Upcoming Events with Christopher Paolini

Random House recently announced that Christopher Paolini will be attending two upcoming events to promote his latest releases, the Brisingr Deluxe Edition and Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia. Fans interested in meeting Christopher can find specific dates, locations, and other key information after the break. Please note that the two events are located in Montana. At this time, no other scheduled appearances have been announced.

Our friends at Random House have asked us to inform our visitors that the Livingston event originally scheduled for Sunday, November 29th has been rescheduled for Saturday, December 12th.

Sunday, December 6th
Event begins at 1 PM
2505 Catron Street
Bozeman, MT 59718
(406) 585-0383

Please note that the Livingston event has been rescheduled from November 29th to December 12th.
Saturday, December 12th
Event begins at 3 PM
Livingston Library
228 W Callender St
Livingston, MT 59047-2618
(406) 222-0862

  • WTF

    k guys seriously

    this was supposed to be a monthly interview. do u know how many months it has been?


    guess how many interviews we have.


    and whenever anyone complains u guys just delete it. wtf

    oh and dont give that bs that u have bills to pay and that you dont get payed to run this website. im pretty sure advertisments pay and i see a couple ads up top so why dont u just do wht u said or tell us u cant/wont and tell cp u wont so someone else can cause im getting really pissed off at how u guys are holding this right above our heads “oh were working on some really gr8 things”. guess what, i havent seen shit. and its been over 2 months since i saw thaat

  • Joanna<3

    Merry Christmas 😀 Hope everyone had a good day 🙂
    Happy Birthday Jesus!!!!! <3
    Merry Christmas CP and Shurtugal staff 🙂

  • Evarinya

    Happy Birthday Jesus :]

  • Glorfindel

    I couldn’t have said it better myself Firestone.
    And yeah, while I realize it could be possible, I was just messing around and throwing stuff out there. I don’t really think that that will happen anymore than anything else will.

  • Terminator

    Is CP going to have any special Christmas announcments for his fans? I guess not, the big day is only…48 minutes away.

    Merry Christmas everyone (US and such) and Merry Christmas CP.

  • Firestone

    Oh, and Glorfindel, that theory is very true, but I hope that is not the way it happens. I think C.P. will pick the more action way of happening, and have an agent of the Varden steal the egg.

  • Firestone

    Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas everyone! Let us not forget the reason why we celebrate Christmas, to celebrate Christ’s birth. Merry Christmas!

  • Firestone

    Well, for one thing that rumor is plain false, just so you know. He did not write the books all out at one time. He is currently writing book IV, which is common knowledge. Where did you hear that absurd rumor?

  • Engel1970

    I have heard a rumor saying the Inheritance Cycle was completed all at once and was to be released in three seperate books, but was changed to four. If that is the case, why such a VERY long intermission between book 3 and book 4??? By the time book 4 comes out I’ll have to re-read the first three, not a horrible thing, just time consuming…

    Happy Holidays – whatever you celebrate, if you do…

  • SomeRamdomPerson

    @ Glorfindel:

    Oooh very nice I like that theory. I never thought about that. Having one of them captured really would make things very desperate and hopeless. But it might be kinda redundant what with Murtaugh being enslaved and all. I still like it though!

  • Glorfindel

    And yes, Joyous Christmas Eve on this memorial of our Lord’s birth.
    I’m not trying to step on anyone’s toes here, just saying what I believe.

  • Glorfindel

    Interesting theories. I don’t think that it’s so obvious that the green dragon will hatch on the side of the varden. There’s so many ways it could happen. Also, think about this.
    “When all seems lost, and your power is insufficient, go to the Rock of Kuthian, and speak your name to open the Vault of Souls”.
    What could be more like everything seeming to be lost than the green egg hatching for a rider under Galbatorix’s domination? I think that may be it. Who knows? Maybe Roran or Arya will be captured, the egg will hatch for one of them, and Galbatorix will enslave them. Then, all being lost, Eragon summons the power of the Eldunarya and kills Galbatorix and frees the rider.
    Wild speculation, obviously, I’m just having fun. But the point of this discourse is that I think the green dragon is more likely to start out on Galbatorix’s side, then the Varden’s.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!! (Sorry, reading the Christmas Carol)

  • sirsimon

    I know its sounds strange and all, but…



    could he give us a christmas update?

  • Sarah

    Well, yeah, of course the egg isn’t wild. If it was wild, it wouldn’t be waiting to hatch for its Rider, since a spell must be cast over an egg to make it wait for its Rider to be present…

  • Binz

    Can we get an update… please?

  • Evarinya

    Its not going to be a wild dragon that hatches. Its going to be the egg in Galby’s castle. There are NO more wild dragons in Alagasea.. If there were, people would see them and i’m pretty sure that even if there was one, it would be way too proud to stay hidden. Don’t you think? And also, wouldn’t they notice a dragon egg laying around? Unless, somehow, it was hidden in the spine for all these years and no one has found it?
    I honestly don’t think that the egg is going to be wild. There are only 4 dragons in all of Alagasea, and unless they mate, there aren’t going to be any more. :[

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    That’s a good theory. There’s one problem, though: Arya fights with what is basically a rapier, and Tamerlien, the green sword, is more of a broadsword. There is too much of a difference between the blades and grips, so I don’t see Arya being too thrilled. Good idea, though, it might be possible.

  • archangel

    hey ive got idea… if arya became the next rider with greenie couldnt she take the green rider’s sword of that elf lord that eragon inspected? Rhunon said she would never make another rider’s sword

  • greenjeanz

    I don’t know about y’all but i wish they would update the site.

  • Sarah

    I’m pretty sure the green dragon is the one in Galbatorix’s egg. A wild one could fly in, but it says in one of the books that dragons are native to Alagaesia, so unless one flew away and decides to come back, it’s unlikely that’ll be the source.

    I’d like to think that the conflict is resolved well before the green dragon hatches. Let’s say Galbatorix is defeated, they find the last egg, and poof, it gets to hatch, thereby avoiding battle and conflict. Wouldn’t that be nice? Maybe “Greenie” has more sense than Thorn and will stay safe and sound in his egg until everything is resolved.

  • PrincessSerenity

    hey don’t knock the threory of a wild dragon or anything weird happenin…..the world goes beyond the boundaries of alagaesia…..i mean some of the beings that are inhabitants of the land now weren’t originally from alagaesia…..so there are other places out there and there is even land out past the beor mountains where they said in one of the books that not many ppl are sure of what’s out there…..CP can throw in any twist or surprise he wants with the fact that no one knows what or who is outside of the realms of galby and alagaesia……

  • Neytiri

    I don’t think that a wild dragon can “agree” to “take” a Rider… The bond between a dragon and its rider has to be created when the dragon hatches. The bond is a very complicated spell… that’s why I don’t think that Shruikan will “choose” a new rider after Galbatorix’s death, too. The new rider has to be Greeni’s.

  • sirsimon

    I think the green dragon will definitely be from the egg, and not a wild dragon, because there would be no need for the egg then

  • Bobga

    Maybe the green dragon isn’t from the “last” egg, maybe it’s a wild one. Dragons act in unexpected ways, and maybe a wild one will come into play, maybe even agreeing to take a rider. That way, it could play a significant part in the next book without requiring vast amounts of time for the dragon to grow up.

  • Evarinya

    I think it’s pretty obvious that Greeny is going to be on the Varden’s side.. But how is that going to work? How are they going to get Greeny when he is in Galby’s castle? Thats almost impossible to penetrate. How do they expect to get in?
    Does anyone have any theories?… Besides spontaneous combustion of the castle? =D

  • feanarang


    I don’t know that it has been confirmed that Greenie’s Rider will be on the side of the Varden, but if Galby were to get another Rider on his side, the Varden would be doomed. And the only thing that’s certain in this series is that Eragon and Saphira will live, and the Varden will eventually win the war. That hasn’t been confirmed, but CP won’t write an ending that has his Gary Stu (Eragon’s a personifiction of CP) losing or dying. So I think that the new Rider will be on the Varden’s side.

  • Tulkas

    Has it been confirmed that the green dragon will be on the side of the Varden? In Eragon Brom says that it would be suicide to try to steal one…

  • Mordor

    @Joanna<3: Really? You've never heard of it?
    Well it’s a really good book series (Like 20 books) written by Erin Hunter. IT’s about four groups of cats that fight for survival in thier territories. It’s very interesting and veyr, very popular. Here’s the first series in order:
    Into the Wild * Fire & Ice * Forest of Secrets * Rising Storm * A Dangerous Path * The Darkest Hour
    After that it’s another Warriors series called The New Prophecy. I’m reading them AWESOME.

    I like your theory, Littlebarzul, as much as a Thorn & Murtagh supporter I am.

  • PrincessSerenity

    Yea i like Littlebarzul’s theory a lot….bc i think that the people that are glad that there is a new rider that is pitched against galby but i also think that after galby and his dragon are killed that the people wouldn’t want dragons or riders around anymore (you know being worried that they will one day decide that they would want to rule and bc corrupt) and eragon and arya (assuming that she is the next rider) would want to ease everyone’s worries wpuld leave in order to protect them and make them happy (lol or just to leave to be alone on like a very long honeymoon…hehe sorry i love love love romance…im such a typical girl) but anyway that would leave murtagh and his dragon……so CP would need to kill off his dragon in some way…..who knows maybe murtagh does something horrible and forces eragon to kill thorn…..( i love drama too lol) omg i just wish the last book was here already so we could stop sayin what might happen and find out!!!!

    thanks for clarifying that feanarang…..i told you it was a while sincne i read them lol but i knew i was kinda close in a way lol

  • feanarang


    That’s a good thought, and it’s just as possible that the man on the beach is Murtagh. My opinion is that it’s Roran, but both theories have equal merit. Good idea.

  • yehboy

    umm wen is a new post gonna come haha its been like agez

  • sirsimon

    My pleasure Evarinya, I hopes it clarifies such things.

    I was thinking the other day, wouldn’t it be great if Paolini wrote a chapter about Saphira learning more about her mother and father?

    I mean Eragon has learnt much about his family, a treacherous brother, a rider father and his mother one of Morzan’s greatest assassins, but what about Saphira?

    It would comfort her to know more about her parents, her family.

    Let me know what you guys think?

  • Littlebarzul

    I’ve had a strong impression that arya and eragon will be the two on the boat, with their dragons flying in the air. I don’t the the man in anguish will be roran, but rather Murtagh. I believe thorn will die at some point, and the thought of Murtagh seeing the last 2 remaining dragons and riders leaving the land forever cause him to cry in anguish, lamenting his own personal loss. Brom’s dying words explained that losing one’s dragon makes life almost not worth living. Thorn dies, he’s the misfit of the bunch, mourns his situation and plight. And is left in Alagaesia to wear out the rest of his days.

  • feanarang


    I think you’re right about Trianna only appearing in Eldest. Thanks for correcting me!

  • Evarinya

    Ahh, thank you for clearing that up for me.

    Honestly.. I don’t thing Saphira is going to die. I mean if she died then Eragon wouldn’t exactly have any chance of defeating Galby. Besides, doesn’t he leave Alagasea with her? Remember his dream? Two people arm in arm walking onto a boat with two dragons in the sky. Im pretty sure that would be Eragon and Saphira, with Greeny and its rider. (Probably Arya) 😀
    But hey, we will only know untill book IV comes out!

  • Glorfindel

    I could be wrong here, but I think that Trianna doesn’t come in until Eldest.

  • Joanna<3

    Mordor 🙂 lol yes i did mean it humorusly
    and i just finished rereading the series like 2 months ago… but i have read the whole series about ten times through :D… my mom says i eat books XD
    i have never heard of these Warriors books… what are they about???

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Yeah, I think that it’s Eragon and Arya on the boat, but as for the dragons…. I have a theory that Saphira might die.:(

    Oh, feenerang, I agree with you on the Children of Huron series. They’re pretty good, but it’s not the same or as good as the original series, partly because J.R.R. Tolkien doesn’t write them.

  • feanarang


    You’re combining Angela’s prophecy with Eragon’s dream at the beginning of the chapter “Deathwatch” in Eragon. In his dream, Eragon sees a male and a female (unspecified species) who seem taller than everyone else (this could just mean more important) boarding a ship, hand in hand. Two dragons are circling overhead, and a man screams in anguish as the ship leaves. I agree with you, I think the male and female are Eragon and Arya, and the two dragons are theirs. I think the man who screams is Roran, who cannot bear the thought of never seeing his beloved brother again.

    Angela prophesies that Eragon will leave Alagaesia, never to return, and the last remaining Ra’zac curses Eragon to do so as well. Neither of these two beings (I think Angela is half elf and half human) say that another will go with Eragon, but I think his dream strongly implies it.

    You’re right, though, this also supports Eragon’s love interest being the Rider of the green dragon. This person has to have been in all three books, and that means the Rider will likely be female, meaning Nasuada (please no, CP), Trianna (Saphira doesn’t like her, and I think Trianna will end up dying in this next book) or Arya. Eragon doesn’t seem inclined to change his mind about whom he’s in love with any time soon, so I’d say this is also good evidence for Arya being the next Rider.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    I would like to think that Roran becomes the next King. Because as Orrin said, they cant have another immortal ruling them.
    I wonder though, after the Varden defeat the Empire, would the elves retake Illirea? or would they let the humans stay in control of it??
    either way… i believe that Arya would become the next rider, and i also agree that they do not have 6months to wait for the dragon to grow and be trained by eragon, which means that either the book stretches over 6 months or eragon kills galby (or murtaugh kills him! 😛 ) and the war ends and then it shows eragon training the new rider. Plus i think it would be nice to see a glimsp into the future after everything to see saphira’s babies and stuff… i think that would be cool 🙂

    on other notes … why does stuff come back to lotr? :S lmao!!

    hey shurty any new news on the book? or on that movie news? 🙂 …… mike, where is shurtugal.com based? at your house? or do you have an office somewhere? 🙂 just thinking, cause it would be cool if you did all this for us in your house 😛 😛 lmao ..jst a question 😛

  • sirsimon


    The green dragon’s egg will definately hatch in the final book, I think Paolini saved the best till last

  • coralstar

    wish he would come to houston. i took the sat on the 19. not as bad as i thought it would be.

  • PrincessSerenity

    Btw everyone has been talking about Arya being the next rider….if that does not happen i am goin to be SOOOOOOOOOO MAD….here is the reason it HAS to be her or ill like DIE!!!! in Angela’s lil prophecy about Eragon she said the last thing that would happen would be that Eragon and another with their dragons would leave alagaesia forever RIGHT??? OR something close to that at least…..i haven’t read my books since september 08….but anyway…..if Arya and Eragon are gona be together like they should be then she would need to be the one that left with him soooo in that case she would need the other dragon…..i can’t believe feanarang didn’t point that out lol….it always seems like you know everything lol….anyway it better happen bc if those 2 aren’t together im gona like burn my inheritance books (lol prolly not….unless CP really disappoints me)

  • Evarinya

    I’m just curious.. Is the egg going to hatch FOR SURE? Did CP say that it was going to hatch in Book IV? I can’t remember :S
    Could someone straighten this out for me?

  • Mordor

    Oh okay, here is the Power Of Three in order:
    * The Sight * Dark River * Outcast * Eclipse *
    Long Shadows * Sunrise *
    I’m reading Bluestar’s Prophecy and it’s really good. I’m hoping to be finished with The New Prophecy before Christmas. I just finsihed Midnight like thirty minutes ago. And my library has tons of Warriors book except Moonrise – the next one!

    Yeah, really. Paolini really needs to speed up the process. Brisingr came out in 08. We’ve been waiting for over a year now. I think I’m going to be so cross by the time the book comes out I’m not gong to be able to read it. I really hope it come out in 2010 and if not we should all write ‘fan mail’ complaining about the date. Jk!
    I was hoping it would come out by winter 2010 or earlier for that matter. But if Paolini is still that far behind suppose we can except to wait another 12-16 months.

    I agree with the ‘Arya’s going to be the Green Rider’ topic. I’ve supported her since I read Brisingr, but for Oromis’s sake only through logic resoning. I have debated about this with a lot of people (not from Shur’tugal). And I’m surprised at how many people have supported her. I don’t support Arya of some reason or another it’s because, as many of us have, gone through quite a few chracters only to be proven worng by re-reading the books. I think it would be great if some elf steped out of the shadows and became a Rider – unpredicted. However, reading Paolini’s work I have no doubt that is not going to happen. I think he’s very predictable but can quench my thirst for a good read. I’ve always thought some besides Arya would be awesome. But the Varden (as we all know) need someone stronger. And I think, once a Rider, Arya would be stronger than Eragon.

    Joanna<3 that's great. Have you read them all or are currently reading them? I'm stil reading he Retrun Of The King. However it is currently in my care, lonely because I got bored at the beggining and had some Warriros books to read. Lol, I suppose you meant humor in that comment? Forgive me for that terrible mistake.
    One Ring to rule them all One Ring to find them One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
    There happy?

    ~ Mordor

  • Sarah

    I don’t think Paolini is quite able to say how far through the book is, just because he himself doesn’t know. The series has already gone from trilogy to cycle; I bet even at this stage he occasionally gets an idea that absolutely MUST be included in the book. Today he might think he’s 3/4 of the way through, but maybe tomorrow he’ll only be 1/2, you know? My impression is also that he writes the books in pieces that he later puts together, and very little straight-through, so it would also be harder to count your progress that way. And some pieces might take more time to write than others; some scenes just jump out on the keyboard, while others probably take days of trying to make “work.”

  • Binz

    @ sirsimon

    I’m glad you could see the humor in that comment. I was afraid I would come across as a jerk.

  • feanarang


    I have read Narn i Hin Hurin (The Children of Hurin). I liked it, but it wasn’t as good as the rest of the LotR saga. Mostly because it was compiled by Christopher Tolkien (J.R.R.’s son) from J.R.R.’s writings. Some of the writings were unfinished, so CT finished them. That said, it was still really good. Just not as good as the rest of the saga.

  • Glorfindel

    Yeah, as much as I don’t like it, I can’t really see anyone else besides Roran or Arya being the next rider.
    Arya…. Has a lot going for her, but somehow, it just seems too…. pat, in a way. Like way to obvious. Something that makes you think “wow, what a cliche”. Ish. I dunno how to say exactly what I mean.
    And Roran, well, everyone has said what’s wrong with Roran. He would pretty much have to split from Katrina, unless the elves make her immortal. Which is possible, I guess, but VERY unlikely.

  • sirsimon

    Sorry about that guys, I miscommunicated.

    By the way Binz, as funny as that comment was, what I meant to say is that he one of the most courageous on the book, if he were real, dear god that would be something!

    and feanarang, I hear what you are saying, what I really meant to say is that Arya’s more experienced than Eragon.

    Whoever the rider will be, all will be revealed in the fourth book,

    I don’t want Paolini to rush potentially the best book in the series, but I wish he could put something on the website,

    maybe saying,

    “Hey everyone, I am having a blast at book four and as I am about three quarters through it, I can’t wait to show you what’s in store for Eragon and co.


  • Evarinya

    I agree absolutely and 100% with Feanarang.
    Nuff’ said 😛

  • Joanna<3

    @ mordor again lol 🙂
    (i haven’t been on here for days so i’m reading back through all the comments lol 🙂 )
    ‘One Ring to rule them all One Ring to find them One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness in them’
    -isn’t that ‘… and in the darkness bind them.’ ?

  • Joanna<3

    @ mordor
    “If there are any other LOTR fans out there
    please say so! Please, with Hobbits on top”

    I am!!!! lol 🙂 i have read the books many, many times over 🙂 definitely being one of my favorite book series… (next to IC of course XD)

  • feanarang

    Oops! Thanks for spotting that mistake! *blushes* Yes. I meant Orik.

  • MeghanSwiftSword


    Well spotted, I noticed that in Brisingr in the Ch. where Eragon and Roran were talking about relationships and immortality. Roran is a good choice, but he doesn’t have any time to learn how to become a Rider, and I am of the opinion that he cares about Katrina and his kid too much to want to be a Rider. He’s a good character because he’s the only one we’ve really seen as a true warrior who we can relate to because he doesn’t use magic (Murtagh was too, but now he’s a Dragon Rider, so I guess he doesn’t TECHNICALLY count. Emphasis on the TECHNICALLY.:)). I also think that it would be absolutely awesome if Roran were to become King of Alagaesia.

    Angela is a good character too, but we don’t know a whole lot about her because she’s so…blasted… Mysterious.:) We do know that she’s fairly old, however, and unlikely to become a Rider.

    Everyone else has covered why Orik shouldn’t be the next Rider, so it’s pointless of me to repeat.:)

    In my opinion, Arya would be perfect for the next Rider. She is strong enough, wise enough, and smart enough to be one heck of a lot better a Rider than Eragon, and let’s face it, the Varden are getting desperate.:) Feanerang, you gave an A.H.E.M. worthy explanation as to why Arya should be the next Rider, so you have my props on that.:)

    Speaking of LOTR, anyone read The Children of Huron lately?

  • Sarah

    You’re about spot-on, feanarang, except that Orrin is king of Surda. It’s Orik who’s the Dwarf king now.

    I think what’s key to Roran NOT becoming the next rider is that he would outlive Katrina. You hit that one on the nose. Add one to Arya becoming the next, because she has little or no mortal ties.

  • feanarang


    I wish I wasn’t being serious, but I’m going to be very surprised if the book is out earlier than halfway through 2011. I agree with Glorfindel, I think that the earliest possible release date is spring 2011.

    I’m about 99.9% sure that the new rider will be Arya. I know it’s predictable, but CP has said that the choice of the new rider will have “a certain inevitability” to it. The new Rider also has to have appeared in all three books. Characters who have appeared in all three books who have had good character development are: Angela, Roran, Nasuada, Orrin, and Arya.

    I will now provide evidence against all these characters (except Arya, there isn’t anything substancial).

    I think that Angela is the second most likely character to become the next Rider. However, I am of the firm belief that she is very integrated into an entirely different saga of Alagaesia than the IC. (Brisingr chapter “Intersecting Sagas). CP has also said that he has planted hints throughout the IC about a different storyline that doesn’t focus on Eragon. I think this storyline is central to Angela.

    Roran has been portrayed as Eragon’s opposite throughout the Cycle thus far. Eragon is strong because of his transformation and magic. Roran’s strength comes entirely from his will to survive and protect those he loves. Katrina says something to the effect of Roran being a greater warrior than Eragon or any magic user, because he can’t use magic to aid and protect himself. I think this contrast to Eragon’s character will continue. And if Roran became a Rider, he would outlive Katrina by infinity. Bad for a meaningful marriage relationship.

    Nasuada hates magic, and I hate her. She had Roran whipped for taking initiative that saved his men. But putting my prejudices aside, I don’t think that CP will make anyone who could potentially take the throne of the Empire after Galby the new Rider (which is also evidence against Roran, b/c there’s a lot of evidence that he will be the new king of Alagaesia).

    Orrin is a Dwarf. Dwarves aren’t part of the Rider pact, and thus it is impossible for him to become a rider. Plus he’s a king now. ‘Nuff said.

    And of these characters, Arya has had the most character development, she’s Eragon’s love interest (which doesn’t automatically make her the next Rider, I know, don’t jump on me), her magic matches the colour of the dragon, she’s already powerful, which means it would take less time to train her (Oh, and sirsimon? Arya needs to learn PLENTY about being a Rider. And do you really want to sit through 200 pages of Eragon repeating everything Oromis taught him? The Riders had secrets that were shared only among themselves, and sometimes even only among their highest levels. The “boring” part of Eldest (or at least the one people complained about the most) was Oromis’ training).

    The Varden don’t have 6 months to let Eragon train a new Rider in magic and swordplay. They need someone who can get the job done now. And don’t tell me that the Varden won’t win in the end. They will. CP’s not the kind of writer who makes the bad guy win, especially not when the main character is a Gary Stu (a reflection of the author himself).

    Wow. I might as well change my name to A.H.E.M. But I didn’t mention Murtagh. Guess I’ll have to stay being Feanarang. And I wouldn’t steal your name ever, A.H.E.M. I respect you and your theories too much.

  • Binz

    @ sirsimon

    The most courageous person you’ve ever known? I wasn’t aware that Roran was a real person? Can you introduce me?

    Roran didn’t actually travel twice the distance. He went from Carvahall to Surda. Eragon traveled much farther, as he went from Carvahall to the Beor Mountains.

    Just thought I’d point that out.

  • sirsimon

    Roran of course, he is one of the most courageous person I have ever known, Eragon is brave, but he’s got Saphira and leaders and armies to back him up.

    Roran had to travel twice the distance of Eragon, with thirty people behind him,

    now that is worth ridership!

    Arya could be a good rider, but she’s already powerful, too powerful..like Eragon, we need one who can learn and grow from such a bond, and that’s why its so interesting, Arya with the green dragon would make it tedious and boring, I mean, she would know everything about being a rider and that would be no fun.

  • iceblade

    Who do you guys think will be the last rider for the last egg?

  • Glorfindel

    I’ve got to agree with Feanarang on the release date. I can maybe see it being the spring of that year, since he’d been working on it, but no earlier. But then, who knows how much he had done?

  • ShurtugalLiam

    I hear you sirsimon. Reading eragon truly does invoke a feeling of companionship towards people.

    and i think its great that we can all sit here and talk to each other in a friendly environment, i think we owe quite a lot to mike and his team for that … so thanks mike! 😀

  • PrincessSerenity

    OMG i’ve been working so much the past few days….I haven’t been able to get on the computer at all. I swear they are going to work me to death lol or at the very least my legs are gonna fall off from standing so much lol.

    Anyways feanarang you can’t be serious about the release date being in 2011!!! I’ll die….i ;like it when the books get published every year….like Melissa Marr’s series….she published her book Wicked Lovely then the next year she published Ink Exchange then the next year she published fragile Eternity….it’s awesome when things work out like that….someone should light a fire under CP lol….maybe Saphira!!!! Oh….but btw ppl that like actiony books prolly wont like the melissa marr books i mentioned…they are fantasy romance books about fey….i have very diverse tastes lol

  • Evarinya

    Sadly No Robert. Did you get to?

  • Bob

    Was anyone here able to attend either of these events?

  • sirsimon

    I agree with your statement feanarang, but I just hope it won’t be that long.

    And I think my favourite thing about the entire inheritance cycle is the powerful bond that exists between rider and dragon, seeing Eragon and Saphira supporting each other and loving each other makes me warm inside and I think this is a message that Paolini is trying to relay,

    The most powerful friendships can be forged by the most unlikely of pairs, and that no matter if you are human or non human, friendship is one of the greatest things in life that we enjoy.

    And in a more lighter tone, I think freindships are being forged on this website at this moment,


  • feanarang


    I was on Power of Three, and I’m pretty sure that I read Dark River, maybe even the one that comes immediately afterward. But I can’t remember what that one was called.

    Oh, and we definitely won’t see Book IV released on New Years Day. Trust me, there will be plenty of hype for MONTHS beforehand, helped by our good friends the Shurty staff.

    Here’s an important fact to remember, though: Eldest was released in August of 2005. Brisingr was released in September of 2008. Three years passed. I do remember CP saying that because he had planned on the Inheritance Cycle being the Inheritance Trilogy, he had written some of Book IV by Brisingr’s release date. But I think (due to all the loose ends and such) that we’re looking at a bigger book than Brisingr. So while an October release (as sirsimon said) is feasible, I don’t think it’s likely at all. I think that we will hear a release date at Christmas next year (2010). My guess as to the release date is Summer 2011, probably August that year. I hope I’m wrong and it’s earlier… but I just don’t think it’s possible.

  • ShurtugalLiam


    dont you mean 1st january 2010?? 😀

  • WoW1323Zeedawg

    In my opinion the best thing about CP story is saphira… she makes it all worth reading over and over and over again

  • WoW1323Zeedawg

    The only book series that can compete (stoy wise) with CP inheritance story is…
    The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. thats about it

  • Evarinya

    Yes! The Fellowship of the Ring, that one was my favorite. And yeah, Gandalf does do something of that sort in the II Towers. Ahh, and you do have a point there. A book is absolutely NOTHING without a villan.. BUAHAHA >:]

    Yeah, I’d say that i’m ready for another update too.
    There is no way that he is going to release Book IV by January 1st. Didn’t he say not too long ago that he was no where close to finishing it? It will probably take another 2 years before he is completely satisfied with it. But hey! We can only hope for it to come swiftly.

  • Novana

    Inhertiance rox!

  • Mordor

    Yeah, I agree feanarang, he does describe things very well. I like how in the battle at Helm’s Deep, Legolas & Gimli were having that contest. I remembered it from the movie, Lol.

    What Warriors book did you last read?
    I’m on A Dangerous Path which is the fifth of the first series of Warriors. The second series is The New Prophecy then The Power Of Three and I think there is more. I could probably tell you what book is next. I have Dark River which had all the books up to Dark RIver on the back.

    The Fellowship, Evarinya? That was really good, It’s my fave out of the two since I’ve yet to read Return Of The King, in fact I’m reading it but it’s due back to the library. NOO! And, I like Gandalf to I thought it was awesome in The Two Towers (I think) when he had his grey cloak, then threw it off and Aragorn was like The White Rider! Somthing like that 😀
    But my favorite character is Aragorn and Saroun, you couldn’t have the good book with the Villian.

    Sam is awesome, Padfoot. I think he’s very brave. He showed that at the end of Two Towers, when he slipped on the Ring.

  • Iceblade

    Hey, CP: can we pleeeeeeaaaase speed it up just a little bit; I’m running out of other books to read.

  • sirsimon

    I adore the Chronicles of Narnia, second best (wink) I can’t wait for the VOTDT film.

    I don’t think Paolini would release it on January 1st because it takes about four – six months to edit it, information releases two months before its release and about one – two years to write, so I think it will be finished in March, ready for an October release.

    Also, I think Gimli and Gandalf are my favourite LOTR characters lol

  • Skulblaka

    I hope CP is almost done writing Book 4. I will hurt him if he majorly messes up and doesn’t please fans (me) of how we want the book to be. Although I know he will do something that will shock everyone .(he always does) . It will be awesome if he publishes it on January 1st, 2009

  • feanarang

    Yeah, I agree about the update… It’s probably just about time for a “monthly” newsletter from CP. He’ll probably send out a Christmas newsletter, maybe we’ll get a hint at when Book IV will come out then.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    im in my english lesson watching chronicles of narnia lol, does anyone else like the series? i think the films are better than the books though XD

    and yeah, i think the time is ripe for an update 🙂 it would be great for an update to celebrate the new year 😀

  • Evarinya

    Gandalf is my favorite ;]

    Yeah! I wonder how ol’ CP is doing writing that book of his 😛

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    FRODO!!! I like Sam the best tho. 😀

  • Anxious

    Does anyone have any information regarding the conclusion of the Inheritance Cycle? The last book came out in ’08. Hey is almost 2010! Come on, Christopher! Please give us an update….

  • sirsimon

    Its been a while since there was any news on this site, its burning me up, and I wonder how far Paolini is into book four?

    Its been september since an update and that was just about a chapter.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    im hungry …….. lmao!!!! 😀

  • Evarinya

    I gotta say I liked the 1st book the best. Not the hobbit, but the first one with Frodo.

  • PrincessSerenity

    lol its usually hard for ppl to guess im a nerd lol in high school i was always in the popular pretty girl group lol (Im not tryin to sound vain btw its just what the group i hung out in high school with was called lol) when ppl found out that i liked stuff like this they were like WHAT!!! i was stereotyped a lot as the dumb blond lol….i hate stereotypes they suck.

    hey what do you guys think eragon and the other charcters would be like in todays world? I think murtagh would be the misunderstood bad boy, arya would be the popular beauty and eragon owuld be a goofball in the bginning but transform into the good guy that all the girls love lol.

  • feanarang


    I think the Two Towers is my favorite book that Tolkien’s written. The battle of Helm’s Deep is awesome. I love Tolkien’s descriptions, it makes it so easy to imagine his world.

    I’ve read some Warriors too. I’ve kinda lost track in that series lately, but i’d love to get going on it again.

  • Mordor

    I did hesitate to post, much less get an account on here, mainly because my dad is anti-forum but I think I’ve convinced him I just comment on here lol.

    There are nerds, then there are Proud nerds. And I have met some nerds before (Not on this website) who aren’t proud and that’s just lame. If your a nerd be proud of it, I am 😀
    I think I’m a nerd with Inheirtance – I quote it a lot and I could answer anything, I’ve read them like 4 times. LOTR Which I’ve only been reading for a couple weeks and I’m hooked. And Warriors, which at first seemed to young for me, but I got over it and I’m reading it anyways. (I’m on book 4) It’s surprisingly entertaining, when Inheriatnce can’t help my mood. . . . . . .
    I used to be a Harry Potter freak (I never read 1 2 or 7) . Then my older sister gave me Eragon to read when I went on a road trip and I couldn’t put it down. Apparently it’s unhealthly. Pff! I read all three in a couple days, which for me is okay. I like taking my time reading things and read good parts of the book 2 or 3 times befroe I move on. That’s why I’m not done with Two Towers yet.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Same here, feanerang.:) I keep it secret, but I still play Star Wars the Force Unleashed lol.:D I guess we all just have to be nerdy with what we’re nerdy about and be proud!

  • feanarang


    Haha, thanks. I wasn’t actually being down on myself, just so you know. But I agree, everyone is nerdy in one way or another. Mine happens to be LotR, Inheritance, and Star Wars.

    Oh, and being scared to post on here doesn’t make you a loser. It’s normal. Overcoming being scared, that makes you awesome. lol.

  • ShurtugalLiam


    i see your point, they actually havent had a fair fght. lol, but i think if eragon and saphira separate murtaugh and Thorn from the eldunari they have, i think his speed will decrease, because remember how he blocked eragon’s sword in brisingr and eragon was like “HUH?!?!?!” i think it has something to do with galby giving him the speed and strength of an elf, maybe? so i think if he didnt have the hearts of hearts then eragon would be able to defeat him.

    does anyone have a clue ABOUT them eldunari that murtaugh has? because as eragon noticed, thorn doesnt wear any saddlebags and no-one helps him. and there was that man in the tent, who said he saw the lights shine THROUGH murtaugh, my thoughts are the eldunari are INSIDE him? maybe? and that that man can see energy flowing, because he can see eragons palm and the jewels on his belt.
    In my opinion, eragon should’ve stayed there and questioned him a little more, or that he should go back at least …

  • PrincessSerenity

    Btw feanarang you said you were nerdy….everyone is nerdy in their own way or another it’s what makes everone unique. Nerdiness is cool in my opinion. Hey I’m such a loser that I was scared to post something on here for a while bc i thought ppl wouldnt like me or talk to me lol

  • feanarang

    I learned some of the languages from the book, but mostly I learned from dictionaries and programs online. The books (more than one, remember?) don’t have a lot of translations, except in the appendices. So I learned from the the appendices and online.

  • MeghanSwiftSword


    I’m not sure that Eragon could crush Murtagh tht easily, even with all the energy he’s been given. What really annoys me is that we havn’t exactly been given a fair fight between Murtagh and Eragon since they sparred in “Eragon”, and even then we didn’t see the outcome of who would have won.

    Energy-wise, I would say that Eragon should be able to defeat Murtagh (Though not without a hard fought battle from Murty, I’m sure.), but duel-wise… It’s hard to tell. I’m of the opinion that Murtagh’s actual skill with a sword is better than Eragon’s, for he studied swordplay longer, and if you recall, when he and Eragon fought in Book 1, it was Eragon who gave up first. However, when Eragon transformed into a half-human, half-elf, he probably could have won with heightened speed and strength.

    I personally hope that if Eragon finds a way to free Murtagh, Murtagh too will become a half-elf, half-human, so we can at least see he and Eragon having a fair fight. It’s not likely, but we can always hope.


    Woah. You have an awesome name-origin!:)

  • LineaElda

    How weird, I dreamt last night about the remaking of “Eragon” [the movie]… Oh, I can’t wait for the movie news!!!!!

  • tnt

    um feanarang did you memorise languages from the book??

  • feanarang

    The suffix (ang) is Sindarin, in Quenya it would be anga. I’m not entirely sure, but I believe that Feanor (and thus Feanar) is Quenya, as Feanor was High-Elven (one of the Noldor). So my proper screename name in Quenya would be Feanaranga.

    So I did mix the two languages a bit. And my Elvish isn’t super good. My Quenya is better than my Sindarin, but Sindarin is to Quenya as modern day English is to Shakespeare. It’s pretty similar in most aspects, though some words are completely different.

    There are some good Elvish (both Quenya and Sindarin) dictionaries online, if you wanted to learn a few words.

    Yes, the LotR “Trilogy” is six volumes, and if you factor in The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, The Lost Road (unfinished) and Unfinished Writings, it’s even more. You could even add Narn i Hin Hurin (The Children of Hurin) to the list, but it was compiled from a bunch of J.R.R. Tolkien’s notes by his son.

    No problem. Happy to help. Liv Tyler would have been good for Arya, but I don’t think she was the best person to pick to play Arwen. Every other role in the movies was case so well though, that one stood out. She wasn’t bad, I just think they could have picked better.

    Yes, I noticed the correlation between the Beor Mountains and the Beornings. The bears in CP’s AL (ancient language) are called Beors, and the elves named the mountains for those bears.

    I believe that the Beornings gave themselves their name, and that it isn’t Elvish (when I say Elvish i’m referring to Tolkien, I’ll refer to CP’s language as the AL).

    There. I have just revealed the full extent of my nerdiness.

  • PrincessSerenity

    Omg…..you drove six hours to that event….I would have died….I wish Paolini would come to North Georgia or Tennesse….I swear no one good ever comes where I live….it’s not fair….n are they even gonna make an eldest movie?….idk about other places, but the eragon movie didn’t seem to catch on big here in the south as much as the book did.

  • sapharyagon

    Got back from the event in Livingston a little bit ago. There were about 50 people there…very small crowd. It was really cool. He talked about Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia (which I missed most of…had a six hour drive from Idaho) then he took some questions, and signed books for awhile. He had his original artwork there too. It was very much worth the drive!!

  • mufajir01

    “@Mordor: I was going to say that I’m glad t
    o see another Lord of the Rings fan on here.”
    “If there are any other LOTR fans out there
    please say so”
    one of the great fantasy novels being discussed and u guys didnt think there would be a bunch of lotr fans? lol
    i too am a lotr fan ! 🙂

  • ShurtugalLiam

    im feeling left out here so … i hope they remake eragon, they have a lot to make up for in Eldest, so much i think it would have to be in 3 parts to get all the information from Eragon and Eldest in …… just my speculation lol 😛

  • Glorfindel

    “MY order”. Nice, I love it.
    Ah, good to see so many Lord of the Rings nerds on here.
    Ya, about the copying. Doubtless those who have read “The Hobbit”, have noticed the correlation between the “Beor Mountains”, (Doesn’t Beor mean bear? Or the massive bears are called beor or beorn?)
    and the massive man/bear in the hobbit who’s name is Beorn.

  • sirsimon

    I am a big LOTR fan, but a even bigger inheritance cycle fan.

    I have to say though, news has been quite slow recently

    Should they remake Eragon, they should do what Jackson and Del Toro are doing for The Hobbit, listening to the fans.

    I mean, I enjoyed the film, (Saphira as a cub was just adorable) and the acting was quite impressive, they cut out half the book. What they should do is have maybe Mike or Robert as part of the project.

    And of course Paolini, he was on a book tour during the film and had no input into the film other than the novel

  • Tulkas

    @feanarang Thank you for the compliment. Don’t be decieved by the name; it took me about three months to work up the courage to post on here. So you know Elvish? That’s so cool… I wish that I knew Elvish. Is your name in Quenya or Sindarian? And no, it’s not a Trilogy. Tolkien wanted it to be published in one book, and there are actually six volumes.
    @PrincessSerenity I agree, Liv Tyler would probably of been best for Arya. But it would seem like outright copying. Two warrior black-haired princess elves, who are both loved by a mortal man? Or maybe she was already doing something… I’m of the opinion that they’ll remake Eragon someday when Technology develops a bit, like how Peter Jackson remade the animated LotR. Maybe after The Hobbit, as the would have Smaug as an example for Thorn and Glaedr. Back to the copying thread… I’ve noticed that many names have had the letters changed somewhat from names in LotR, but I think that CP improved on LotR. What really annoys me is the Dwarf god MORGOTHal, who is listed with the other gods and given homage to in Tarnag, when Morgoth was evicted from my order.

  • PrincessSerenity

    Hey thanks feanarang….I can be so dumb sumtimes. Oh and who else thinks that Liv Tyler aka Arwen from Lord of the Rings should have been Arya in the movie? I mean she looks way more like the Arya that was described in the book…my personal choice for the character though would have been Amy Lee from Evanescence (shes awesome!!)

  • feanarang

    Sorry to double post… but I needed to answer this question.


    LotR=Lord of the Rings. First letter of each word. It’s an acronym.

  • feanarang

    @ mordor, Glorfindel, Tulkas, and aragorn:

    I too am a LotR fan. A big one. Like enough to learn some Elvish. For instance, my screenname? Remember Feanor from the Silmarillion? Feanor (the name) means Spirit-of-Fire. The suffix/prefix ang (as in Morgoth’s Angband) means iron. Ergo, Feanarang: Spirit-of-Fire-Iron. Just to prove how nerdy I truely am. lol.

    And Tulkas! Awesome name! The Valar who is “Greatest in strength and deed of prowess.” True LotR fans know that it’s not a trilogy.

  • PrincessSerenity

    I was wondering what is LotR? I love Lord of the Rings….but, none of my friends are into stuff like me…..they all think that they are too old (at 20) to be into Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and all the other cool stuff like this out their…..but, i just recently discovered this whole world of fantasy not to long ago….sooooo im still a lil clueless to some things

  • ShurtugalLiam

    lol, i dont want to sound a spoil sport so ill just say quietly i dont like lotr …. haha

    but i do not think that CP copied lotr or star wars, me being a star wars fan, the only things i think are the same is the empire being evil, the teacher dying (but obvious Oromis dies much more valiently than Yoda XD) and thats about it ….. sorry if anyone sees more than that 😛 if you do, please inform me 🙁 im afraid i must be a little blinded lmao!!! 😛

    and welcome icf 🙂 it is truly great to hear Paolini’s work is read in the east 😀

  • Evarinya

    Sorry to burst your bubble theory.. but remember that even if Galby couldn’t talk, he could still use magic to save himself. :[
    Btw, I am a very big LotR fan :]
    However, I found the last book very boring and hard to read.. and it wasn’t as good as the first one.
    But hey, still a great series.


  • Mordor

    Yeah. Lord of The Rings are the only books I’ve seen that in. I like the way Tolkien does it better xD.

    What do you think of Glaby drowning? Like Shurikan tackles Galby & sits on him in at the bottom of Leona Lake. Lol. It would have to be in veiw of Dras Leona, of course.
    I guess it’s an okey theory, but it’s not as good as spontaneous combustion.

    ~ Mordor
    In The Land Of Mordor Where Shadows Lie

  • Glorfindel

    Uhh… Do you mean the difference in quotation marks?

  • Mordor

    Awesome, hi aragorn. Lol, that’s funny, I remember when the Dark Riders of Mordor (me) found Frodo & current company, he yelled somthing like that at Weathertop. I’m not sure what. It was in the Fellowship.
    So, anyone LOTR fanz, I love the little paragraph thingy at the begining of the books, however I find the line ‘Nine rings for mortal men doomed to die’ kind of creepy.
    But my favorite:
    ‘One Ring to rule them all One Ring to find them One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness in them’
    On Imbd (Internet movie data base) they have quoted for LOTR. I don’t know about any of you LOTR fans, but has anyone noticed that Tolkien has his dialouge like this: ‘Glorfindel!’ instead of “Glorfindel!” I thought it was weird – I’ve never seen an athour have it like that.
    Hey Firestone! Thanks for the webiste I’ll check it out.

    ~ Mordor
    In The Land Of Mordor Where Shadows Lie

  • Firestone

    Mordor and Glorfindel, I too am a LotR fan, but if you want to find LotR fans on another book (and movie) website, visit Narniaweb.com.

  • sirsimon

    Glad that you like my theory, and I believe Paolini does have an imagination, and a very marvellous one at that, how could he have created such a world?

    and icf, glad to meet you, its nice to hear that Paolini is appreciated even in the far east.

  • icf

    Although i’m a Chinese, I love Iheritance Cycle verymuch, and that new is really a good new.

    –one of Iheritance Cycle Fans in China

  • kendy.kendy

    wow, nice to be here again 😀 I’ve got some problems with the website, I don’t know why but I couln’t enter..!
    Will be a special layout for christmas ??
    Any news about publishing the books (I mean the guide and the D.E.) in other countries?

  • aragorn

    If Paolini follows the Star Wars script it would end with Murtagh killing Galbatorix.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Lol thanks for the time-zone help 😛 i just noticed the time differences haha!

    and i agree with a lot of theories, especially he one concerning Murtaugh. It would seem proper for him to enact revenge for his imprisonment.

    has anyone thought of the next duel between eragon and murtaugh? 😛 if you remember, eragon has aren, plus all the energy in the twelve gems on his belt of beloth the wise, plus Blodgharm and his elves, if he also combined forces with du vrangr gata, he would be able to crush thorn and murtaugh. and then theres Glaedr …. it seems eragon would be able to easily crush murtaugh.

    im a little curious as to a few things, anyone got any thoughts on:

    the old hermit Tenga; Angela; Sloan’s fate; Brom’s sword’s location, and also what would’ve happened to Oromis’s sword? would murtaugh have taken it to Galby? or would Islanzadí have sent elves to retrieve it? sorry if im not meant to put this here guys XD …

    whens the next Q A??? 🙂 thanks shurty staff

  • Mordor

    I need help with these confusing forums.
    If anyone can help me please do.
    I went to register and I selectedmy birthday, but I entered the wrong year. When I clicked to the next page, I noticed this when it was loading. So, now it says I need my parents permission to get any farther, and I cannot figure out how to delete my registration.
    Help wanted.

  • Mordor

    You might, Glorfindel. As there aren’t enough Lord Of The Rings fans on any websites I go to. Were I the latter I’d be a dragon, therefore I am (or was) Jade.
    On this webiste I go to, I run a Inheritance Cycle fan club on its forums. I am called Jade, a Half-Elf. Father, being a Rider and my mother an Elf. Ophelia’s my really annoying dragon who’s dark purple with black streaks on her wings. My eyes as an Elf are jade green. But they’re not in reality. . . . . . . . .

    Anyways, I agree with you there Firestone, I don’t think he will copy Star Wars, despite the fact it would be awesome if he made that kind of plot. But, alas! He’d probably get harrased by Star Wars fans if they read that and didn’t like it, realizing he copied the plot from Star Wars.

    Woo hoo! Go you, Tulkas!
    If there are any other LOTR fans out there
    please say so! Please, with Hobbits on top . . . .
    I wonder if anyone from Mordor or Isenguard has had Hobbit? Hmm . . . . . I haven’t.

    And I have noticed little things here and there, about the Inheritance Cycle. Lake Isenstar Paolini copied ‘Isen’ from the famous, Isen or Isenguard. The Beor mountains? The Beorings in LOTR. Just small things like these get me. Also, you have the main characters, in our case: Eragon and Frodo both traveling with their best friend, Saphria and Sam, with an old, old wizard (Can he not be called that?) Brom and Gandalf. Lol, strikes me as funny. Anyone agree?

    ~ Mordor
    In the Land of Mordor where shadows lie

  • Evarinya

    I hope CP doesn’t use the Star Wars theme.. that would be awful!
    Sure, the movies and books were awesome, but he should do something different 😛

  • Tulkas

    I’m a LotR fan! Well, more The Silmarillion…

  • Glorfindel

    Will not copy Star Wars… At least, no more than he has already, perhaps.
    @Mordor: I was going to say that I’m glad to see another Lord of the Rings fan on here. Then I noticed that you were Jade&Ophelia.
    Might I inquire as to whether you are the former or latter half of the name?

  • Firestone

    Ahh, well that is just it, Sirsimon, Paolini has an imagination, and will not copy Star Wars.

  • ShaakTi

    why can’t Poalini come to Crispy California and do some of these things here.

    beware of the incredible power jedi master Shaak Ti uses

  • Bob

    The server’s time zone is set to GMT…don’t know why…wish it wasn’t…can’t really change it.


  • Sarah

    I definitely want the dragons to have a say in how Galbatorix dies. Murtagh and Eragon are great and all that, but it’s the dragons whose race was nearly driven to extinction, and they are at least as powerful as their riders. Given the abuse Galbatorix has done to Thorn and Shruikan, it would be poetic if they were the ones to defeat him. If it’s not them, then I would say Eragon ought to do Galbatorix in–when the dragons healed him in Eldest, they gave him the strength to do “what he must,” or something to that effect. They prepared him for a specific mission or task. Let’s see what it is. I do wonder if that spell was really wrought by the memories of ancient dragons, or if it was cast by the Eldunarya currently in Galbatorix’s grasp (albeit across a great expanse of the land, and without his knowledge).

  • Mordor

    ‘No no, dear boy, it’s not calling names. Merely… applying adjectives to specific people.’ That’s hilarious. Lol.

    Oh, that would be cool, sirsimon. A Star Wars plot sounds interesting. And I had always hoped that Murtagh would destroy Galby instead of Eragon. I would be very sad and perhaps burn my Eragon book if Paolini makes Eragon heroically kills Galby.

    MeghanSwiftSword, I like that idea. Though, I heard from someone that Shruikan is bound by dark spells and the dragon’s true name. I should think that Shruikan would rebel either way. If he could possibly find a way to come out from under Gably’s control. Perhaps Murtagh and Thorn, if they break free form his control, could help that poor dragon . . . .

    WoW1323Zeedawg, I would appreciate it if you didn’t curse on this website. Merely, because sometimes children get on and read these posts. And I don’t think I am the only one uncomfortable with it.
    If it is not to much to ask.

    I have no idea about the time zones, ShurtugalLiam. Lol, this website is certainly a different time zone than mine. Btw I’m in the States.

    ~ Mordor
    Lol I am Jade&Ophelia I got an account.
    It’s way better than loging in as a guest all the time.

  • tnt

    i like sirsimons theory but i dont think he’ll do exactly that and saphira wouldn’t let eragon do that.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    how many hours ahead of the US is the UK? cause im posting comments at like 10 oclock-ish and its saying 4 on here .. so does that mean like 6 hours?? ?? sorry if i sound daft here XD im not very “in touch” with the US and stuff except Inheritence and Politics :L

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Lol your guy’s theories are brilliant! If anyone has a Youtube account, put some of these on!

    How about:

    Shruikan gets all mad at Galby, decides to sit on him, then Murtagh comes over and slices off his head.:P

    Murtagh: Yay! I’m free!

  • sirsimon

    If Paolini is using Star Wars as an inspiration for the layout of the story, then Galbatorix will overcome Eragon, Murtagh will watch and seeing his brother getting tortured, Murtagh will attack Galbatorix and throw him off a great height, where Thorn will eat him, Shruiken may die out of injury, grief or joy

  • ShurtugalLiam

    your welcome Evarinya 🙂 and i think the theory of Shruikan sounds interesting … galby could’ve overlooked this … whens the next Q A guys? 😛 ive just thought of an interesting question, but im going to re-read the other Q A’s first, so no-one has asked this before hand 😛

  • Bambi

    I don’t think Eragon will kill Galbitorix. I think it will be Murtagh. The hot guy is always the one that kills the bad guy…..and Murtagh is definitely the hotter 1 between him and Eragon in the movie. Know who else is pretty cute. Christopher Paolini….cute, smart, imaginative…..is he married? hehe jk

  • Evarinya

    Glad to hear that someone likes my silly little story :]
    Thank you ShurtugalLiam.

  • Glorfindel

    I still hold to my opinion that Galbatorix will die “upon a surfeit of peaches and ale”.

  • tnt

    i think it is fun to think about it but i also think were having a bit to much fun thinking how someone will die.

  • sirsimon

    How right you are, its just a bit of fun, discussing how Galby will perish, nothing wrong with that, and the ideas posted are interesting 🙂

    Shame that some don’t see eye to eye 🙁

  • mufajir01

    “due to his own ego and self aggrandizement Galby may have over looked this) and I would love to see Eragon find Shruikan’s true name”
    i dont think so tho
    cause it was morzan who was described as the one who overlooked stuff not galby.

  • duckbutter

    We know that Galby’s name comes with the spell that will kill anyone who says it . However, I don’t think Shruikans does (due to his own ego and self aggrandizement Galby may have over looked this) and I would love to see Eragon find Shruikan’s true name, then have the dragon bite good old Galby in half. That would be awesome! It might be possible, as it’s never mentioned that Shruikan is a name slave, but rather enslaved through various dark spells.

  • Glorfindel

    No no, dear boy, it’s not calling names. Merely… applying adjectives to specific people.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    MY USER NAME WORKS!! 😀 yay!! lol … sorry, just thought i should say =P thanks surty staff

  • ShurtugalLiam

    oh dear AHEM … sitting there wasting all that time to write something that not a SINGLE person on here wants to hear. If your going to spoil all our fun and stuff, i think you best clear off now. there was a reason mike blocked you, and i think he had every reason to. “/ you didnt “intentionally” mean to insult people, so why sit there then and blatantly say crap like that.

    Evarinya ignore him. I was having a bad day when i read your theory and it really put a smile on my face. true AHEM every has a right to say what they want, but stop slamming people down. we can say what whatever theories we want (despite that this isnt the place to post them 😛 sorry robert XD)

    and correcting my spelling, oh am ever so sorry. “/ (( note the sarcasm! ))

    i too thought of you as a great person who could come up with good theories and have a laugh and joke, i guess you can’t be right about everybody…..

  • WoW1323Zeedawg

    If eragon even has a chance to defeat galby it will be because eragon learns galbys true name and the true name of the ancient language.

  • Evarinya

    Tear tear :[
    AHEM.. We were just having a bit of fun when we were talking about the different ways that Galby could die, As Jade&Ophelia said before.
    Lighten up a bit dude. Its just a website 😛 And one of the many things we like to do on here, of course, is poke a bit of fun at the mean characters of the book. :]
    We are all friends here right?
    Haha, remember what Mike said about posting on the internent angry? Number one No-No thing to do :]

    And Robert is right.. We are all acting like children. Calling people names? How old are we? 8?? Quite childish if you ask me :]

  • WoW1323Zeedawg

    No Firestone… its all in your imagination

  • Firestone

    Is swearing quite legal on this page, WoW1323Zeedawg?

  • Glorfindel

    Mufajir, I agree.

  • mufajir01

    “First of all, this bickering and name-calling isn’t very nice…I’m not even going to bother mentioning that this post isn’t really the best place to be for theories.”

    im sorry because i think that this is going to sound very messed up, but all this bickering is actually very interesting :p
    its like a story that i come on here to read

  • Bob

    First of all, this bickering and name-calling isn’t very nice…I’m not even going to bother mentioning that this post isn’t really the best place to be for theories.

    Second, the next Q&A…not sure. I’ll have to check on it.

  • Brillim

    @ A.H.E.M.

    You must really crave attention. Seriously, get over yourself.

  • Firestone

    I have a little off-topic question. Is the new questions page (for the next interview) going to be opened soon? Or are we coming to and end?

  • CallanDodds

    why can’t CP come to wonderful crispy california and do these kind of things here

  • WoW1323Zeedawg

    geners? DAMNIT genders there we go damn keyboard

  • WoW1323Zeedawg

    all.hail.emperor.murtagh hmm well i agree with that name, i must have missed the gener set in eragon because i was lulled to death from wasting my time reading about what roran was doing by the time i finished with roran in each section of eragon i was ready to commit suicide because it was so damn boring.
    yes i fucked up but nonetheless thorn is most definantly going to be saphiras mate, UNLESS the last dragon egg hatches for arya then it will prolly be greenie rofl. i realy do not remember them saying the geners in eldes please enlighten me with pg number plox

  • Glorfindel

    “(And it’s taken a considerable amount of self-control to type even this much in a moderately civil tone.)”.
    Meaning, I suppose, that you believe yourself to have been wronged, and me to have been unreasonable.

  • sirsimon

    I am a big Murtagh and Thorn supporter, they don’t deserve their misery, (lol for Zaroc) and their bond is as loving and powerful as Eragon with Saphira, Murtagh needs companionship that he never had, and Thorn needs one that can teach him the ways of life, they share each others company, and that’s heartwarming.

    Should Paolini destroy them off, I would be devestated, as I believe these characters haven’t been fully explored, only three times have they appeared and for that time they were planting swords and fangs into their past freinds.

    And by the way, Jade&Ophelia, I am a Arya/Eragon supporter, they balance each other off, Arya is wisdom, age, mystique and beauty. Eragon is courage, friendship and loyality and he has something Arya will never know…the values of humanity.

    Oh and All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh, I understand you ideals, but that doesn’t mean you can demoralize others by bashing their thoughts, criticism is supposed to help others improve. not kick them until they bleed.

  • Jade&Ophelia


    I’m not going to type a long paragraph complaining about how rude you post were blah, blah, blah. Just please don’t criticize my ‘fallacious nonsense’. I like my nonsense. Because that’s what it is. I just think Galbatorix should die a terribly hilarious death that we can mock, that’s all. I don’t think anyone should ‘heroically’ strike him down. He’s done so many infamous deeds, why wouldn’t I want him killed like that? It doesn’t have to make sense, Lol.

    Thank you for apologizing, I appreciate it very much. You’re forgiven on my part.

    On that happy thought, I am a Murtagh supporter. If anyone is going to be upped to a god Murtagh deserves it. Eragon had a great and normal life before he found Saphria’s egg and even now is life is still wonderful. But, Murtagh has had a freakin’ terrible life, all his life. And at the castle who’s to say it’s any better when he failed? Galbatorix might have him beat him when he fails as so many members on the forums think. They deserve a lot better. So, I think that they’re really cool.

    Are you an Eragon & Arya supporter? If you haven’t read my post about that please do, and comment. I am not one by any means.

    ~ Jade & Ophleia

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh


    I’m not intentionally trying to just insult everyone I can, and in retrospective I regret it if I’ve come across as demeaning or snappish. I have been in a rather tense state lately and not exactly in the best of circumstances or moods, which is part of the reason why I haven’t really commented much over the past several weeks. If I have come across as arrogant and less coolheaded than I endeavor to be under normal circumstances, then I apologize for not being in better control of my negative emotions, which have been rather more active than normal in recent days. I am, I will freely admit, currently not as patient or as even-tempered as I would normally be, online or off. (And it’s taken a considerable amount of self-control to type even this much in a moderately civil tone.)

    “Speaking of which, might I inquire how long, even with copy and paste, it took you to type that little bit of nastiness?”

    I get that question quite often, really. And like I’ve said several times before, I don’t use a timer to deliberately measure the amount of time between my posts. Posting here has always been more of a casual interest on the side, not a serious project that I try to devote I fixed amount of time to. If I was to make a guess, however, I would say several minutes.

  • Glorfindel

    … I’m not even sure what to say. I always respected you as a level headed, cool, openminded person who exposed bad reasoning, but didn’t deliberately insult people.
    My opinion of you dropped rather sharply.

    “(certainly it isn’t so much of an effort to spell his name correctly that you cannot take the time to do so?)”

    “I will not even lower myself to the level of explaining why such an ending would be entirely and completely the wrong move for CP at this point. Any consideration of this sort of ending beyond “what’s the stupidest way Galbatorix could possible die?” is a fallacy of logic that embarrasses the universe.”

    I’m rather disappointed that this is all the class and culture you have. Being rude is one thing.
    This is calculated acrimony.

  • Glorfindel

    Congratulations! They are a little trying at times, aren’t they?

  • Dragonwing.Begonia.


    If I may put it bluntly, you come off as incredibly arrogant, remarkably sententious, and too stiff and uptight for words.

    Now, I’m not saying that you ARE, merely that that’s what it’s coming off as.

    Most people aren’t coming on here to have an in depth discussion of the finer points of dwarven mythology. People come on here for the fun of the thing. The alternative endings are posted for fun and amusement. If some are too unsophisticated for your taste, then ignore them.

    *You obviously didn’t pay any attention to anything that Gannel said about dwarf mythology*

    Arrogance and condescension at its finest.

    “Sounds like an ending that Robert Newcomb would write. I will not even lower myself to the level of explaining why such an ending would be entirely and completely the wrong move for CP at this point.”

    Oh, I’m sorry, I mispoke. You’re not being condescending, that’s beneath you to even come this far down.

    Might I ask why you took the time and trouble to come on here and tell people why they haven’t read the books properly, and to mock the alternative theories? No one cares to hear your pretentious and sententious editorial on why they’re being foolish.

    I could go on, but there’s so much material, that I fear I really can’t take the time.

    Speaking of which, might I inquire how long, even with copy and paste, it took you to type that little bit of nastiness?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Glorfindel, I saw that! I saw the How LotRs Should Have Ended! ;D

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    Another thread goes to seed with random theories. And what a bunch of ridiculous ones they are.

    “in eldest, when eragon was in ellesmer(sry spelling), he saw a woman robed in white, but when he came 2 investegate, he found a she-wolf. remember, helsvog, the drorf god of stone (at least i think it was helsvog), first apperead as a she-wolf, so helsvog could come and support the varden, winning the war, than eragon will leave 4evar, becomming a god wharevar gods rule! interesting, hu? plz comment back!”

    You obviously didn’t pay any attention to what Gannel said about Dwarf Mythology.

    Helzvog was never associated with wolves in any way, shape, or form. The dwarf god that was associated with a she-wolf was Guntera, not Helzvog, and he was never said to have appeared as a she-wolf; he was BORN to a she-wolf at the “dawn of stars.”

    And why in the name of heaven would he make Eragon a god? If I was Guntera/Helzvog, I’d be more likely to do something closer to the lines of “smiting” than “apotheosis” at least as far as Eragon is concerned.(And BTW, if any mortal is so awesome that they must ascend to godhood, Murtagh would be a much better choice.)

    “Galby says, ‘I shall now use all the power of the Elundari to become the most powerful man in the world!’ *spontaneously combusts*”

    Sounds like an ending that Robert Newcomb would write. I will not even lower myself to the level of explaining why such an ending would be entirely and completely the wrong move for CP at this point. Any consideration of this sort of ending beyond “what’s the stupidest way Galbatorix could possible die?” is a fallacy of logic that embarrasses the universe.

    “Angela: Hmmm . . . . Okay. (Mwahahahahah)
    *Spoons soup into the bowl (it’s a really big bowl). Garnishes it with paprika, salt, pepper, rosemary, firecracker powder.*
    Angela: Whoops! Can’t get that out.
    *Servant comes and takes bowl to King Galbatorix.* Angela: Mwahahahaha!
    *The next day after Angela feasted on the castle’s food, she went back to the Varden.*
    Nasuada: Eragon, you may do the honor.
    *Everyone in the Varden are gathered around a
    pump. Lol*
    Eragon: Very well, stand back.
    *He pumps it* *HUGE EXPLOSION*
    *In King’s castle: *Gross sounds* Galby explodes into a million pieces*
    THE END”

    You do realize that flammable powder cannot combust when wet, don’t you? That’s like trying to set a wet piece of paper on fire. And firecracker powder, while being diluted and spread apart while in the very, very wet stomach of a human and mixed with innumerable other chemicals and substances, is in no state to explode. I would also question how enough firecracker powder to blow up a human who is magically toughened and protected by wards could be snuck into a single bowl of soup without compromising the taste/texture, to say nothing of why Galbatorix would not simply detect the alien substance in the soup before eating it with the spells he was taught as a rider(the very ones that Eragon uses to search for poisons in his foods). Furthermore, since when did Alagaesia have gunpowder?

    “great theories 😛 i always thought shuikhan would turn on galby and decide to throw him off his back and munch him up while he was falling lol 😉 but i think the choking on the spit theory is better haha”

    This theory has only slightly more weight to it than helium. Shruikan(certainly it isn’t so much of an effort to spell his name correctly that you cannot take the time to do so?) is bound by innumerable spells and wards enacted by Galbatorix, likely including oaths in the Ancient Language and the use of Shruikan’s true name, that prevent him from betraying Galbatorix under any circumstances. According to the author himself, it would be “pretty much impossible” for Shruikan to escape Galbatorix’s hold, let alone turn on him in the spur of the moment and attack. Even if he could, he could hardly kill Galbatorix on his own. This is the man who manhandled Glaedr and Thorn at the same time with magic, from thousands of miles away, without showing any signs of strain or difficulty, and was able to simultaneously possess and control one of his minions at the same time and fight a sword duel with this unfamiliar body.

    “yeah i think the mate for saphira is most definantly going to be thorn, and i bet the last dragon is going to be female.”

    How some of you cling to these faulty theories, after being repeatedly proven wrong, baffles my mind. The books, the author, and all common sense repeatedly prove, to anyone with the brain matter necessary to comprehend it, that the green dragon is male. Murtagh said it in Eldest; care you explain why the author deliberately put that information there when it was false? Care to explain how Galbatorix, the most powerful magician and Rider on the face of the world, failed to correctly deduce the gender of a dormant dragon? Care to explain why the author explicitly explained in an interview how Galbatorix found out that the Green Dragon was male when he really intended it to be female?

    The Green Dragon is male, and CP changing that in Book IV would simply be bad writing, and speculating that it is in fact female is simply wild mass guessing of the worst variety. Think more carefully over the evidence presented in all forms of media regarding the Inheritance Cycle before you post such fallacious nonsense in the future.

  • Jade&Ophelia

    Um, do you mean the green dragon?

    That you think it is going to be female?

    If that’s what you meant, it’s a male dragon.

    I thought it was really weird how Galby learnt that from listening to its thoughts. . . . . .

    As we know, there has been a lot spectulation about the Green dragon and Saphria mating, however I do think Paolini might have Thorn and Saphria mate. I wonder . . . . . .

    Hey, Glorfindel, great news! Lol, I made it past the first book. I’m almost done with the Two Towers.

  • WoW1323Zeedawg

    yeah i think the mate for saphira is most definantly going to be thorn, and i bet the last dragon is going to be female.

  • Glorfindel

    No, I didn’t. But I haven’t seen the real movies, so I might not appreciate it.
    The Lord of The Rings one is especially appreciable if you read the books, because you see a 1200 page book cut down to two and a half minutes.

  • tnt

    did you see the how it should of ended with beowolf and twilight ? hilarious

  • Evarinya

    Hah! Loved the stories 😛
    OMG Those videos, “How it should have ended” are hilarious.. they should have made an Eragon one 😀

  • Jade&Ophelia

    I like your interesting ideas, guys.

    Though, I am no a Arya & Eragon supporter. Because, I think that Arya is a lot more mature than Eragon and he is a child in Elves’ eyes. Also if he does ‘marry’ Arya, then when the current queen steps down or dies, Arya and Eragon willm be king and queen. And Eragon cannot be the leader of the riders if he’s stuck at Ellesmera taking care of Elven politics. Besides, Saphria might not be extremely happy in Ellesmera, as if I were a dragon I wouldn’t, being stuck there all the time. And from Eragon’s point of veiw, he’s so in love with her he doesn’t use his common senses. Eragon really speaks out of turn as far as compliments go. And in Eldest Arya already made a point she did not like Eragon-they were only friends, also she was kind of hostile toward him when he acted out of place. Like the fairth, he saw her in a romantic light. And that’s just it, she exploded. I think Arya was worried more about Eragon being side tracked with his feeling toward her, than her ‘feelings’ for him-if she has any. And the fate of Alagaesia. He’s not going to be able to kill Galby if he’s thinking about Arya. So maybe if Arya rejects him ,really rejects hime, he can forget about the Elf he loved and move on, kill Galby, and find some one who isn’t 90 years older than him. The age, too. He is onyl like 17 and Arya’s over 100 years old. She must think something of this. But then again, in Brisingr Arya did ‘loosne up’ and seemed more comfortable around him than in Eldest. And in Eragon they were just ‘friends’. But, I don’t know why Eragon fell for her. Apperently she is very pretty and nice and etc. But did he ever think about what she wants? What about Arya? What if she doesn’t like Eragon and is trying to find a way to express her feelings, that she just wants to be friends. If he loves Arya then he’s has to think about what’s best for her and what she’s happy with. If Eragon loves her and Arya doesn’t and wants to be friends, then he will do what’s best for Arya. IF he does. Elves don’t marry so would Arya want that? I think if they go any where with their relationship they’ll just be mates or whatever. I shouldn’t think Arya would want to get married.

    That’s just my thoughts and i thought about it a while, Lol. Please comment.

    ~ Jade & Ophelia

  • Glorfindel

    Padfoot: about your little:
    Eragon: “well, that was easy”.
    Go to youtube and do “how lord of the rings should have ended.
    It has a similar ending. It’s great.
    Also, if I may borrow a phrase from Sir Walter Scott’s “Ivanhoe”, “His death was occasioned by a surfeit on peaches and ale”.
    Yeah, I’m going with that.

  • tnt

    my theory is a bit different. i think that eragon will still leave and the person on the beach whould be either arya or roran. while he’s flying over the water he sees this strange figure bobing in the water, he goes down to look and it turns out it’s a krkaen or water dragon ( that me that kilf the water god did make a creature)that could probably walk on land and eragon goes into it’s mind and convinces it to join him and the varden, he goes back with the kraken or water dragon and shows it to the varden. then he’d send one of the elves( probably Blödhgarm) to change itself into a water breather and leaves with the water creature to find more of it’s kind.

  • Sarah

    Murtagh won’t be the next king. It’s made pretty clear that Alagaesia cannot have a king who cannot die; eventually, he would fall into corruption. Alagaesia needs a mortal ruler, one who can die before he causes too much damage.
    Roran will ascend the throne because he’s mortal and the blood of kings runs in Palancar Valley; even if he’s not a direct descendant, maybe Katrina is. Maybe Roran dies at some point, and Katrina’s child is raised to be the next ruler. But I guess we’ll see what happens in Book 4.

  • WoW1323Zeedawg

    I actualy think that the third egg will hatch for arya and the dragon will be male green and will be saphiras mate. arya will fianlly give in to eragon and they will fall in love completely.
    eragon will also realize that defeating galbatorix is infact IMPOSSIBLE so he leaves alagesia with arya and the person still standing on the beach is roran. my other theory is that eragon and the varden continue winning thier conquest up to urubaen and eragon finally defeats galbatorix somehow without murtagh saphira or thorn dying. murtagh takes the throne (murtagh isnt evil just enslaved) and rules alagesia bringing the riders back to life. the green dragon hatchs for arya or roran before the fall of galbatorix and depending on whos the rider, Thorn or the enw dragon will be the mate for saphira. tbh i think its going to be thorn because thorn is the most probable candidate. or what can happen for the dragon race is that after eragon and ayra leave and are followed by another dragon that will come along in the story maybe its wild who knows, the last dragon that hatches will be female and if shurikan escapes galbatorixs grasp and lives then walla the dragon race will survive indefinantly. i think the most like theory though is that eragon will take over alagesia and rebuild the dragon race, and years later after he rebuilds it he will entrust murtagh or roran to be the leader of alagesia in his and aryas absense and the person on the beach will still most likely be roran.
    But who knows what will realy happen christopher paolini is anything but predictable in his writing he will most likely suprise us with something 50000 times beter than our theories and predictions. i also want to thank paolini for writing these series they have encouraged me to begin a novel of my own, perhaps a feeble start but a start none the less ty.

  • sirsimon

    Its ok Sarah, but I have to say, I think you have friends, us lol. And criticism is good in a way, it spurs people to do better, so I thank you. By the way, ShurtugalLiam, I like the idea of Galby getting flung off Shruiken, its more realistic and is ironic in the fact that Galby controls Shuriken, but what fate will Galbatorix recieve?

    we just have to find out, it must be thrilling, in the fact that every climax has got better and better, I mean, the climax of Eragon was between a demon and a rider inside a mountain, under a giant sapphire. Eldest was a fight between two dragons! and Brisingr, what could be more interesting than seeing an ancient rider against an evil one, so that leaves the fourth book an enigma, maybe it will be all the armies of Alagaesia fighting in the capital, or maybe a dogfight of three riders over Galby’s castle

    But who knows…only Paolini can answer that

  • ShurtugalLiam

    great theories 😛 i always thought shuikhan would turn on galby and decide to throw him off his back and munch him up while he was falling lol 😉 but i think the choking on the spit theory is better haha

  • Joanna<3

    hahaha wow! brilliantness! 😀 i like all those ideas!!!

  • Jade&Ophelia

    Lol, awesome idea sirsiom. Very interesting.

    Yikes, Sarah, that’s cold blooded.

    But I like it, alot. Maybe too much?

    I see what you mean alucard . . . . . . . . .

    Okay comment on my idea plz and thx.

    *How Angela and Eragon kill Galby*

  • alucard

    Not bad sirsimon but I don’t think its quite up to Paolini’s standards. 🙂

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Hahahahahaha nice, Evarinya!!! I like the self combustion though. 😀

    Choke on his own spit? Hahaaha, that would be funny! Sad, but very funny. 😀

  • fan404

    look, mike, sorry for the random theroy, but im a guest, so, if there is a theroy collum guests can post at, show the waY, IF NOT, PLZ DONT TAKE OFF, sry caps. in eldest, when eragon was in ellesmer(sry spelling), he saw a woman robed in white, but when he came 2 investegate, he found a she-wolf. remember, helsvog, the drorf god of stone (at least i think it was helsvog), first apperead as a she-wolf, so helsvog could come and support the varden, winning the war, than eragon will leave 4evar, becomming a god wharevar gods rule! interesting, hu? plz comment back!

  • Sarah

    Sorry, I’m just really mean. I have no friends so I spend my time criticizing people who do.

    Are you on the forums? I see you’ve responded to maybe two topics. There’s a writer’s section there, for fan fiction and the like. We should probably go there before Mike breathes fire. If you create a topic, I’ll reply, and I promise I’ll be more friendly.

  • sirsimon

    Ouch that was cold indeed!

    Sorry, just wanted to have a fun fling at writing something to do with Eragon, sorry… I must have…hit a nerve or something.

    *Lowers head in shame*

  • Sarah

    I’d rather Galbatorix choke on his own spit and die than have that ending. Inspired, Christopher?

  • sirsimon

    How about this ending?

    Galby: You may share my blood as a rider, but ultimately, it is I who wears the crown!”

    *All the eldunari that make up the walls of his throne room begin glowing and their power transfers into him, Eragon watches in horror as Galby’s eyes start glowing, Galby then raises his hands and an arc of lightning zaps Eragon, Galby laughs.

    “That’s it, bow before me, your superior” in a demonic voice, Eragon calls for Saphira, no response, Eragon screams in agony, trapped, but suddenly, Galby gasps, as the magic from the eldunari starts to become too much for him, Eragon grins and stands up,

    “For a master rider, you have overesimated the simplest lesson of all, over indulgence on magic and power, Galby roars, like a dragon,

    “Now, I am ruler of all, I am the lord of all riders!” Eragon points a finger

    “If you are such a truly powerful ruler, then why are you dying?”

    Galby roars in agony, his chest swells and he explodes in a flash of light and blood.

    Hope this gives Paolini some inspiration, I found it to be thrilling

  • Jade&Ophelia

    @Evarinya: Awesome! That’s a wonderful idea!

    Lol what about this:

    *Angela disguises herself as cooks in Galby’s castle*

    Angela: What is the King having for dinner?

    Chef: Soup! Here *Hands bowl* spoon it out

    and garnish it, I’m on break.

    Angela: Hmmm . . . . Okay. (Mwahahahahah)

    *Spoons soup into the bowl (it’s a really big bowl). Garnishes it with paprika, salt, pepper, rosemary, firecracker powder.*

    Angela: Whoops! Can’t get that out.


    *Servant comes and takes bowl to King Galbatorix.* Angela: Mwahahahaha!

    *The next day after Angela feasted on the castle’s food, she went back to the Varden.*

    Nasuada: Eragon, you may do the honor.

    *Everyone in the Varden are gathered around a

    pump. Lol*

    Eragon: Very well, stand back.

    *He pumps it* *HUGE EXPLOSION*

    *In King’s castle: *Gross sounds* Galby explodes into a million pieces*


  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    That was EXACTLY what I had envisioned in my head! ;D

  • Evarinya

    *bows dramatically*
    Thank you thank you! hold your applause!
    xD Nah, im just kidding.
    Seriously! What if that happened? Can’t you just imagine it in your head?
    Galby says, “I shall now use all the power of the Elundari to become the most powerful man in the world!” *spontaneously combusts*
    Eragon says, “Well.. That was easy!” xD

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Hahahahah, that is how they can kill Galby!!! haha, spontaneous combustion! ;D Brilliant, I am surprised no one has thought of that before! ;D

  • shaphirapwns

    well ima ask that on nwxt q&a and we might get to know or maby in 4th book 😉

  • ShurtugalLiam

    haha!!! that would be pretty funny XD but lets not start imagining Orik or Vanir exploding now 😛 haha!

    but i would imagine they would die, because CP stated in a interview that a person couldnt transfer energy fast enough through their bodies … by that i think he meant they can only hold a certain amount of energy in their bodies … i think XD lol!

  • Glorfindel

    Hmmm…. Spontaneous combustion?

  • Evarinya

    Oh, it would be so cool if A person got too much evergy and exploaded! xD I know it’s an awful thing to say, but its funny to think about 😀

  • tnt

    i think in the next book they are going to show a water species

  • saphirapwns

    Can a person get to much energi in their body? And what happens if they get that?

  • Glorfindel

    I’m a big fan of Celtic Thunder, and I don’t think they tour in the U.S.
    Also, did someone say earlier that Paolini himself said that if a line of children were paraded past the egg, the egg would hatch immediately if it chose one of them?

  • ShurtugalLiam

    oh, it wasnt meant in a reproachful way, yehboy, it just sounded a little disrespectful lol, not that it was. =]

    i didnt know you were from Australia, so no worries =D

  • Evarinya

    Hey Mike, Do any of you guys know when we can send in questions for the upcoming interview with CP? Because I’ve got some questions, and im sure lots of other people on here do too. Im just wondering. Not trying to disrespect anyone. :]

  • alucard

    lol, I think I overreacted somewhat as well. Sure he’ll only be promoting in Montana for now, but there’s no knowing what the future will bring. I’m just glad I got to meet Anthony Horowitz in person, maybe you’ve heard of him? (he’s British)

  • tnt

    i understand that some of you authors have god complexs but please be respectful to the others

  • Sarah

    It’s wonderful that you’re an author, sirsimon, but you don’t need to remind us with every post you make.

    Shame my finals don’t end until the 18th, Montana’s just a hop, skip and a jump north from where I’m living.

  • sirsimon

    I am sorry to all that I offended, when I wrote the comment, I was in a huff, I apoligse firsthand, such a comment will not be published again, I just hope all you, as cyber friends, can forgive me.

    P.S I truly understand that it takes a lot for Paolini to tour, I have immense respect for him as a fellow author, and the fact that he gifted us all with the inheritance cycle, we owe a lot to him.

  • yehboy

    umm shurtugalliam im australian so sorry i talk like that okay, oi oi oi oi hahahah

  • ShurtugalLiam


    mike isnt a dog, you cant say “oi” and expect him to answer, we learnt that while waiting for the interviews. You have to be patient like everyone else.


    i hear you, being a 16year old englishman myself, and i would rather CP be writing book four then touring over here for two books sort of unrelated to the series, i do wish however he did a tour for book 4


    and yes, we are all waiting, but i guess this book will be over 800 pages long (hopefully XD) and i struggled to write a novel over 300 pages. True it might have been amaturish and sloppy, but i worked on that novel for nearly a year and a half before i finished, typing night and day, and even at school. But yes, my point is we’re all waiting, and as they say “good things come to those who wait”.

  • Evarinya

    Awesomeeeee, I wish I could go :S
    Eh, Illinois isn’t that far away from Montana! Maybe I can drive there 😛

  • Gabrielle

    Awesome! I go to college in Bozo, and I’ll have to swing by Costco on Sunday!

  • Julie

    Why he is taking so long too get the lat book allready??? come on… we are all waiting!!!

  • Joanna<3

    They are probably doing it at Costco because it’s big and it sells his books… at least in Canada Costco sells them… don’t know about the USA though 🙂 … that is awesome 😀 wish i could drive down for it 🙁

  • Mike

    Sirsimon – Christopher had a worldwide tour through Europe and other locations after Eldest was finished. He was over there for quite some time. You need to realize the amount of energy a tour drains from an author, especially one with CP’s amount of fans.

    Please also realize that Christopher does not plan his tour stops or book signings – his PR team at Random House makes these decisions.

  • alucard

    “Americans will just think I am being rude or ungrateful” -sirsimon

    uh, what? That’s a hefty assumption there. My favorite band happens to be British, and they REFUSE to tour anywhere in the US!

    So yeah, I think you are being rude for dissing Americans, but I see where you are coming from with the Paolini events.

    anyway, back on topic: Costco? really? Of all the places to promote books…

  • sirsimon

    What I don’t get is that Paolini almost fails to grasp he has international fans, I have never seen nor heard him opf him talk about or visit the Uk or Europe before, its kind of annoying since me being a welshman of seventeen, feels ignored by my favourite author.

    Any non American/Canadian reading this will understand, Americans will just think I am being rude or ungrateful, If I aren’t, I’m a new author, if I had thousands of fans, I would tour the world.

    But I give congrats to those going to the events, and I hope they document it on this website.

  • Sweet!…. why is the one at Costco?

    Yehboy… It already happened… it Phailed

  • yehboy

    oi mike i was wonderin when the eragon movie thing is coming

  • Terminator

    I wonder how much a ticket to Montana would be….

  • Jade&Ophelia

    That’s really cool, but why does it have to be in Montana? (Jk) Oh well guess it’s for the best for all those lucky people in Montana. 😛