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Patrick Doyle’s Eragon movie soundtrack is epic and well worth a listen (plus original songs from Avril Lavigne and Jem)

One of the better things to come from the Eragon movie was the original score composed by Patrick Doyle and orchestrated by James Shearman. Punk rock singer Avril Lavigne and popular female artist Jem both recorded original songs released alongside Doyle’s soundtrack. Doyle is a two time Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominee best known for

Eragon movie deleted scenes: Meet Katrina, see Eragon and Roran wrestle, and watch Eragon milk a cow

Did you know that there’s a significant amount of content that didn’t make it into the Eragon movie? Surprisingly, a good amount of this content introduced key characters we never saw in the film, and in some cases, built on important character relationships (Eragon and Roran, Eragon and Murtagh). We’ll never fully understand the decisions that