Inheritance Cycle Fan Stuff

Fan Stuff

What’s a community without its fans? Here’s some great fan-made and fan-based content!

Fan Art
Incredible pieces of fan art and illustrations have brought Alagaësia to life. We’ve collected dozens of pieces of art, along with tattoos and 3D weapon models, in the ultimate fan art galleries!

Inheritance Cycle Quizzes
Test your knowledge of the Ancient Language and Dwarf Language with our two quizzes! Each quiz offers readers unique titles based on their performance. Start your test now!

Fan-Made Holidays
The Inheritance Cycle community came together to invent Brewfest, an Alagaësian holiday celebrated during fall! The holiday’s lore is worth a read in itself, and maybe you’ll even try a recipe or two…

Inheritance Cycle Merchandise
Get your hands on some Inheritance Cycle swag and represent your favorite book series in our Shur’tugal Store, containing the only official Inheritance merchandise out there!