
    (Don’t ask why I’m asking…)

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Yeah I’m English. Like I said, I turned it over for Doctor Who cause I was round my girlfriends on Sat so missed it. Didn’t think Matt Smith would be too good but he proved me wrong. And yeah, the film is quite naff, but its decent if you forget the book.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    LOL, Mair we were talking about all of this 😛 haha. And yes, she is right however. I too like conspiracy theories, some, though, are extremely convincing–for me it would be most hte things Dan Brown covers in his books (Da Vinci Code etc) but such things as the North American Union just creep me out lol; Mair is right, i watch too many youtube Videos 😛

    @ Ganon – you are correct i am from the UK 🙂 are you? :O lol. I fell asleep watching eragon, how bads that? 🙁 sorry CP, but the film is naff lol.

    And Lol Tulkas 😛 sneaky but if he’s allowed to use Saphira surely she would just rip him to pieces anyway? LOL 🙂

  • Eldest13

    Tulkas- sneeky and underhanded why to win from my point of view, but hey, whjstever floats your boat 🙂

  • Tulkas

    SHADEDRIVAL- I didn’t know anyone from New York City at the time.
    Mair- Thank you.

    I’ve figured out how Eragon could Defeat Aslan! Wait until Aslan is asleep, and then drop a very large rock on him from Saphira. I think of Aslan as a bit like the laughing dead. Not even Aslan can survive total dismemberment, unless he is brought back like Oloruin. Don’t comment on this if you’re going to recreate the religious debate here, let’s regard Narnia as something seperate from Christianity.

  • Mearad

    Tulkas- The 9/11 conspiracy is that the U.S. government attacked the World Trade Center and that all the major government officials were in on it. The chip thing is that tracking chips are being placed inside of U.S infants after they are born and that eventually the plan is to put chips in humans that the gov. will control and when they are turned off, that person would die. The union thing is the theory that all of North America is being controlled by a secret Union and that there are no separations of countries. Also in the future said union will make their own currency for all of North America and one government system.
    And I agree with Glorfindel that conspiracies are fun, but I do not believe any of them.

  • Glorfindel

    Haha, I like conspiracy theories. Meaning, they intrigue me, and they’re sometimes mildly interesting. I don’t put any stock in the Da Vinci Code or anything like that. But you know, the whole Knights Templar, the Illuminati, the Fibonacci series of numbers… So on and so forth. It’s kind of fun to learn about, but I have absolutely no belief in any of them whatsoever.


    Wow tolkas u were young when it happened. I remember that day too. My teachers son was in the centers so we were in class he got the news and left right out the door and left us alone we didnt have anyone watching us for like four hours. It was crazy.

  • Tulkas

    ShurtugalLiam- What’s 9/11, the rfid chip, and the North Americian union? I know that 9/11 was when the World Trade Center was bombed. I remember the day- First Grade Tulkas walked up and saw a jet going into the World Trade Center. “That’s pretty” he said. I thought that it was like a fireworks display or something. Sad.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Hehe Michael McIntyre is brilliant. I don’t know how many people on here are british since most people seem to be American (I’ve figured out ur British ShurtugalLiam). Watching Eragon on Channel 4, but gonna watch Dr. Who @7 on BBC3. Got Eragon on DVD anyway :D. Good film on its own merit, but I tend to try and forget the book when I’m watching it otherwise I begin to feel let down.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Lol, SHADEDRIVAL i can imagine you saying “give me news” in a Michael Mcintyre voice lol. Sorry if no one knows who he is xD but a British Comedian, and legend 😛

    I don’t think the world’s going to end, mainly because all the people who “predict” this (e.g. scientists) say it’s going to happen at the 12th hour of blah blah blah etc etc ….. what aout people on the other side of the planet? :S it won’t be the 12th hour for them.

    They try to make it all dramatic with a time and date and month and year … it’s the 2000-year plot all over again (not the actual name for it, but people believed the world would end on the Millenium) and also in 2006. It was all over the internet that the world would burn or something or other at the 6th minute, of the 6th hour, of the 6th day of the 6th month (june) in 2006 ……. did it happen? No.

    As i was telling Mair, conspiracy theories are there to scare people :/ which isn’t really right. I do not think we will die on some specific date or time, nor do i think some supranatural disaster will claim the human race.

    sorry if this seems a little snappy 😛 but i don’t like conspiracy theories, such as the one about 9/11, the rfid chip and the North American Union.


    Though this 2012 stuff is off topic i think that its funny that some people think its the end of the world. The guy writing the calander just got bored imo. So i see no reason for you all to think about thos things. Anyways GO PAOLINI and i want news paolini give me NEWS

  • sirsimon

    Don’t worry, the world will not end in 2012, this is an assumption based on a 2000 year old tablet, anyway as the human race, we are more likely to kill ourselves than let a solar flare do it.

    (A solar flare being what will kill us in 2012 if it is real)

  • takeaguess

    lol, thats the date that the Mayan calendar ends, and everyone thinks thats the day the world ends

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Ganon – you just made me hungry and we appear to have no bacon 😛 haha

    npe77 – i hear your point buddy, but we don’t really have a place to talk unless Mike and the crew take upon our idea of a Literacy section 🙂

    Takeaguess- December 21 2012? is this something to do with that film 2012? 😛 haha. I watched “the day the eart stood still” the other day …… it was awful haha. xD

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Hehe, I wasn’t boasting about mine…it’s utter rubbish at the moment. Anyway, I don’t think that it’s going off topic that got the religious debate closed, I think it was more the offensive things that were said by all parties. (which by the way, I’m sorry for. I didn’t eat any meat yesterday, but gorging on a good bacon butty now :D)

  • takeaguess

    this seems to be taking a long time but npe77 has a good point. harry potter took 10 years to complete and conclude, and it was one of the greatest series Ive read. and this is a greater still. right now i am waiting for 2 things to happen, others might come, but as of now i am waiting for December 21 2012 to see what will occur, and i am waiting for book 4 of the inheritance series. i hope it will be the best yet, keep it up Chris, we will all be enjoy your book, and look forward to reading it.

  • Tulkas

    Well, on the Sloan thing: Everything from Helgrind to his return to the Varden is because of Sloan. That’s at least 100 pages.

    npe77- I actually enjoy hearing of the novels.


    Yeah they do dedicate a whole section to ur writing just go take a look at it.

    @npe77 whats mid to whinge?

    Also the book better be epic or paolini will be goin down. So smile paolini and hope this baby is epicness.

  • gruffalo

    lol, someone is in a bad mood. although i get your point. people should stop boasting about their novels.

  • npe77

    By the way I meant to say ‘this isn’t meant in offensive terms’. That’s a typo.

  • npe77

    Can everyone stop talking about the novels that they are writing. Although I’m sure they are good, this isn’t the place to discuss it. I don’t mid to whinge, but I just find it annoying.I just don’t see the point of diverting the conversation from its original topic. Your novels may be Shakespeare but I couldn’t care. If they are published, well done, you are an inspiration to us all. If not, unlucky, try again. This is meant in offensive terms, I just find it pompous and irritable that people are boasting about what I am sure are great works of literature. That isn’t to say that I, like many, would be interested in reading about them on ‘Fan Fiction’ if they are submitted. It’s just that after the whole ‘religious debate’, it makes good sense not to go ridiculously off topic. Remember the theme of this particular message before you post. I don’t mean to rant or seem nasty, I just get fed up with pointless waffle-filled meanderings.

  • zeppelin

    I’d laugh if CP did that. Or just wrote an abysmal fourth book.

    Either that or an anti climax. I really hate those.

  • npe77

    Sorry my post got cut off.

    You should remember that the last four Harry Potter books had more words (possibly less pages) than Brisingr and Eldest.

    That said, I am, in a way, glad that CP will take his time. Although, he must be prepared to accept the burden of expectation which will be placed upon those impatient admirers of the seires. That probably includes me, unfortunately.

    By the way, I was wondering if anyone knows of a series where an author hasn’t been bothered to finish it and left it to their (the reader’s) imagination.

  • sirsimon

    There are indeed some parts in my sequel that the main character suffers a moral quanantry, but I don’t take 100 pages to resolve it, the protagonist chooses the decision that will not haunt him in the future.

    I watched how to train your dragon, I loved it, I soooo luv Toothless, I just want to take him home with me.

  • npe77

    It feels an even longer time when you compare it to the release dates of Harry Potter. To be fair, I think JK Rowling spent ages planning the series before writing it.

    Philosopher’s Stone (1997)
    Chamber of Secrets (1998)
    Prisoner of Azkaban (1999)
    Goblet of Fire (2001)
    Order of Phoenix (2003)
    Half Blood Prince (2005)
    Deathly Hallows (2007)

    You should remember that

  • npe77

    It’s a shame. Three years is such a long time.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    I’m pretty sure that it’s to do with Sloan. I seem to remember reading a quote from him saying summat along the lines of it taking about a hundred pages to deal with Sloan and keep it consistant to Eragon’s character.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Glorfindel – i was wondering about that myself actually, because it didn’t exactly seem a quandary to me, more like his being apprehensive.

  • Glorfindel

    Paolini said that the third book had a one hundred page digression that explains a moral quandary of Eragon’s. Someone tell me what the one hundred page digression was? And what was the moral quandary, was it whether or not to kill Sloan? And is the one hundred page bit going to be in book four, or did I miss over a fifth of book three?

  • Tulkas

    Thank you, ShurtugalLiam. The only person to ever disagree with me, as you said.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Tulkas — YEAH GO ME 😀 lol. Lol, yes i wrote that post on the afternoon, so you was probably still in bed before school 😛 and yes i recieved your reccomendation and we are exchanging messages as we speak 🙂

    She appears to have BOMB loads of pets 😛 America sounds a lot more interesting than Britain 😛 haha. I may consider comign as an exchange student 😛

    We should post our ideas on that movie review of “how to train a dragon” — which is actually really good 😛 🙂

  • sirsimon

    ShurtugalLiam – A literature section sounds great, we could all post some extracts from our books, read them and comment, sounds good to me.

    By the way, it is great everyone is in to writing, me I have finished two books and is currently writing a third. yeah good times.

  • Tulkas

    guest- I think that what happened is that CP reached the length of Brisingr and decided that he couldn’t fit any more in, so he was going to expand. I doubt that he had it already complete.
    wiseone- Then Joed and others would have known of it.
    ShurtugalLiam- You seem to have replaced Glorfindel as my main correspondent on here. Anyway, Mearad did join the Shurtugal page on facebook. You are aware that you are friends with her, correct? Her second friend, after me. I think that Mike stopped viewing this page many, many days ago. He stops viewing old pages. He probably wouldn’t have seen the religious debate if I hadn’t accidentially alerted him.

    No police at my school, but: I am a 14 year old male, high honors, who is a freshman in high school. (we start high school 2 years later over here), with Asperger Syndrome. I enjoy reading, sleeping, watching movies, acting, attempting to get an internet connection so I can duel Glorfindel via ESO, defending Rohan from Easterling hordes on Fourth Age total war (those Erolingas are idiots, if it wasn’t for me then they’d have been killed long ago. I am bound by the Oath of Cirion and Erol) being on facebook, which I detest, logging onto Shur’tugal, etc.

  • Eldest13

    i think the release date will be out with in the next three to four months.


    Look this book is gona be huge paolini is a perfectionist and he is trying to change his style to a more exciting and eventful form of writing. itll prbably take tilll Fall of 2011 for the book three years after the last is his usual time.

  • Mearad

    ShurtugalLiam— Sounds great. hahaha

  • ShurtugalLiam

    @Ganon:RiderofArgorok – ahh that book sounds interesting. If Mike allows this little fan literature section, could you publish a few extracts? 🙂
    Mike, Hint Hint 😉 haha.

    @Smilesallround (Guest) – totally agree with you there 🙂

    @Mosspetal♣♣ (Guest) – i like the PSS on the end :L made me smile 🙂 i like the harry potters also. I find they capture my imagination when the land of Alagaesia doesn’t, which is quite rare. :L

    @wiseone (Guest) – interesting … i completely forgot about the Dominence of Fate book :O …. it think most of us did in our “SaphiraI” and “death to Galby and saving of the eldunari” theories haha.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    HAHA yes mearad i meant live not like xD my bad sorry. And i was just wondering because it would be easier to read yours and your familys work if you lived in the UK 🙂 but never mind. If you join the shurtugal or inheritence fan page on facebook and then add me, i’m we could work it out from there 😛

    And just to clarify some points (because i had a lesson from the police at school today about talking and meeting people from the internet …) i am a 16 year old male who has no other interest except sleep, food, good books (like the cycle) good music and of course politics. Oh and of course decent movies 😛

    sorry if that seems weird to anyone xD haha.

  • cory

    The reason it is taking so long is because he was trying to finish the story in one book. Now he has so much more room and is probably going back and making it better.

  • wiseone

    i finally figured out what the vault of souls is

    in book 4 eragon finds about it in the book that jeod gave him(think about it it was written bu some kaust monk)……..
    makes complete sense to me

  • guest

    am i the only person that thinks it has been a stuipidly long time to wait for book 4. i mean for a book that was essential meant to be the 2nd half of a almost completed book so therefore was almost done it has been 18 MONTHS since the release of brisingr and there isnt even a title for the book yet let alone a release date and even considering all these factors it is properly not even close to being finished. now i am a fan of the inheritance cycle and everything but by the time book 4 comes out i will be very supprised if i even want to read it

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Mosspetal: I too love the Harry Potters. I don’t read very often and I find it difficult to get into reading a book (I much prefer to write; I have two trilogys in the works at the moment). Inheritance Cycle and the Harry Potters are, I think, the only books I’ve enjoyed enough to stick with.

    At the moment I’m reading a book called Talon of the Silver Hawk by an author called Raymond E. Feist (dunno if anybody knows it or has read it) and that’s shaping up to be pretty good as well.

  • Tulkas

    Drew- Hmm… the science computers distract us with tales of magic… I shall have to consult the Wise Ones on this.
    TheRider- I remember when someone from the “far east” was on here and we were all going insane with joy. We love people that use translators.

    Hey, to those that live in the U.S.- You know the national basketball tournament thing? Well, I live two blocks from Butler, which is in the final four. Not that I know/care anything about basketball.

  • Mearad

    ShurtugalLiam- I live in the U.S.– if that’s what you meant lol. If you were asking something else, sorry. hahaha And, you live in the UK right? I think you said something about it before.

  • Mosspetal♣♣

    I really like Angela! She’s so quirky. I love quiky characters, like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter! I know this is a place for discussing the Inheritance Cycle, but does anyone else love the Harry Potter?

    PS I also like Saphira!

    PPS I’m a homeschooler like Christopher Paolini was!

  • Smilesallround

    Man, some people are sooo impatient!! As one of the admins said, it’s barely even been 2 years since the last book came out! In terms of series releases, 2 years is generally the absolute minimum waiting-time for the next installment! It took the author of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell 10 years to write it, and 5 years on from that there’s no news of the next book, but the fans of that particular series are waiting patiently and in an orderly fashion – mainly i think because most of the fans are adults as opposed to adolescents… 😉 Not that there aren’t plenty of adult Inheritance fans.

    Most of the people i’ve met who are complaining about the ‘super-enormous’ amount of time it’s taking for CP’s last book to come out also complain about the wait for meals at fast food venues. ^^

    “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” – especially when it comes to books.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Drew ………….. ooooookaaaay 😛 lmao! radical theory … but no, it reminds me too much of terminator i think it is xD (slowly edges away from laptop at this point) or wasnt that the internet controlling things? meh i can’t remember lol 😛

    and fair enough Tulkas 😛 haha.

    and i dont think it would take much longer to write guys. I know this sounds mean, but he couldn’t have a great social life really …. bless him 😛 but honestly we all love CP and his work else we wouldn’t be on the number 1 site for inheritence 😀

    @TheRider – i think that was rather confusing the first time 🙂 but i got the general jist lol 🙂

    Mearad- wow interesting 😛 do you like in the UK, US or anywhere else? 😛 (sorry to any european/asian/middle eastern/ australian people if this causes offence but i dont want to list every single country 😛 )

  • Drew

    I have a theory. I think that the 4th book really never existed except in our imaginations because the machines with Artificial Intelligence want to distract us with false promises of a 4th book coming out any time soon in order to harvest energy from our brains so that they can continue to dominate the planet…

  • TheRider

    If any mistake please forgive me because I am Portuguese and I went to a translator

  • TheRider

    That dry! Not leave the new book by Christopher Paolini and I read all the books in total of 1 month. I wish I went to the new book later this year. Let’s make a petition to exit the new book by Christopher Paolini.

  • marc

    lol, that would be annoying .

  • npe77

    I’d laugh if the book was crap after three or four years of waiting.

  • Tulkas

    Merad- I don’t know. I like/tolerate virtually everything.
    npe77- I think that Eragon already is in love with Arya.
    ShurtugalLiam- You’re both wrong. In the first paragraph of the chapter Deathwatch, at the moment that Garrow dies, Eragon dreams that. Of course, it could have only been a dream.
    “Eragon, some things are only dreams” said Saphira, is how I imagine CP would put it if my theory was true.
    Gentldragon- This decade would be the next 10 years. You really think that it’ll take CP 12 years to write a book?
    I like this book-reading idea.

  • Chris

    Endless waiting for book 4? Book 3 hasn’t even been out for 2 years yet!

  • Gentldragon

    Best of luck to you all, but I give up on Book IV… IF it comes out, I might see about a used copy some day or borrow from a friend, but I will definately NOT buy a new copy. I’ve washed my hands on hoping for it to come out this decade. So, again, best of luck to you all… I hope it’s worth your endless waiting…

  • Mearad

    ShurtugalLiam– That’s so cool. Yeah, I’m into creative writing, but I really haven’t written anything for a while. My sister’s REALLY into it and is writing a book but so far besides a few poem here and there and my dad being a former journalist, no one in my family has had anything published yet. ( though my dad’s book is in the process of being published right now and will be by the end of Summer.)
    P.S- 14 pages? Nice. I know that’s pretty good. If you ever want someone to read it, I’ll definitely be of service. Hahaha

  • helper

    If you want to discuss book 4 theories, click forum at the top of the nav bar and then click on book IV theories, its a very nice and well moderated discussion

  • ShurtugalLiam

    npe77 – Angela didn’t prophesis that xD eragon did whilst riding rafts up the river on the way to Du WeldunVarden 😛 haha.

    and yeah that seems pretty much all he has to cover xD unless he forms a plot and fate for elva, elects a king of humans and cast some type of treaty between Shurtugal and other races 🙂 sorry for the double post and the fact this one is rushed 😛

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Yeah i sure do 🙂 i wrote half a book (about 100 ) and then sort of fell in love with my characters and slowly this big massive plot formed in my head xD so i had to write planning for a second book, and then a third. But i have just restarted writing the first today 😛 i got 14pages in 😉 haha.
    what about you? 🙂 into any creative writing? 🙂

  • npe77

    To be honest, no. On inheritanceforums.com there are a few ideas which have been frequently circulated but they are relatively baseless. These ideas mainly stem from people’s hunches and feelings.

    Unfortunately for most inheritance fans, CP has left few obvious clues. Although, considering its CP, there won’t be major twists. Eragon will probably fall in love with Arya even more, ‘Galby’ (lol) will die and Murtagh will probably do a ‘Darth Vader’ and through Galby off some sort of battlement before dying or screaming by a beach like Anglea prophesised.

    By the way, I seriously hope there wont be a book 5. Its not cool to be reading these well into your twenties.

  • flumos

    Does anyone have any constructive theories for book 4?

  • Mearad

    ShurtugalLiam- Let’s hope they like it. haha- Do you have any of your own stuff that you’ve written?

  • ShurtugalLiam

    @Mearad (Guest) – fair point, but it’ll have to be made so no-one could copy and paste like (although someone might sit there and copy it out manually lol). But i think the concept is a good idea.

    Whatcha think Mike? Chris? Rob?

  • Mearad

    Tulkas- Was the computer version fun? I’ve heard that it wasn’t hard so it was not as enjoyable as it could have been.
    ShurtugalLiam- That would be so cool. I think it would be really interesting if everyone could read each others work and critique it. Though, the downside would be everyone would know what was happening in that book/piece of writing before it came out.

  • Tulkas

    Alice- You are most welcome.
    sirsimon- I have played the computer game version of it.

  • sirsimon

    Hey guys, when the fourth book is released, how do you think the green dragon will be portrayed, I have always seen Saphira as a humourous and gentle creature, but can sometimes be extremely arrogant and vain, I think Thorn will be shy, timid and sort of warm, but cold and cocky.

    I know this has been thrown around alot, but Paolini must be working faster than a spring on crack on the fourth book if he has not posted news or updates since September 2009, 8 months ago.

    Finally, how many of you have played the video game version of Eragon?

    I found the xbox 360 version crap, but I absolutely adored the nintendo DS version, since it had a mythical quality to it and it included areas not seen in the film.

    The film, for me was horrible in terms of cutting about 3/5 of the book out, but I praised the choice of actors and CGI.

    I praise Ed Speelers for portraying a good Eragon, while I loved the way Saphira was created, by the lovely Rachel Weisz. ”blush”

  • ShurtugalLiam

    SHADEDRIVAL* sorry xD and sorry for the double post 😛 haha!

  • ShurtugalLiam


    so, anybody got any of their own projects, books, novels, poems they’d like us to read? 🙂

    Hey mike, i think that’d be a good idea 😛 how about a little section where fans can post their own little … “thing” and have people comment or ask questions about it? 🙂 if you already have that :O please tell me and sorry haha! 😀

  • Alice

    Tulkas- Sorry. I totally read like all these comments and a really long time ago you said something about it. Sorry for the confustion, and thanks for the explanation.


    i find it a way to insult galbatorix which is good with me. So galby my tiny lil aggressive evil doer u will fall. :]

  • Tulkas

    Alice- That question seemed to be directed at me, why I do not know. I believe that said debate was removed because there were insults upon it and Mike just doesn’t like off-topic things.

  • Alice

    ShurtugalLiam— Ahh, to bad. hahaha I’ve read some of the hilarious fights on here (recently the Q&A 6), and I really think it’s funny watching those people fight with each other. Not that I’m mean or anything, I just think the dramas amusing. lol

  • ArgetSiether

    Brom and Galby may have bet in a fight or something but probly not personally like brom did morzan.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    LOL at Alice 😛 they were all removed because … well they’re fights en’t they lmao 🙂

  • Alice

    Shadedrival- Don’t worry, I’m just curious, but don’t you think Galby seems a little too cute of a name for an evil ruler? As soon as I hear it I think of a cute bunny or some sort of harmless Disney character- Dumbo, Minney, Tweety, Galby; they all have the same sort of rhythm to them. Don’t ya think?


    Drat souble post surry.
    Also galbys whole name is hard to speel and galby isnt so yeah.


    Where does it say they were trained atr the same time. It says that galby left and came back undercover and then became friends with morzan a young new rider. If brom was taought right after morzan and morzan didnt know galby before he met him and helped him then brom never met galby.

  • Alice

    Sorry for posting twice, but Tulkas I’m curious and wondering where I can find this “religious fight” cause I’d LOVE to read it. The fights on this website are amazingly funny! lol

  • Alice

    Tulkas- I think your idea on the age /training thing is right. As for the release date, I’ll wait because its worth it, but I knda agree with Eldest. But I hope for our sakes thats doesn’t happen lol! P.S.– when did everyone start saying “Galby”??? hahaha

  • Tulkas

    SHADERIVAL- Actually, if Galbratorix was being trained at the same time as Brom, then they could have met. How many riders were being trained at any one time? I doubt, however, that Brom was close friends with Galbratorix. I rather think that Galbratorix started his education sooner than Brom/Morzan.

  • dude

    the fifth q n a was ridiculously short btw there’s an average of something like a year and a half between release dates so i think the book will come out some time late summer:P


    Im thinkin a fall release some time yet again around agust and september. He tends to have his next book released about three years after the previous ones. Plus this is probably gona be the biggest book of them all so it may take more time then u think to make ir great for us. SO I SAY TAKE UR TIME PAOLINI I CANT WAIT FOR THE BEST BOOK EVER!!! Haha.

  • Eldest13

    I swear if there is a book 5 i’m going to slit my throat! Don’t get me wrong, I love the books (I’ve read them over thirty times) but I don’t like waiting so long.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    @YourWorstNightmare (Guest)
    LMAO that made me laugh haha 😛

    And lol, i’ve been to Cardiff Sirsimon, but not London. I do prefer your capital to mine xD or Edinburugh :L and its a shame your friend prefers new moon 🙁 poor CP ….

    on brighter things i agree with Firestone, those roaming beasts would be quite good. if this is true (well proves to be like xD) then i think either eragon recognises the danger murtagh is (because he either has Naegling or has otherwise been given more eldunari) and has to flee to Vroengard, or maybe a command from Nasuada? either way, i think if the war ended halfway through the book it would be a shame …. kind of … 😛

  • sirsimon

    I am predicting around spring 2011, with Paolini annoucing its name and cover fall 2010.

    Actually, funny thing happened to me earlier today, I was on the train back from Cardiff, (the capital of Wales)

    When a guy, about early 30’s was sitting next to me smiling, reading Brisingr!

    So there are fans in South Wales…then again. my friend Josh likes it.

    Here’s somthing, my twilight mad friend said she read Brisingr and preferred New Moon, shocking! But i suppose everyone has there opinion, I mean, my best friend hates my book.

  • Rayowin

    Thats not my real name btw…I saw comments on what peoples own dragons would be. This is not mine, but its the character, Rayowin’s, in the book I am almost finished with after A year and a half O-O …His name is Mystirium: his scales are a mix between sea blue and sky blue but extreamly luminesent, his eyes are yellow, the leather skin between the fingers of his wings is a firey orange, as wel as the leathery skin between his spikes; His underbelly scales are the same firey orange, but shining and bright; his horns, spikes, claws, nd teeth are black Ivory. Awsome?

  • Firestone

    Guys, the strange animals are just the strange creatures that Brom mentioned (at lest, I think it was Brom) that roamed Vroengard. Of this, I am almost positive.

  • TomGherra

    I would be surprised if they had a 365 day calendar year. But he only ever refers to THE sun and to THE moon which indicates there aren’t several.

    As for book 4, December 2011. BUT THERE COULD WELL BE A BOOK 5. I have to say I agree with FireFireFire’s point.



    Actually that may not be true. it is not a fact that brom meet galby before the riders fell. The book states that galbys dragon died and he went insane and then proceeded to leave into some unknown area. After he came back he then befriended morzan secretly,l stole a dragon, and ran off yet again to train morzan and said dragon.Only to return and attack. So while its possible that they met in a small battle on Voerenguard(sp?) it is actually highly unlikely that they met while brom was being taught the ways of the riders.i say nigh impossible.

  • Joanna<3

    Yes Brom has met/seen Galbatorix. If you remember, Galby was not always bad and he used to be part of the Riders. Morzan was friends with him and Brom basically worshiped Morzan so….
    Brom was with the Riders before Galby was bad, so if he had not actually met him, he has surely seen him before 🙂

  • YourWorstNightmare

    The title for Brisingr was released January 16th, so about seven months before.

    So I would guess that when Book IV’s title is released it will be roughly seven months until it comes out. (or he can keep it as Book IV, its already caught on, why change it? lol)

  • Abby

    I think Book four will come out late 2011 early 2012.

    Does anyone know how long it was between the title of Brisingr being released and the book coming out? That could be the first heads up.

  • FireFireFireFireFireFireFire

    Hmmm…….that is an interesting point. Do they have a 365 day year.

    I thnk book four could be as last as August 2011. Seriously, its Paolini, he’ll take his time. In fact, he has probably changed half of what he has initially written. As expressed in his interview, he is one who broods on what he has written and he isn’t afraid of cutting HUGE sections out or changing them.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if half of what is in his draft isn’t there when he releases it.

  • npe77

    As for book four, my guess is May 2011.

  • npe77

    I have two questions for CP:

    1. Did Brom ever meet/fight/see Galbatorix?
    2. In Alagaesia, do they have a 365 day calendar year and if so, is there just one sun?
    What are the moons called? Do they have the same months?

  • sirsimon

    To be honest with you all, I just can’t wait for three moments in the fourth book,

    1) The final battle

    2) Finally seeing Galbatorix for the first time ever.

    3) The heart to heart scene and romance between Saphira and her mate.

  • Tulkas

    mufajir01- No, it is optional if the dying dragon wished to flee into the eldunari. They don’t have to, but some do.
    feanarang- I just remembered you saying something about your name however many months ago it was that I got my account here. And I place greater importance on the seven words than I do upon the Saphira comment.
    Sarah- Well, I’m glad that you weren’t here for the religious debate.
    Kate- Maybe it was the pain of her becoming an eldunari or Galbratorix taking over her mind that drove him mad.
    ShurtugalLiam- “who actually stole saphira’s egg? was it Brom and Jeod, or was it some theif they hired, in which case he then ran with the egg? and then morzan found the thief …. was saphira 1st dead at this point?”
    The thief stole the egg, but then he ran away with it, and Brom and Jeod were called in to get him and retrieve the egg. We don’t know what happened to the thief, only that the egg was hidden in some sacks in a random room. Yes, Saphira 1 was dead by then. She died in the slaughter at Doru Areba.

  • JasonSaide

    My dragon is male, he would be black, with ruby eyes and ivory white talons and teeth. My sword, on the edge, would be black, and ruby red on the middle part, the fuller I think. and it would be called Requiem: A dirge for the repose of the dead.

  • shadeslayer123

    when is book 4 {estimate if not sure) coming out ???
    and my dragon rider sword and dragon would be called peace in elvish and gomass if male and saphira cauze i like that name if female

  • Joanna<3

    If I had a dragon, it would be a female, built for agility and speed.Her scales would be a iridescent, shimmery spring green color with lighter pale green wings, and emerald greenish blue eyes. Her name would be… actually, I don’t know what her name would be…. whatever she wanted to be called I suppose 🙂

  • Bob

    I love the comments that ask when Book 4 is coming out!

    So original! 😛

  • Sarah

    I don’t think Roran is necessarily going to become a Rider… actually, I think he’s going to become the new king. All CP said is that he changed Roran’s original fate, but whatever that was, we can’t be sure! (Maybe Thorn was going to hatch for him?)

  • Neytiri

    ShurtugalLiam: If your first theory is true, so Galby sent his army to the spine to take over Saphira’s eldunari…? Maybe she’s in the Vault of Souls? Does Galby knows about the VoS?

  • DragonAgeAddict

    Is it just me, or did paolini just hint that roran was to become a rider?!? Ah poop.. I think I just ruined the ending for myself..

    NUUU!! why must all good things come to and end?!?! LOoovvvEEeee the eragon series.. T-T dun want it to end D’:

  • ShurtugalLiam

    When you’re all discussing the saphira1st issue it brings me back to remember it was Morzan who was fighting Brom, not Galby. So if Brom’s Saphira did accidentally flee into her eldunari and then was “bodily” killed and her consciousness was transferred to the heart of hearts two theories come to my imaginative (and sometimes annoying) mind 🙂

    1) the eldunari is hidden somewhere safe, possibly the Spine, AKA the reason for half of Galby’s army went missing (she killed them all with her mind like..) and Brom could’ve given Eragon her true name in the cave so he could locate her


    2) her heart of hearts was taken by morzan to his castle or wherever he went after brom’s saphira was killed.

    correct me if im wrong please anyone because (no offence CP) i cant be bothered to read the books again xD.

    who actually stole saphira’s egg? was it Brom and Jeod, or was it some theif they hired, in which case he then ran with the egg? and then morzan found the thief …. was saphira 1st dead at this point? sorry if this annoys or confuses anyone … but i had the feeling that this particular scene changes between eragon, eldest and brisingr …

  • sirsimon

    If I were an evil rider, my dragon would be the colour of black cherries, and would be named Artharaxanorth, the terror of the skies, and my sword would be called Malidaunt, which means in Draltic horror terror.

    By weary that both Draltic and Artharaxanorth are from my book.

  • blagden

    My Dragon would also be green but it would be male. He would be strong and would be agile in the sky. He would be called Salvador meaning saviour which would be reflected in my green sword called Halim meaning gentle. So even in the face of death we would not cause unnecessary suffering.

  • Freedom11

    My dragon would be a female, she’d be green and her name would be Tormotha. I love that name!

  • guest

    I don’t want to be rude but where’s the 4th book for cripes sake!

  • Evarinya

    Lol, I know how you feel. Sometimes, you just want to disappear into those books and never come out 😀
    But even if we can’t, it is always very fun to think about!

  • mufajir01

    hmm, i always got the impression that a dragon had to disgorge but what ur saying makes sense

  • sirsimon

    I agree with feanarang guys, lets just drop the topic for now, I mean, lets face it, the one about new creatures appearing got me more excited.

    On another topic, I love how we are thinking of what our dragons would be, wouldn’t it be something, if Alagaesia was real, and we were all riders, and every month, we would all gather at Farthen Dur and have a massive feast, share adventures and of course, discuss Paolini’s work.

    But shame its just in your mind, but boy sometimes I just wish the elements of the fantasy genre today would just be real, but it isn’t…..Sorry, Got a bit emotional there 🙂

  • sirsimon

    I would name my riders sword Anglhar, which means in the anicent language of the dragons, sword.

    By the way, the language is exclusive to my book series. If write some down one day

    As for Saphira I, I don’t think we’ll know what happened to her, until book four.

  • feanarang


    I had guessed that your name came from one of the Legend of Zelda games… but I haven’t played enough of them to be able to tell you which one. Interesting. 🙂

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    I’m glad you like my theory. I didn’t know that CP had forgotten the words. I have no evidence that they shall be important, they just seem it.

    Also, if anybody is interested, my name comes from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. One of the five best Zelda games, along with Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Windwaker and A Link to the Past.

  • feanarang


    Ok, that’s fair. And this place isn’t exclusively for conversations, but they do happen. 🙂

  • Chris

    I can probably make your name say sarah if you wanna go ahead and register with a different one

  • Sarah

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just that when you begin discussing another topic, it encourages other users to do the same. Someone else might pop in and say “Oh, cool! I love Elvish!” and digress. As for using @Name, I wasn’t aware this was the place for exclusive conversations.

    I prefer posting under my own name, but “Sarah” was already taken, and it’s not that inconvenient to type in a 5-character code.

  • feanarang

    @Sarah (Guest):

    For your information, I was discussing Inheritance. I had that information first. I never post simply to discuss unrelated things (unless someone gets on my case about my posts…) If you encounter other information (I like to carry on conversations with some people), then simply skip over it. It obviously doesn’t pertain to you. That’s what the @name means. Please, don’t lecture me on my commenting ettiquette.

    And… if you want to discuss Inheritance so much, why not register? It makes it much faster and easier to post and argue theories and such 😉

    @ Ganon:RiderofArgorok (Guest):

    Hmm, that’s possible, but when CP was asked about “Brom’s seven words” to Eragon just before he died, he didn’t even remember them. They were likely just more words in the ancient language so that Eragon could better fight and defend himself with magic. I don’t think that those seven words are actually all that important… but if you’ve got evidence that says otherwise, I’d be happy to hear it! 🙂


    I think u guys are overreacting to this statement about broms saphira.
    oh and i also wanted to say what i would name my riders sword Gedwey Freohr. translated meaning: shinning death.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    If Saphira didn’t disgorge her Eldunari but did retreat into it, and was later torn from her body by Galbatorix, I have an idea.

    Could the seven words of Brom be Saphira 1’s true name? That way, when he sees Galbatorix and his stash, he could speak it and control its power.

  • Sarah

    Sorry to double-post, I’ll get bad karma for sure.

    mufajir01–Do you have a page number? I was reviewing Souls of Stone in Brisingr and I wasn’t under the impression a dragon doesn’t have to disgorge its Eldunari.

    Here’s Glaedr speaking on p628: ” …we can transfer our consciousness into the Eldunari….If a dragon has done this, the Eldunari will outlast the decay of their flesh….Also, a dragon can disgorge their Eldunari while they are still alive.”

    Later, on p633, Eragon asks why a dragon would choose to enter his Eldunari. Glaedr says, “As their body was failing, a dragon might panic and flee into their Eldunari. Or if a dragon had disgorged their heart before their body died, they would have no choice but to continue to endure.”

    It sounds to me like a dragon can enter their Eldunari without disgorging it, and that it can then be taken from the dragon’s dead body. Though most dragons, I suppose, wouldn’t enter their Eldunari unless they intended to disgorge it. But maybe Saphira I was in one of those panicked situations.

  • Kate

    Wow, awesome questions 😀 some good stuff to ponder 😛 Although the theory about Saphira I still existing inside her eldunari is intriguing, I don’t think it can be true as Brom would probably have still been linked with her consciousness, if her mind survived… therefore the connection wouldn’t have been severed and his grief couldn’t have driven him almost mad and to do so many things in aid of the Varden… killing Morzan, for instance…

    I’m wondering what Christopher meant by ‘painful to correct the mistake’ about Eragon / Arya… hopefully (and seemingly likely) he just meant a pain to go back and rewrite, rather than pain at maybe giving it a sad ending… :s

    Think there must be more to Saphira I than we know mind… he must have good reason for being so cryptic with it!

  • npe77

    You are all forgetting that whilst CP is a talented and imaginative writer, major plot twists aren’t his thing.

    The twists he does attempt such as the ones at the end of Eldest and Brisingr were ‘surprises’ that many saw coming. In fact, I seem to recall Mike discussing the theory of Brom being Eragon’s dad years before Brisingr came out. It, like many things in Inheritance, are plot points that most see coming.

    Therefoe, I highly doubt Saphia the First will play a vital role. As he still hasn’t finished book 4, he just doesn’t want to rule anything out.

  • Sarah

    Just to support the Saphira I theory and to respond to Glorfindel, I don’t think Brom would’ve told Eragon about Eldunarya right when he was dying. Eragon might’ve misused the information (as explained by Oromis and Glaedr). Brom tells Eragon that Saphira I was killed, but he also says “I still grieve for my Saphira… and hate Galbatorix for what he tore from me.” Maybe he tore away Saphira I’s Heart of Hearts?

    feanarang – Can you find another place to discuss Tolkien-Elvish? Nothing irritates me more than to come here wanting to discuss Inheritance only to see people discussing some other book. I shouldn’t have to sift through so many unnecessary things.

  • feanarang


    Good point. I had forgotten about that. Saphira I may not have disgorged her Eldunari, but she could still be existing inside of it. However, I’m sure that she would be inside Galby’s collection, and no use to Eragon except to tell him about Brom once Galby has been defeated… Just my opinion though.

    And yes, you’re right. Feanarang is Sindarin and Quenya mixed together… but the primary part of the word is from Feanor, which is pure Quenya. I guess I just got lazy and decided to clarify one language. The thing is, “Iron” as a noun in Quenya is “Anga,” and it’s the same noun in Sindarin. As a suffix/prefix however the “a” at the end is dropped in either language, but the suffix is used more often in Sindarin than in Quenya (ex. Angband). So… probably only Tolkien could tell you whether my name’s a mix between Quenya and Sindarin, or simply pure Quenya. I would be inclined to agree with you, however.

    Haha. I love discussing this. Got any other Tolkien elven (High or common) words that you’d like to talk about?

  • mufajir01

    it was stated in the books that an eldunari that is not disgorged does not contain the dragon, therefore it is impossible for a dragon to have the eldunari inside it when it is dead unless it is swallowed, but then it would be released through the dragons digestive system

  • Tulkas

    Saphira 1 did NOT have to disgorge her eldunari for her to still be existing inside it. Saphira 1 dies, and her soul flees into the eldunari. The eldunari is not disgorged, but remains inside the dragon while the body decomposes around it. Everyone could just somehow think that she’s dead.

    “That’s impossible” Eragon exclaimed “If dragons die when their rider’s do, then they could only live to be 70 or 80!”
    (Brom explains about how dragon riders have an unnaturally long life)
    This has been stated as false in the later books, but the whole a-dragon-dies-when-her-rider-does thing is mentioned in the books.

    Feanarang- Your name is Sindarian and Quenya mixed together, if I recall correctly.

  • feanarang


    I’m doing pretty well. Life’s been kinda busy with school (gr 12) and work, but it looks like it’s gonna get a bit better.

    Can we please drop the Saphira I topic? There won’t be any major plot twists concerning her, I’m almost completely positive. CP might just give us some more info on her.

    My dragon would be male and either silver or red… Probably silver. I know that doesn’t give me a sweet sword colour, but I’ve always liked the traditional steel look. His name would be Angalhach which means iron-flame in Tolkien’s elvish (Sindarin)… which goes well with my name, Feanarang, which means Spirit-of-fire-iron in Quenya (Tolkien’s High-Elven). Angalhach would be powerful and agile, an amazing flyer and aerial fighter.

  • Evarinya

    I have no idea what my dragon would be. I’ll post something when I think of something xD

  • AVeryDisappointedFan

    I know this has nothing whatsoever to do with the topic at hand. But does anyone besides me remember the Beyond the Borders contest? It was like what? 2 YEARS AGO? Did they ever announce the winners for that? I haven’t been on the website for about 6 months now dew to many unfortunate circumstances.
    It greatly saddens me to think that the good people who run this website would forget to do something for 2 YEARS (Like let us know who won).
    Maybe I am mistaken and they announced the winners while I was away. And please forgive me for being rude if this is so.

  • bellarellasella

    i agree with binz, it makes no sense

  • Binz

    You know one thing I don’t understand? Why people will still try to prove a person wrong even after they’ve been told that they were wrong. It’s like some people are so eager to prove that they know the right answer. It doesn’t make you any cooler. It just makes you annoying.

  • steven

    I’m liking the new Q&A thanks a lot shurty

    I have the feeling that the first saphira is dead and that CP didn’t want to say anymore on the subject because either he hasn’t worked out all the back story on her death and didn’t want to say anything that he would contridict later or he is saving it for the brom prequel that was hinted in an erlier Q&A

    And my dragon would be male, have dark blue scales, built for out and out speed and power, striking hard and fast in battle with tooth and claw. He would be a proud dragon and very straight talking always speeking his mind, but knows when to pick a fight and when to walk away. He would have a name that was pased down to him from his ansesters as a way of showing his strong heritige (meaning I can’t think of one at the moment lol)


    sorry i have been sleep deprived so i totally missed that part.

    My dragon would be a Deep Purple that would shine in the moon light. She would also be well Female. My dragon would be preferably named Irevelda or Isysial. But if she didnt like eithier id come up with more. And she’d be a swift flyer and very acrobatic in the sky like Saphira.And knowledgeable beyond all measures even compared to other dragons.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Just wanted to be a part of things:

    My Dragon would be a female named Bertha. Her scales would be Amethyst purple and she would be a relatively small dragon, built for swiftness. She would be exceedingly powerful in magic and unmatched by any other dragon of her generation. That, mixed with her rider’s agile and elegant swordplay would make a tough combo.

  • Eldest13

    hmm My dragon? mine would be female, silver, and built for agility. Named… hmm Mirth :).
    and I can’t wait for the explination on wht he doesn’t want to go into more detail on why CP not want to go into her death more.

  • Glorfindel

    Brom’s words were that losing their partner OFTEN, or USUALLy, kills the survivor. He didn’t say it was impossible. Also I can’t imagine Brom lying there dying, and telling Eragon that he was a rider, and then lying to him by saying that his dragon was killed.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    LOL at Chris 😛 that really made me laugh haah 🙂 and tbh i reckon saphira1st might still be alive but like hiding in the spine…or something *mumbles off into silence*

    🙂 and its good to see us all getting along again 😛 🙂 really 🙂 welcome back feanarang 🙂 have you been well? 🙂

    and my dragon would be male, with blue-silver pearlescent scales and he’d be build for speed with huge fangs for tearing at the foe. his scales would be proper in-your-face white with black tips 😛 going a little out of there but yeah 🙂 he’d also be very wise 😉 like arya and galedr combined with saphira 😛

  • mufajir01

    oh i just realized this is the
    6th Q&A

  • Thorn12345

    It’s nice that you finally posted that Q&A, but those few not very interesting questions is too little for many of us, fans… I’m a bit disappointed and hope the next Q&A will be better….

  • mufajir01

    just to make it clear
    CP has said “No” when talking about did sI disgorge her eldunari.
    in the book it says she died.
    therefore with no eldunari and no physical body she is completely dead.

  • yourmostobviousweakness

    Shadedrival must be reffering to that god-awful movie that didnt get any plot point right. It says in the movie that the dragon cant live without its rider, but it doesnt say that anywhere in any of the books. Trust me. i have an eiditic memory (photographic memory) and i can assure you that it doesnt state in any of the 4 books that a dragon dies if their rider does. It says in Eragon that the loss of a dragon or rider would normally cause the parter to be driven to suicide, but not that the death of a rider automatically kills the dragon.

  • Chris

    Just throwing this out there, a dragon can live without its rider and vice versa.

  • Tulkas

    Shaderical- First of all, just because Aren isn’t the eldunari doesn’t mean that there isn’t an eldunari. It just means that the ring an the eldunari could be two seperate things. Also, though Brom’s words in Eragon could mislead us, dragons can survive the death of their rider. Glaedr did.
    sirsimon- That’s all very well, but what about your book;s release? I’m at the part where Alan first fights with Abbadon.
    ShurtugalLiam- I too have always been a staunch supporter of Mike and the staff.

    Saphira could’ve had her bond with Brom broken, and none aware of her existance. Maybe she was trapped under a very large rock, and cannot move. Perhaps there is some rule of dragon/rider bonding or something. We could have not enough information to solve this problem. Furthermore, CP said that sometimes when a dragon dies it flees into it’s eldunari. She might not have disgorged it, but it still exists. Maybe Galbratorix captured it, and it was his attempted twisting of it or something that drove Brom mad. Eragon might not have been informed of any of this for various reasons.

    If I were a rider, my dragon would be female, green in colour and be called whatever she decided to call herself, with thick scales, she would be built for defense, taking blows like a tank, but be loyal and fierce to defend those that she loved. Of course, Tulkas needs no steed. Vala and dragon… be an interesting match, I say.

  • Evarinya

    Yes, Feanarang, it has been quite a while 😀
    I’m doing fine, as usual. And you?
    I think that CP has CLEARLY stated that Saphira I is DEAD. Any questions? I sure hope not.
    Oromis, Arya, and Brom kept secrets from Eragon for his own good. I mean, if you think about it, if Eragon knew everything right off the bat, it would be a little intoxicating. Don’t you think?

  • Binz


    Did you not read the interview? This was taken straight from it.

    “Did the original Saphira disgorge her Eldunarí?”

    Christopher Paolini: “No, but I’d rather not go into any more detail at the moment.”

    Notice the word NO!

    Also, in Eragon, Brom stated that a rider or dragon would normally go mad with grief if one lost the other. This would normally lead to the rider or dragon committing suicide. However, it never stated that a dragon would surely die if its rider did.


    @DFCT where does it state that she did not give up her eldunari? I have seen nothing where CP states this.

    @All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh Yes this is stated that the loss of the rider is too much for a dragon.eragon was eithier told by brom or Ormis. Which i dont know but i do know it was said.

    Also I think that the books will release like always roughly three years after the one that preceded it.

    And i finally registered stupid captchas kept getting in my way. :p

  • sirsimon

    What I find strange is how Oromis, Saphira and Arya are always keeping secrets from Eragon. Its a bit shocking, that Saphira, whom should share everything with her rider is keeping such things away from him, e.g. Brom being his father etc.

    Another thing, what would they gain from keeping such secrets, only to cause Eragon pain? Because Eragon has taken many things quite well.

    Finally, I have a little activity we can all try,

    When you post a comment, put down, if you were a rider, the name of your dragon, its colour, gender and its specality of physicality, e.g. Saphira being built for agility, Thorn for strenght etc.

    If I were a rider, my dragon would be female, white in colour and be called Aeronwy, with thick scales, she would be built for defense, taking blows like a tank.

  • Dfct

    umm I’m pretty sure saphira I can’t be alive through the eldunati if CP said she didn’t throw it up

  • Glorfindel

    Good to hear from you Feanarang. Yes, it was a good debate. Nobody got banned though, which, frankly, surprised me. If I didn’t get banned, you can be absolutely sure that no one else did. Unfortunately you can’t go back and read it cause Mike deleted the whole thing.

    Good interview.

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    “2. She (meaning Broms Saphira) can not be alieve because brom is not and a dragon connot live without its rider.”

    I hope I’m not coming across as rude, but maybe you should take your own advice about going against things CP has clarified in earlier interviews. According to what he’s said before, it IS possible for a dragon to survive the death of their rider.

    Not that I think Saphira I is still alive, that is. She’s dead as far as I’m concerned.

  • Eldest13

    hmm, I have no garden, and will have to hide from parents for about a week to finish book :), thank you for the interview!

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Lol i don’t see why people am complaining, we got the interview havent we? 😛 now let’s do what we do best and talk about the points in it for a while lmao 🙂

    sirsimon, that sounds VERY nice … except my garden is a higgle-piggle at the moment lol 😛

    i think the interview was great 😛 if on the short side, but at least we know CP is getting on with it, im just grateful we have it so THANKS MIKE AND STAFF 😀

    it would be awesome if Aren was SaphiraI but i do think that oromis would of told eragon, or at least eragon would be able to sense her.

  • sirsimon

    Indeed feanarang, its been a while my friend, I really did enjoy the interview, it has given us all something to ponder on until the next interview, but the big question is, how far has Paolini gotten into book four,

    I can imagine he is about four/five months away from completing it. Maybe even three.

    I can actually see a late spring 2011 release for the book. If so, then I will be out in the garden with this book, sipping icy lemonade, yeahhhhh good times


    Look people u guys are assuming things that go against rule paolini has already set forth.

    !. He states in an earlier QandA that Aren is not Broms Saphira (lets show respect and not number the greates creatures in alegasia) Eldunari.

    2. She (meaning Broms Saphira) can not be alieve because brom is not and a dragon connot live without its rider.

    It is possible that Broms Saphira is alive but only through her Eldunari and nothing else. I REPEAT THE PHYSICAL BODY OF BROMS SAPHIRA IS DEAD!!

    Also again thank u mike for not banning me eventhough it was my comment that started the whole debate.

  • Legacy

    The whole thing with Saphira I is probably so vast and incomprehensible and utterly exciting that CP just had to tease us with a little added detail. I’m super excited for it. 😀

  • feanarang

    *Flexes fingers* …Ahhh, it’s good to be back. I’m a little disappointed that I missed that religion debate though. I always enjoy those… though maybe it’s for the better. 😉

    …I’m fairly certain that we can’t conclude that Brom’s Saphira is still alive. Brom went mad for a time, as Oromis told Eragon. Oromis is a fair deal smarter than Ophelia, Gertrude, or Claudius (Hamlet reference anyone?), and so he would not easily be fooled into thinking that Brom was mad.

    If Brom’s Saphira had not died, Brom would not have gone mad, and there was no reason/is no reason to conceal Saphira I’s existence from Eragon/Oromis.

    Sorry, nice thought, but I don’t think Saphira I is still alive…. and I also don’t think that the sapphire in Aren is her Eldunari. Eragon’s stupid, but he’s not that stupid. When he held Glaedr’s eldunari, he was in touch with Glaedr’s soul. He knows what a gem filled with energy feels like as opposed to a dragon’s freaking SOUL contained inside a gem.

    With all that said, it really is good to be back. Sorry, I go in spurts, as I’ve said before. Glorfindel, Evarinya, Sirsimon, Padfoot, how are you? Long time no talk!

  • Tulkas

    i think that we can conclude from this interview that Brom’s Saphira is not slain.

    By the way, if you see posts from someone named Glaurung, then that is someone that has an account because of me.

  • Joanna<3

    oOoooOo 😀 Exciting stuff XD
    Thanks for the interview, it was great, though shorter than I expected lol!!! Really looking forward to the next interview and the upcoming stuff!! 🙂

  • Sarah

    It makes me wonder if Saphira I didn’t really die, or if she cast some spell that turned her back into an egg and if Saphira II is the same as I, or if she didn’t disgorge it but she DID enter it and Galbatorix took it from her body, or if she entered it and it wasn’t taken.

    Or maybe she just died and that was that, no Eldunari. But then CP would’ve just said “No” and left the part about more detail out.

    I guess we’ll find out when the fourth book is finally finished.

  • ArgetSeithr

    Aren isn’t Saphira 1’s eldurnari. Paolini said it was a special elven made gem and that the part about that was taken out of brisingr

  • sirsimon

    great interview.
    The most interesting question was about Saphira I, Paolini hinted that he didn’t want to get into it, PLOT DETAIL!

    I think Saphira I died more tragically than we can comprehend, or maybe Aren is Saphira’s eldurnari, that’s why Brom didn’t die of insanity, she was still with him=, that’s why Brom was amazingly sane, having lost his friend of his heart, quite sad really 🙁

  • Legacy

    O.o So much new stuff to think about.. I can’t wait 🙂 New books are fun.

  • Evarinya

    Awesome 😀
    I think it’s cool to learn more about the main characters of the Book.
    Makes you wonder what plot he really had in store for the characters when he was still working on Eragon.

  • BrisingrKonungr

    Nice interview, I was hoping for it to be longer; but alas it was not to be. Looking forward to the next!

  • Greenscales

    In book 3, Arya made a grass boat that drained energy from its surroundings. Is this similar to how Eragon can drain energy from his surroundings? If so, can Galbatorix discover the boat and discover the technique?

  • Sarah

    Q: Did the original Saphira disgorge her Eldunarí?

    A: Christopher Paolini: No, but I’d rather not go into any more detail at the moment.

    Huh. It was a yes or no question. More detail about what, I wonder? Her “death” must be complex.

    Thanks for posting the interview, Mike!



  • bellarellasella

    I think it was a great post, Its not you guy’s fault that people weren’t satisfied with the questions, its theirs 😀 looking forward to more news


  • Carvahallian

    Nice interview. I can’t wait for new creatures. Hopefully they will be original.

    (Am I the first person to make this kind of comment, or is there some page that I can’t view?)

  • Tulkas

    Have you ever considered having this be a video, where he answers the questions? Not with you present, but with him already having the questions?

  • Edocsil6437

    honestly guys, not sayin you didn’t make good choices, but it’s been like 3 months since we’ve had a Q&A and you really didn’t ask alot…

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  • Chris

    I guess I created a logic bomb…My post was so logical it destroyed the nonsense before it automatically. 😛

  • Firestone

    I am completely satisfied with everything you guys do. Anyone who says otherwise is crazy.

  • Mike

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  • Chris

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    Also, I’m not sure where the comments went from today. I’ve asked Bob to get them back. They’re showing in the news system but not displaying on the comment page. Not sure what’s happening so stay tuned, I’ll get them back up in a bit.

  • Mike

    Yeah, if you guys are unsatisfied with the questions asked, that’s not my fault — submit better questions. We can only pick from what we were asked.

    Also, don’t complain about the length of the Q&A. These are meant to be short Q&As, not full length interviews. When I started this project I stated that we’d be asking Christopher a few questions per month — as in 3 or 4 — and this month we did 7.

    If you have feedback on the website or on our interviews, use the feedback form to submit it to us. Posting in the news comments with nasty comments is only going to earn you a vacation from the website.

  • Chris

    It’s a lot harder than y’all think to choose questions for these things…There are a plethora of questions posted each time we do this. While some may seem good on the surface…they’re obviously a plot point that he would not divulge so there is no reason to bother asking them.

    It’s best to ask questions about background information or how stuff works if you want questions to go through.