Eragon movie deleted scenes: Meet Katrina, see Eragon and Roran wrestle, and watch Eragon milk a cow

eragon-deleted-scenes-1-headerDid you know that there’s a significant amount of content that didn’t make it into the Eragon movie? Surprisingly, a good amount of this content introduced key characters we never saw in the film, and in some cases, built on important character relationships (Eragon and Roran, Eragon and Murtagh).

We’ll never fully understand the decisions that went into creating the first Eragon movie, but it’s still interesting to look at those scenes they cut. In the first of our two part deleted scenes series, we show you scenes introducing Katrina, revealing Roran and Katrina’s relationship (before Roran departs Carvahall), Eragon and Roran playfully fighting/wrestling, and Eragon milking a cow. You won’t want to miss these!

The Butcher’s Daughter

In this scene, we see Empire soldiers unwillingly enlisting “patriotic volunteers” for Galbatorix’s army. The scene quickly changes to Eragon attempting to sell the egg (then thought to be a stone) to Sloan in his butchers’ shop. Katrina enters the shop as Sloan is turning Eragon away and sneaks meat to Eragon while her father is distracted. Eragon and Katrina then have a conversation outside of the shop.

Farm Fight or “We Don’t take Charity”

This scene begins with Garrow and Roran greeting Eragon after his return from his hunt in the Spine. This scene demonstrates the relationship between Eragon and Roran through a playful fight in Garrow’s farm. Eragon shows his uncle the bit of meat Katrina sneaked away for Eragon, and as in the books, Garrow reacts poorly stating, “Eragon, we don’t take charity.”

Roran and Katrina say Goodbye or The Butcher Changes His Mind

Back in town, we see Eragon accompany Roran as he leaves Carvahall. Roran and Katrina reveal to Eragon that they’re secretly leaving together, concealing the secret from Sloan and other villagers. After their departure, Sloan catches up with Eragon to say that he’s changed his mind, having “spoken to a few people” and will trade with Eragon for the stone, which Eragon says he returned to the Spine. Disappointed, Sloan tries to bribe Eragon into revealing where he left the stone.

Milking the Cow

In one of the most baffling things to come out of the Eragon movie (and that’s quite an accomplishment), the DVD contains a 30 second long scene of Eragon milking a cow. You read that right – half a minute of cow milking. The scene starts off with a sarcastic Garrow scolding Eragon for not doing his daily chore, and the rest of the scene is as eventful as you’d expect from the title. (We understand why this one got cut, but really, what were they thinking?)

Our second deleted scenes article will show clips featuring the Twins, Elva, and more! (Seriously, why was this stuff cut?)

Now we ask: What do you think of the deleted scenes? While they still differ from the book, do you think the content in them could have helped further the plot? Do you think the “Milking the Cow” scene would have been the film’s best?