About Shurtugal.com


Shur’tugal was first founded in 2004 following the North American release of ERAGON. Twelve years later, Shur’tugal remains the only official Inheritance Cycle community in the world, actively updating readers on the series’ four books and upcoming books, including Christopher Paolini’s in-progress science fiction novel and a fifth Alagaësia-based book (working title: “Book 5”).

We maintain an active presence across a variety of social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Google+.

Shur’tugal regularly hosts interviews with Christopher Paolini, allowing fans the opportunity to ask their favorite author questions related to his books and future projects. Additionally, our blog offers illustrative glimpses into the world of Alagaësia, exclusive Inheritance Cycle information, fan fiction, in-depth analysis of book events and theories, and much more.

Our forums, fan fiction website, fan art galleries, and comment system offer readers the ultimate destination to discuss the world of Alagaësia and Christopher Paolini’s work.




Mike Macauley
Founder, Editor in Chief
Mike Macauley is the founder and owner of Shurtugal.com and Lytherus.com. Mike is responsible for the day to day operation of Shur’tugal, including all content creation and social media, and works directly with Random House and the Paolini family to ensure that all information released through Shur’tugal is accurate and official. Mike is also the author of The Inheritance Almanac, the official companion guide to the Inheritance Cycle. Mike is also the developer and community manager for the Paolini family’s official website, Paolini.net.

Mike maintains an active presence on Twitter.

Robert Cox
Technical Developer
Robert Cox has been a member of the Shurtugal.com team since the website’s founding. Robert is responsible for much of the website’s backbones, including its content management system and server issues.