Announcing “The Big Twenty” – Inheritance Theory and Question Articles with Hidden Info, Interview Questions, and More!

We are incredibly excited to announce the first of our two major Inheritance promotions which will take place on Shur’tugal over the next twenty weeks: “The Big Twenty” — the ultimate series of in-depth theory and information articles for Book 4.

Inheritance (Book 4) represents the culmination nearly a decade of theorizing and discussing for fans of the Inheritance cycle. Both new and veteran readers continue to explore plot threads and mysterious questions surrounding the novels each day, building upon and enhancing discussions and theories to further our enjoyment of Paolini’s books. Who is the Green Rider? Who will Eragon fall in love with? Will Eragon leave Alagaësia forever? These questions and more have been at the forefront of Inheritance theorizing since 2003.

Shur’tugal will tackle a new major Inheritance question each week in a Big Twenty article, exploring all angles of the question, its possible outcomes, theories surrounding the question, information Christopher has provided outside of the books, as well as polls for fans to vote on. The Big Twenty entries will explore every angle of these burning questions and will attempt to divine hidden answers. Our articles will incorporate hidden information, interview questions and answers, illustrations and more. The Big Twenty will be the ultimate fan guide to questions, theories, and discussions.

Our first article will arrive next week: “One King Falls, Another Shall Rise: Future of the Throne of Alagaesia”. Be sure to check out The Inheritance Almanac — the official guide to the Inheritance Cycle. The book will help you as we tackle all twenty topics, as well as aid you in your journey to prepare for the release of Inheritance!