Contacting Christopher Paolini

Contacting Christopher

Fans interested in contacting Christopher can do so via Twitter, Facebook, or by mail:

Christopher Paolini
P.O. Box 343
Livingston, MT 59047

He loves hearing from his readers and tries to answer every letter he receives, but it may take a few months due to his schedule. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Due to time constraints, Christopher may not be able to answer all your questions, so include only your most important ones.
  • He regrets that he cannot read your manuscripts or offer personal advice on your writing projects.
  • If possible, enclose a stamped, self-addressed, business-size envelope.
  • Make sure your name and return address are written clearly on the letter. Christopher can’t send you a reply if there’s no return address or one that’s illegible.

As a general reminder, Christopher does not visit or participate in comments or message boards on any fan site. If you see someone claiming to be him, it isn’t (unless officially confirmed in very rare circumstances, such as his participation in Random Buzzers).

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  1. Zach Miller says:

    This series is SO GOOD! Just finished the fourth one today!

  2. Hajra Orlovic says:

    And I’ve read the series seven times, and each time it just gets better.

  3. Hajra Orlovic says:

    I know right, that would be really cool

  4. Pagemaster says:

    Does anybody realize that Eragon was cursed to leave Alagaesia and never return!

    But that doesn’t mean he couldn’t send his children to find there uncle (Murtaugh).
    That would be really interesting if the child was a rider and was able to meet Roran, Katerina, their child, Arya, Angela, Elvia, Queen Nuasiada, and Orik.

  5. Rose S . Thomas says:

    I would like to know his E-mail address…If anyone is willing to help…please…

  6. Snininja says:


  7. Gavin Erdman says:


  8. Grace Olivia says:

    I’m going to send him mail with fanart! 😀 (better get started on that…)

  9. Clement Sunny says:

    Please tell me the release date of book 5..At least the year in which it will be published… Can’t wait..The inheritance cycle was awsome..really loved it..Waiting for book 5….

  10. Indians says:

    I have read all four books in the past 2 weeks and they are EPICALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In the fourth one, Rowan and Katrina get married and have a daughter named Ismira!

    • Nick Hill says:

      I noticed. I’ve read the series 7 times.

      • Joey Ramone says:

        Your the first person I’ve seen who’s read it more than me. I’ve read it 5 times XD

        • Kameron says:

          I have read the series 104 times. I read it in about 3 weeks and then I restart. Can’t wait for Book 5!!!

  11. Arya says:

    I’ve read The last book 2 times and I, doing a assignment on it, a book report

  12. Galbatorix says:

    I agree with you Erago. That is a great idea, and quite frankly, I hope that series leads up to more.

  13. erago says:

    He said that he was done with the inheritance series, but he could start a new series with the same characters and a new conflict. Maybe some dark power rising like 5+ years later so Eragon comes back with the new riders to help. He did say he wasn’t done with Alagaesia, just to say goodbye to the characters which I hope he doesn’t. It would be like the new star wars episodes where the good won but then evil came back. I really hope he does that

    • Ali Johnson says:

      But remember he can’t/won’t it was in Angela’s casting of the knuckle bones

      • Indians says:

        True but Eragon could go against the bones and find his own path. The bones foretold what they saw. It foretold of Eragon having a long life but he could have easily been killed in battles or the evil king could have killed him just with a word that was thought or spoken. His fortune or fate (whichever you call it) could change in an instant! BAM!!!!!! Fate and fortune changed just like THAT!!!!!!

    • Gavin Erdman says:


  14. kit says:

    is it just me or did other people cry when oromis died and eragon left alagaesia for good:(

    • Indians says:

      I didn’t cry through any of it at all. I loved the series! I got so caught in it at times that people claim that they called me for fifteen minutes or so before I would even hear them! GOODNESS GRACIOUS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Is anybody else like that or is it just me? If it’s just me then call me an odd ball or bookworm for all I care. But then again, what can I say?
      I read 31/36 books within 3 weeks after Christmas! Awesome right?!
      The world would be a boring place without tons of literature, whether it’s in books, poems, songs, etc. What would we do without literature of any form?

  15. Jackson says:

    Anybody wondering where the heck is book five? I mean i know writing a book is difficult but im so damn enthraled i need to know what happens. Please work on book five, we fans get restless. P.s. I’ve read inheritance 8 times now. Still isn’t old.

    • Kodiak says:

      13, I could read it a million times and I would love it every time.

    • slycooper724 says:

      Someone should contact Chris himself and ask him about a Book 5 in the Inheritance series, then you will get you answers, but I’m guessing he’s probably already writing Book 5 (At least I hope so).
      – Sly

    • Indians says:

      LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!!! I get your anticipation and lack of patience though. I just love the series too, but then again I love books in general. But what can you expect from a girl that took an essay that was supposed to be 200 words and made it into an 800 word essay in the 5th grade! I’m totally not joking about that and it proves my love for reading and writing. I can go places in books that I can’t in reality! With writing, it does that and I can express myself better than I can when I’m actually talking!

  16. YouAreAwesome says:

    Is Christopher Paolini on Goodreads?

    • Indians says:

      I honestly don’t know. I can check tomorrow if you want even despite the fact that you posted this question 5 months ago. LAUGH OUT LOUD

  17. Ima HugeFan says:

    I wish he would write more about Angela and Solembum they alone could have a whole book written about them.

    • tristin browning says:

      I second this. When the cycle ended I was horrified I’d never know their story. Who is she, how’s she know so much. Who is her old teacher really, and what’s he about. Whys solembum stick around with Angela? I hope we find out when he gets back to alagaesia

      • Walks Alone says:

        Her teacher was Tenga the hermit. Or as I believe one of the grey folk that oromis mentioned. As for Angela she was really the Oracle from the hall of soothsayer. Solembum followed Angela because of course she saved his life along with telling him who she truly is.

        • Indians says:

          I am much in the dark about these two mysterious characters. They leave a ton of suspense but I love suspense in books!

    • Walks Alone says:

      I have the sinking suspicion that Angela was really the Oracle galbatorix mentioned that stayed in the hall of soothsayer originally. Why else would she know so much about everything?

      • Indians says:

        I totally understand what you mean. I thought the same thing when I first read about it. But then again, maybe she used to have a spot of high rank in the empire before the king started his torturing reign. It’s possible that the king used to be a semi-good ruler. If so, then that would mean that she would know tons of stuff then rebelled and escaped from him when he turned evil! HEY IT COULD HAVE HAPPENED, SINCE WE’LL NEVER KNOW UNLESS CHRISTOPHER PAOLINI WRITES A BOOK OR SERIES ON WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE ERAGON STARTED. Just thinking outside of the box.

        • Indians says:

          Sorry had caps lock on! Yikes!

        • Indians says:

          Maybe one day I will be the one to write that if Paolini agrees. Hey, why not? I write songs just can’t have them published because I ain’t old enough as far as I know!

        • Shadeslayer says:

          I was wondering if someone could ask him because I can’t if dragons choose riders that are magical or if they become magical because the dragon chose them… also is Angela a grey folk also is tenga…

          • Shadeslayer says:

            Also what is that one rabbit story about when the rabbit rips out throats…

          • I’ll have to go back and read the series to see what you’re talking about.

          • Shadeslayer says:

            Last book when Angela is talking to the urgals and werecays … thanks for taking the time to btw

          • Okay, I should be able to get ahold of the series sometime after the 28th.

          • Shadeslayer says:

            Sounds good… the memory sorrow thorn trilogy is by tad Williams

          • Shadeslayer says:

            Also if you have read any books similar to eragon along the lin of magic and fantasy worlds and stuff please recommend them I
            Would like to read another series…

          • A. Mae says:

            dunno about SIMILAR but if you want to read some good books then you should check out mouseheart by Lisa Fiedler silverwing by Kenneth Oppel the dark is rising sequence by susan cooper and/or warriors by Erin hunter i loved them and you will to!

          • Alright, I’ll check in the library, if I don’t forget.

          • Shadeslayer says:

            you know how Rowan chose the hammer because there was once a really great warrior who stopped fighting at went to a farm to live with his family … then the farmer got in a dispute and reluctantly killed the opposition with a hammer .. what if Torah become that person

          • Shadeslayer says:

            Roran … not Torah or rowAn

          • Yes, i know how Roran chose the hammer. I thought his hoice was a strange one until i got farther inthe books. Torah? That’s the Jewish term for the first 5 books of the Bible, and I don’t remember the word Torah being used in the Inheritance series.

          • Shadeslayer says:

            Yeah but he chose the hammer because of the great warrior who settled down to become a farmer and then got in an argument with someone and killed him with a hammer…. what if because Roran was warrior and he settles down to farm . What if he gets in an argument with someone else and kills them with a hammer … irony

          • Okay, I get what you’re saying now. Yes, that would be pretty ironic.

    • Indians says:

      Agreed. I still want to know more about their backgrounds that apparently took place before the first book began.

  18. digvijay says:

    I wish he would add a fifth book because the Inheritance end was very abrupt.

    • aryagirl27 says:

      Wasn’t he feverish for most of it and at the end when he wasn’t even with Aren and Saphira he might not have had the right spell/the strength to do it/the focus

      • Indians says:

        I’m confused. On this question! Can you elaborate please!

    • Indians says:

      Completely agreed

      • Shadeslayer says:

        In the acknowledgements he says that he got stuff from and he really likes s series called The Dragonbone Chair… the trilogy is called Memory, Sorrow, Thorn and if he says it’s good I’m gonna read t it just hasn’t arrived yet

  19. wurtle88 says:

    Why didn’t Brom heal himself if he had the knowledge and the power of Saphiria and in his ring?

    • Nakatay says:

      Because he knew he was done. He was old and his time was up.

    • Indians says:

      Brom knew he wouldn’t live much longer even if he did heal himself. He probably wanted to see the day Galbatorix was defeated but knew he wouldn’t survive long enough. Therefore he left his heir and only biological son to do it. I want to know what happens to Mortagh and his dragon after they went away.

  20. Dovie Hahn says:

    Any thoughts on writing on what happened after the war? There are still a few loose ends that didn’t get tied up. Saphira still needs a mate.. birgits little vow and what about Eragon and Arya!! these need to be tied up!!

    • Nakatay says:

      Saphira has a mate! What are you talking about? Firnin!

      • Robert Burnell-Jones says:

        Saphire and Firnen did mate when they first met, although as they and their respective Riders went their separate ways afterwards, I don’t think they can be considered mates in the sense of a couple. As for Birgit’s vow, this has already been resolved. She took her blood debt from Roran by cutting his palm with a sword after the war’s resolution.

        • aryagirl27 says:

          Dragons don’t mate for life remember

        • Indians says:

          Sapphira said that dragons mating don’t go on for very long which in that case that was proper for dragon mates. I do see your what you mean though and can’t argue on that sense.
          As for Birgit and Roran, I expected her to kill him even though that would have been horrible! If you get my meaning. Birgit kept saying that she would get him for her husband Quimby’s death. Usually that foreshadows someone close to the deceased killing the one they hold responsible for the death.

      • Indians says:

        Firnin was a surprising turn of events as was Arya becoming a Rider and Queen one right after the other! Christopher Paolini is an epic, adventurous novel writer! WOW!!!!!!!!! Anybody know how long he’s been writing?

        • Shadeslayer says:

          He started writing when he was 17 … his first book was eragon of course… and he finished inheritance when he was 29ish … his only books are inheritance series.

    • Indians says:

      Try writing about the new riders & more on Angela and Solebum! Saphira does have a mate. Birigit fulfilled her vow. Arya became a Rider and Elf queen. Eragon went to train the new Riders for when they should come.
      I hope they get married if there is a fifth book because you can tell they love each other even though Arya has never admitted it and Eragon has expressed himself to her and his masters.