Besides the planned Book 5 and a potential prequel, what more would you like to see?

book-5-ideasOne thing is for certain: some day, we’ll see Book 5. This fifth book, the first in a standalone series Christopher has had planned for years, will feature old and new characters and will take place after the events of Inheritance.

Christopher let us know that he’s woven multiple plot threads throughout the Inheritance Cycle that will lead to and potentially be resolved in Book 5. It’s also highly likely that the mysterious characters Wolf-Eyes and Bladesinger will be a focal point of the book after their appearance in Brisingr and Inheritance. We have even more great information about Book 5 available on our “Book 5 and Beyond” page.

Christopher has also expressed interest in telling the story of the Rider’s Fall, a prequel to the Inheritance Cycle, possibly from Brom’s point of view. While it’s something he may write in the future, it won’t be the next Alagaësia book – that will be Book 5.

In a recent Twitter interview, Christopher revealed an exciting fact:

@Studdlylxuis: Are you going to write one or more books in the Inheritance Cycle?
Christopher: Heh. I have sooo many stories planned. *evil grin*

This begs the question: what other stories could the author have in store for us?!

Here’s an exciting idea to get you started:

@VZsuzska: Are you planning to write books about wild dragons?
Christopher: Not at the moment, but maybe someday!

We want to hear your theories and ideas! What books would you like to see? What characters do you want these books to focus on? What questions do you want answered? Let us know in the comments. And who knows, maybe Christopher is watching!