Cast your own Eragon movie: Eragon, Arya, Angela, and more! (Part one)

choose your cast 1The Eragon movie made less-than-ideal casting decisions when choosing the actors who would bring many of our beloved characters to life. In some cases, key characters didn’t make it into the film at all.

We don’t know what’s in store for the future of Inheritance Cycle films, but our recent petition which garnered nearly 50,000 signatures and saw over 4 million social views will certainly turn heads at Fox, the studio that owns the rights to Eragon. We’ve discussed when we could see a new film and how they can get it right this time around, and highly recommend reading all of our movie-related articles.

For now, we’re left dreaming about Inheritance Cycle films done right. What if production was in our hands? Aside from a great script, a brilliant cast is the most important thing to consider for a new movie. What better way to cast a movie than to have the Inheritance community do it?

In the first part of two articles, we’re asking you to submit your dream cast for the our first batch of characters! Follow the descriptions below (taken directly from the book), find the actors you think best fit the roles, and leave their names (and the character they’d play) in the comments!

  • Eragon – Average height, poor (start of book), brown hair, brown eyes
  • Arya – Black hair, green eyes, tawny skin, and angular features. She is taller than most men. Strong personality.
  • Saphira (voice) – Strong and wise
  • Angela – “A woman of short stature with thick, curly brown hair, flashing eyes, and a wit that is as sharp as it is odd.”
  • Solembum (human form) – Thin boy with shaggy black hair
  • Twins – Tall, bald, and thin-fingered. Cunning, sadistic, and mean.
  • Nasuada – Dark-skinned, “mossy” hair, brown eyes, and described as beautiful.
  • Jeod – Tall, wispy gray hair, and an aged and mournful face
  • Galbatorix – Tall, broad shoulders, well-built, long facial features, dark hair, and dark eyes

We’ll sort through everyone’s comments and recommendations, narrowing each down to several actors we believe best fit the role. From there, you’ll be asked to vote for your favorite!

(Did your favorite character, such as Brom or Murtagh, not make this list? That’s because they’ll be in part two! Hold onto your recommendations for those characters – we’ll be asking soon!)

Who knows, if our petition catches Fox’s eye and they decide to make a film, maybe they’ll even take your casting advice!

In the comments below, tell us the actors you feel best fit the roles for the characters we listed above!