Ed Speleers Live Chat

Fans of the Eragon movie may be interested to hear that Ed Speleers, the then-unknown actor who played Eragon in the Eragon movie is holding an online video chat with his fans on Wednesday, December 2nd. Interested fans can visit EdSpeleers.com and register/login to receive more details regarding the web chat. Be sure to tell him we sent you!

  • Nightslayer

    I’m hoping out for one. I missed the chat and i want to know what he’s got to say

  • Firestone

    So are you going to post a transcript?

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Awesome! I’m more of a Garret Heldund fan, but Ed Speelers is cool.:) We should ask him if Eldest is coming up.

  • Irnstad.the.rider

    Will there be a transcript of the chat?


  • yehboy

    did anyone see that chat cause i would have asked him if he knew if they were making anouther movie

  • ShurtugalLiam

    wow lol … an online chat =P ive got a couple of questions to ask him

    i think ed fit the role of eragon perfectly, despite the film being lame etc. i cant think of any other actor who could replace him.

  • Evarinya

    Awesome! So there’s still that thing with the movie? Sweetness. Can’t wait to see what it’s going to be! :]

    Ooh! Ed was a pretty good actor. Even though he didn’t exactly fit the description.. Ah well.

  • sonia23

    will there be a transcript eventually

  • michelle

    What time on the 2nd?

  • Jade&Ophelia

    We don’t think your lame sweet!!. But, I agree the Eragon movie was lame.

    He has his own website? Whatever.

    I’m going to check it out.

  • sweet!!

    great!! looking forward to chat….hey just cuz the movie was lame…doesn’t mean that Ed’s role was dum…..he did really well and really suits d description except for the hair and eyes…anywayz…Ed you rock!! call me a loser for thinking he is good if you should but you just can’t discourage such budding actors….

  • Mike

    No, I just saw this on my Twitter feed earlier today and figured I’d post it for those still interested in Ed Speleers. This is not the Eragon movie post I mentioned previously.

  • watthehell

    umm is this the thing about the eragon movie, cause if it is, pretty lame.