Happy 6th Anniversary, Shur’tugal!

The month of March marks the six year anniversary of Shurtugal.com and boy have we traveled a far way over the past six years. I started Shurtugal.com as a side project of a bored teenager during winter break back in 2003, but it wasn’t until 2004 that I purchased the domain and launched what would grow to be the largest Inheritance Cycle website on the internet.

Over the past six years Shur’tugal has evolved into a community of tens of thousands of Inheritance Cycle fans spanning over one hundred countries. I’ve personally ventured on dozens of trips on behalf of Shur’tugal, representing the Inheritance fans and reporting back here on the website for all to see. I’ve devoured the words in the box dozens of times, I’ve worked on and launched over a dozen “top secret” projects, and I’ve made some amazing friends.

What Shur’tugal has grown to become was never intended or expected. Together with my amazing team of staff, we’ve made many wise decisions and have seen Shur’tugal through some of the most exciting points in our lives. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes running the website as well, but I’ve also used those mistakes to learn, grow, and mature. I’ve put the creative portion of my mind to work building new features to entertain fans in the past and continue to do so for the future. We have a lot of great plans and surprises in the works for our visitors and friends, and to celebrate our sixth anniversary, we’d like to share these plans with you. Continue reading for a sneak peak at what’s to come! With Book 4 on the horizon, we have a lot of ground to cover. We have theories to discuss, news to drool over, and friends to debate with! We have projects to launch, places to visit, and events to attend. We have movie studios to pester over making more Inheritance movies and we have publishers to commend for staying so true to the Inheritance Cycle. We have big projects to push, some of which we’d like to share with you today!

  • The Q&As with Christopher Paolini will be returning very soon. Q&A 5 will be posted this week. Q&A 6 is done accepting questions — we’ll be picking through the over four hundred submitted questions and getting those off to Christopher in the near future. Our goal is to publish a new Q&A once per month without fail, with Q&A 6 landing in mid April.
  • We’re bringing back Shurtycast. Long-time Shur’tugal visitors will remember Shurtycast, our award winning Inheritance Cycle podcast. In our prime (during the Eragon movie hayday), tackled all things Inheritance once every two weeks in an hour long Inheritance-themed podcast discussing the books, movies, and more. We’re bringing the show back with a number of old friends and some new ones, including some surprise interviews, news, and projects. We hope to feature a number of old and new segments on the new show! Our first episode, Shurtycast 201, was recently recorded and will be released once editing is complete.
  • A new fan scrapbook for Christopher! Long-time Shur’tugal visitors will also remember our fan appreciation scrapbooks for Christopher Paolini. We allowed fans to submit letters, pictures, and fan art to be included in a stunning hand-made scrapbook sent to Christopher Paolini on behalf of his fans. The scrapbook project offered fans a way to directly interact with Christopher Paolini, the mastermind of the Inheritance Cycle, to show him their appreciation for his work, as well as share their thoughts, opinions, and more with their favorite author. The new project will offer much of the same with several new, updated twists to make the project fresh and unique.
  • The Inheritance Cycle soundtrack project. Every movie has a soundtrack and we feel that every book series should have one too! We’re going to task our visitors with submitting songs they believe would fit well with a certain part of the Inheritance Cycle. In the end, the best songs for each part will be chosen and assembled as an Inheritance Cycle sound track – one for each book. The final soundtrack will be listed on Shurtugal.com and sent to Christopher Paolini for listening!
  • Articles from our fans. Fans will have the unique opportunity to write articles, including opinionated editorials and theories, to be posted on the front page of Shurtugal.com, where tens of thousands of Inheritance fans can read and enjoy them! Fans who have their articles chosen to be published on the front page of Shurtugal.com will be awarded with “prizes” as a token of our appreciation.
  • Four new Inheritance clothing designs! Yes, the shirt designs we previewed a few months ago are finally going to be released just in time for spring! We’ll be updating our line of offerings to include more than just shirts and hoodies!

Please note that there are no guaranteed time frames for these projects. We’re giving you a sneak peak to see what we have in store for the future, however, cannot guarantee when these projects will release.

Lastly, it is important to thank everyone who has contributed to Shur’tugal’s well-being and success over the years. These people include, but certainly are not limited to, Bob; Chris; Joelle; all Shurtugal staff, past and present; the Shurtugal Fan Fiction team, past and present, for their amazing work; the Inheritance Forum team and community, past and present, for nurturing such a large and unique community; the guys over at Shurty Chat, who have stuck around for so very long; Nick, the creative genius behind Vroengard Academy; Simon at Writers House; Judith, Linda, Dominique, Michelle, Nancy, and all of “Team Inheritance” at Random House; my family for their support, especially during Shurtugal’s early years; the fans who continue to visit Shur’tugal and who have supported us over the past six years; and of course, Christopher Paolini and the entire Paolini family, for continuously sticking by the fans and being amazing at what they do. (If I’ve forgotten anyone, it’s not because I’m not thankful!)

  • Aahan

    I am the biggest fans of eragon and saphira and also the biggest fan of shurtugal.com

  • savannah

    when will the 4th book be out because i really cant wait any longer?????

  • Greedlin

    For the The Inheritance Cycle soundtrack project.

    A track entry for Book II Eldest and Character : Murtagh

    I Will Not Bow: Breaking Benjamin

    And of Course

    Book I: Eragan, for Eragon
    Once In Every Lifetime- Jem (Like Saphire and Brom are talking to him)

  • Mearad

    Yeah, Mike, I know everyone was talking about this a long time ago, but I too am wondering about what Glorfindel was saying. Will those forums be places with a more conversational theme where people can talk about anything? ‘Cause I’d much prefer that to youtube.

  • Tulkas

    I friended Glorfindel.

  • Joanna<3

    I’ve added Glorfindel on fb too 🙂
    And, shurtugalliam, I have tried to register and make an account but it doesn’t seem to want to let me lol 🙂 I register, but I never get a confirmation, and later when I try to comment, it wont let me.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    sorry for the double post but i like where it says newest member 😛 ShurtugalLiam :L ;p go me …

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Okay mike ive registered on your forums 🙂 and Glorfindel ive added you lol 🙂

    Joanna you need to make an account … if you havent already lol, its a different account to this one 🙂 in the top right hand corner theres a registration link thingy 🙂

  • flyong.scotsman

    i think the eragon movie was….CRAP!!!! dude it was so far away from the truth!!!

  • Glorfindel

    I’ve created an alternate facebook account, if anyone wants to friend me. My name is Dragonwing Begonia.

  • SMC

    My apologies Mike. Sincerely, I was just ruminating from my POV. I have wondered why certain book-to-movies can be enormously popular and others aren’t. I guess there isn’t any hard and fast “formula” for a popular book to become a successful movie.

  • domico

    I would also like to say thank you to Shurtugal and to Paolini for writing such a good series.

    And to answer npe77’s post, a prequel would do wonders. A reboot is sorely needed just to wash away any thoughts of the first film.

    Also, if anyone’s restarting the religious debate AWAY from shurtugal’s comments boards, I would enjoy participating in it.

  • Glorfindel

    Haha, it was still an amusing response Alucard. Youtube.com… Nice.

    So Mike, what would these people be doing?

  • Areeman9897

    Congrats Shurtugal!!!
    This is my first comment since signing up and I’m loving this site!!!Did you guys know that on the back of Brisingr your site is written on it!!!!!(At least mine is!)Anyway I’m a big fan and you guys rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VinrAlfakynElfFriend

    He he.. I think I have some screen shots saved from the beginning on Shurtugal… I know i have them for Fanfiction.shurtugal.com.. bac kin 2005 I think.

  • Dragonmagik

    Not sure if I’m going to apoligize. Ganon, if you want to continue our discussion, you can PM me on my forum account (same name) and give me your email. That is all I will say on that.

    I want to say that Shurtugal is truely the BEST Inheritance Cycle website. Very well organized and up to date, even though there’s not always too much news going on in the Inheritance fandom. I’d say you even compare to Mugglenet.com, the best Harry Potter fansite. Yes, you guys are that good! 😀

    Are the old Shurtycasts still available on iTunes? If so, I’ll probably download some when I have time.

  • Evarinya

    Mke and staff:
    Are you guys looking for more moderators?

  • alucard

    Oops I read that wrong- thought you wrote “nothing but profanity” instead of “anything but profanity.”

    Sorry, Glorfindel. I was wondering in what direction your mind was headed for a moment there….

  • alucard

    “Is there one where absolutely anything, except for profanity, goes?”

    Yes Glorfindel. It’s called YouTube.com.

  • Glorfindel

    Do you mean 50 or 100 comments on these types of regular thread? Because I’m probably over a thousand. Yeah, definitely. And if not on these, then on what?

  • Joanna<3

    Oh yeah, and sorry for the double post, but, Mike, whenever I try to get on any of the forums and comment it doesn’t work… Help?

  • Joanna<3

    This is great! All the stuff that surtugal has planned for the near future sounds awesome! I’m so glad that I discovered this website, and I am glad that mike has stuck through all of our craziness and continued to give us awesome info on the IC 🙂 thanks shurtugal!!
    Mike, I too must add my apoplogy to the list; sorry for breaking the rules, but I can’t apologise for what I said because it’s what I believe, and I won’t back down on that… So please forgive me, I will try to abstain from off topic conversations from now on 🙂 (as I’m sure all of us who were involved will try to do 😉 )

  • Mike

    The forums have a Mature Discussion section for places to discuss topics like politics, religion, etc. in a mature, moderated, and kind debate-style way. There is a post requirement to get into that forum (50 or 100 posts required I think?) but that’s not hard to reach.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    A prequel would be decent, but look what happened to Star Wars because of it. Only Revenge of the Sith had the genuine ‘Star Wars’ feel.

    I would like to see the Fall of the Riders and Brom’s capture of the egg.

    Also, Mike. Just wanted to know, are our countless apologies accepted? You havn’t really cleared that up. Also, thanks for sayin about the comments on Inheritance Forums.

  • Glorfindel

    Sorry for the double post. I forgot to add my thanks to you for sticking to this for six years. I’ve googled for other websites, and there are none that are as up to date and fan friendly as this one. I know the staff puts a lot of work into this, so thank you very much.

  • Glorfindel

    Haha, same here. I hope mine wasn’t the comment making jabs. It wasn’t intended to. Mike, are the forums truly for anything off topic? Or are they just for many various specialized topics? Is there one where absolutely anything, except for profanity, goes?

  • zeppelin

    a prequel sounds great

    oh and congrats mike

  • npe77

    Many of you below are talking about the fact Eragon hasn’t spawned into a major book and film franchise. The film of Eragon was extremely dissapointing.

    I think they should reboot the series with a PREQUEL FILM about Brom/Morzan’s chase for the egg. In that film, you would be able to introduce characters like Arya, Islanzadi, Hrothgar, The Twins, Jeod, Ra’Zac and the Varden.

    I don’t want to start a debate about this, just in case Mike gets annoyed and I still feel pretty guilty about the previous off topic discussion

  • npe77

    I would like to say thank you to Shurtugal for giving me reliable updates on everything Inheritance. I have been using this site to keep me informed since I looked for news on the Eragon Movie. Mike has done a terrific job and deserves praise for his dedication and commitment to this site.

    Yeah and sorry for contributing to that big religious debate. Even though I posted less than a few of the others, I still commented at least ten times and for that I am sorry.

  • Mike

    Edited a few comments because apparently, even in apologies, you guys feel the need to get jabs in. Please don’t take one off topic conversation from a news post I closed and bring it here.

    And yeah, I’ve said 500 times before that we DO have a place for off topic discussions: InheritanceForums.com. Have them there, not here.


    i wanted to say im sorry for starting the whole debate it was only one spark and it blazed into a wildfire of anger and insults.That wasnt my intention but i have to admit it was funny 1 commeny mulyiplied into like 150

  • Chris

    If you wanna post about off topic stuff, go to http://www.inheritanceforums.com

    I generally try to monitor all the comments, but I do stop looking at older news posts after awhile, so feel free to email me if you have a problem with what is being posted.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    zaselkr — dragons dont put their soul in there … or would you class your consciousness as your soul? :S

    and yes i like the idea of a trash comment thingy, i don’t think the forums are as clear on where you post and stuff as these comment boxes are 😛

    and i agree that when a film comes out it bolsters supporters and fans for a franchise 🙂 i think thats whatg needs to happen. Fox should just suck it up and make eldest (if CP lets them that is) and hopefully it will be good enough to make up for all the lost story and information and richness an eragon movie should have lol

  • Glorfindel

    Power to some of our comments submitters. Ha, that’s obviously not going to be me, as I was responsible for forty percent of the digression and rule breaking on the last comments page.

  • Greedlin

    I remember finding this site after Watching the Eragon movie, and I started reading Eldest (Side note I did not read Eragon until After Brisingr) and it was because of you guys knew that the third book was not going to be the last. I was so upset when this site was down, but its back up and now I’m happy 🙂

  • Orayelle

    Congrats, Shur’tugal! Thanks for giving us awesome news for 6 years 🙂

  • Glorfindel

    Ha, it was only a matter of time. I won’t apologize for what I said Michael, but I will apologize for breaking the rules.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Just let me say Mike; “I am sorry about the posts on the last article.” It really did grow out of hand and even I was getting tired of it.

    Thank you for deleting my posts (I know it wasn’t because I asked you to, but thanks anyway).

    Had a thought though….Since there is nowhere on Shurt’ugal to talk about anything other than Inheritance at the moment, would it be possible to have a ‘trash comments’ page? Somewhere where fans of the cycle can talk about other things?

    Once again, thank you and sorry. You run a great site here, and I hope you can forgive me :).

  • Mike

    I don’t always have the time to read every single comment submitted to the website. We’re working on an “MVP” system for the comments that will give some power to our most popular comment submitters and allow us to better moderate our comments.

  • Tulkas

    “No politics talk and no using the comments like a chat room, please.”

    Why is it that a joking comment here gets instantly reprimanded, but nothing happens to a 5 page debate on the last post here where people are called “religious trash”?

  • Mike

    Oh, I’m not disputing the fact that from a fan’s POV, it sucked. Because it did.

  • Chris

    I own it but have never watched it. I don’t want to be disappointed haha. I suppose it’s just good enough for it to even be made into a movie at all

  • Eldest13

    So true

  • Evarinya

    Well from fan’s POV, the movie still sucked. 😀

  • Mike

    SMC – Inheritance is more than popular enough to spawn a movie franchise. Inheritance has grown substantially since the Eragon movie was released as well. You also have to keep in mind that when the original deal for Eragon the movie was signed, only Eragon was out at the time and the book’s fan base was substantially smaller back then.

    Much less popular books have translated into great movie and game franchises. The problem was not that the books are too small to provide wealth in the box office. As I said below, while Eragon (movie) was horrible in terms of content, it was visually stunning and still made a substantial amount of money in the box office and even more on DVD sales and rentals. There is a lot of hope for an Inheritance franchise if it’s actually treated properly.

  • SMC

    I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but I want to point out that Harry Potter is immensely more popular than Inheritance. Additionally, the movies have made a significant contribution to the franchise’s popularity. The books led to the movies. The movies then generated more interest in the books.

    I suppose if the Eragon movie had been a critically acclaimed work the franchise might have worked. Look at the Lord of the Rings. Not only were they popular, they were hailed as great movies. On the other hand, even the first Harry Potter film wasn’t universally liked.

    It just comes down to the fact that Inheritance just isn’t popular enough to spawn a movie franchise.

  • Mike

    Technically the movie didn’t flop. Plot wise (especially compared to the book), yes, it was horrible. However, it still made a substantial amount of money in the domestic and foreign box offices.

  • Dragonmagik

    Congratualtions to Shurtugal on your 6th Birthday!

    Hey, people aren’t growing tired of HP. Each new movie release brings excitement, and every move of JK Rowling, the production crew, directors, and actors are watched.

    I wouldn’t mind watching 8 movies for Eragon if it meant they were done well and represented the books truthfully, unlike Fox’s flop of a waste of time. 😀

  • alucard

    Eight movies?! Are you crazy? People are growing sick of HP already, and only 6 have come out so far… you don’t want to include EVERYTHING from the books- that would make waaay too much dialogue and far too little action.

    happy bday Shurtugal and Zack Jernigan (yes, you!! ;*)))

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    If I had the money and the knowledge of a filmmaker, I would purchase the rights to the cycle (if possible) and create eight movies. Two parts for each book. The first film would end with Brom’s funeral. Eldest would be split around where Oromis and Glaedr appear and Brisingr would be split after the wedding (or the battle, whichever happens second)

  • Roranson

    it would be amazing, if someone where to create a TV series based on the cycle. that way they could be far more detailed as to the plot of the story, as appose to a movie where they only have 2-3 hours to cram a lot of important and great material in. I can’t wait till the next book is released, i just beg that it be soon, i don’t want to wait anymore!

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Ahhh yeah. I saw it on Inheritance Wiki as well. And I thought I knew everything about it hehe.

  • zaselkr

    its on page 637 of brisngr. it would explain quite a bit about angela if its true

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Ahhh, so the rider is alive but the dragon isn’t except in its Eldunari?

    I don’t remeber it being mentioned.

  • zaselkr

    Ganon:RiderofArgorok, they are riders who’s dragon has died but it has already moved its soul into its elunduri… so they can still live forever (the rider) .. thats why i think angela is apparently soo old according to herself ye soo young looking

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Have I missed something? I’ve never heard of one of these Indlvarn, well, I don’t remember them. What are they? Keepers of Eldunari or summat, that’s what it seems.

  • zaselkr

    i ust thought of something. what if angela was one of those riders who’s dragon was an elunduri? a indlvarn? im sure someone has thought of this before but just putting it out there. i know oromis said he couldnt detect any free elunduri but angela is soo powerfull she could surely hid the fact that she is a indlvarn.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Whooaaah, whatever happened to free speech. Don’t worry bannedforever, free speech is not opressed in Antarctica.

    (no polotics in that statement, I don’t think :S)

  • BAnned4ever

    ok….what do we talk about again?

  • Mike

    No politics talk and no using the comments like a chat room, please.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    And for my next trick…hehe.

  • Banned4ever

    yes i agree me and the penguins as loyal subjects hial ganon! the new ganon regime.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Politics in the U.K is no better hehe. I’d become presidant of Antarctica or summat, abandon civilization and start a better world with the penguins hehe!

    All hail the Presidant of Antactica. You have my vote 😀

  • Banned4ever

    hahaha dude you make me laugh…just dont go into politics in the u.s you’ll just become corrupt

  • ShurtugalLiam

    hey banned4ever hows it going? 😛 and lol on the horizon …. *squints* ahh yes, i can see CP sitting at his desk :P. See i would prefer to be a writer celebrity than a popstar or whatever because you wouldn’t be able to take a dump without it getting into the newspapers or someone commenting on where you are 24/7 :/ …… then again i wanna be a politician haha 😛

  • Banned4ever

    long time no talk shutugaliam, happy b-day shurty

  • Mike

    Yeah, when I said “on the horizon” I just meant that Book 4 will be coming eventually, and with that being the only thing we’re aiming toward, it’s there on the horizon… though still quite distant. 😛

  • Chris

    All the known info on book 4 is found on the site…We don’t know when the release date or title will be released for it at this time. I imagine it will be in a few months. He’s been writing away for awhile now. 😛

  • myfaceisspacebook

    I noticed on this page you said book 4 is on the horizon.Does this mean you have some clue as to its release date,or even a title?Sorry to bug about this,but I am anxious to read it and weep over the end of the cycle and repeat this fish’s cycle.

  • anxiousfan

    I can’t seem to find the info I need anywhere I’m sure I’m not the only one but there’s got to be some news in the fourth and last book. it was published in 2008 when is the release date, I can’t wait for it any longer 🙁

  • Tulkas

    Great job, Shur’tugal!

  • ShurtugalLiam

    with the britts? :S lifes not much different over here buddy lol. and what if i did take that racistly? 😛 i daint like haha.

    anyway, happy birthday shurty 😀 mike and stuff are awesome and cool 🙂 congrats for making it this far guys, keep going 🙂

  • Taslin

    Happy Birthday. Mike, are you still doing that movie post you said or was it cancel?

  • Banned4ever

    sirsimon hows life with the britts? not being racist mind u….yeah cheers and all that goood stuff

  • blinkkandyoumissit

    I’m glad to see the site back up and running the way I’ve missed it being, and I want to offer my sincerest congratulations to Mike, Rob, Chris, and the rest of the team. I’ve been a guest viewer for three years now, and it’s been one heck of a ride to see the site grow. I hope that the end of Inheritance won’t mean the end of this site, but regardless I wish you all the best of luck. 🙂

  • sirsimon

    happy anniversary chaps!

    Everything looks full steam ahead 2 me.

    Here’s 2 the future and hopefully, book four won’t be long at all.

  • Bob

    Oh yeah, that’s my name at the bottom of the post in small print next to the others!

  • Banned4ever

    “i am a banana!” oh besides that yeah mike congrats….hope cp is going along nicely with his book…hope its not too short

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Congrats guys. I’ve not being coming here long (1 or 2 years) but it has grown to be one of the websites that I visit daily. I look forward to all of these things that you speak of.

  • dragonloverrr

    Happy Anniversary!!!! I can’t wait until all the new stuff are published!! And still I check this site every day 😀 😀

  • Freedom11

    Congradulations Mike and Shurtugal staff for your six year aniversary! I love Shurtugal, and am look forward to all the cool new stuff. I also have a great idea for the soundtrack!

  • Eragon.SaphiraNZ

    Congratulations on making it this far Shur’tugal!
    I can’t wait for the next Q&A, the soundtrack and scrapbook projects sound interesting. Good luck for the furture!

  • Nico

    Very happy for Shurtugal, Following shurtugal From Argentina 🙂

  • Valbrandr9

    Thanks for the post, guys! 😀 I’m definitely looking forward to the scrapbook and soundtrack. I have some things I’d be interested in suggesting…XD

    Can’t wait for all this new stuff – thanks for all you do and happy anniversary!

  • Chris

    We really appreciate all the fans that come to Shur’tugal. I’m glad to be a part of such a great community. 🙂

  • Eldest13

    madmartigan7, Happy B-DAY!

  • Eldest13

    Cool! It’s gonna be awsome to write a Article, and I can’t wait for the Sound track thing! You guys are amazing!

  • madmartigan7

    today’s ma birfday

  • Evarinya

    Ooh, Mike has a point.
    Im so excited now 😀 Can’t wait to see what questions are answered, and how far along CP is with Book IV. Hopefully, we will know soon!
    Thanks Mike and staff! WE APPRECIATE IT!!

  • Mike

    Kind of takes the fun out of waiting for the interview, don’t you think? I’d like the surprise of not knowing what was going to be chosen if I wasn’t the chooser. Kind of spoils it for me. 😛

  • Firestone

    Sounds great, guys. Will we ever get previews of the questions being asked in interview?

  • Joanna<3

    Sounds awesome Mike! 😀 looking forward to all the new stuff. Shurtugal is the best! And, you guys are amazing!