Announcing the Inheritance Book Club Podcast: A Fan-Driven Read-Through of the Entire Inheritance Cycle!

Over a decade ago, Christopher Paolini wrote the first book which exploded into a best-selling fantasy phenomenon. Time has flown by — it’s been nearly three years since the release of Brisingr and the launch of Inheritance – the final novel in the series – is closing in. Fans are clamoring for a refresher and revisited journey through Alagaesia — and we’re excited to announce that we’ll be doing just that!

Our desire to combat dusty memories and introduce new fans to the Cycle has led to The Inheritance Book Club, a fan-driven read-through of the entire Inheritance Cycle! Development for this has been in the works for months and we’re truly excited to finally share it with our visitors as well as new readers who will be joining us for their first journey through Alagaesia. The Inheritance Book Club will be an interactive and collaborative read through of Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr — timed at a pace that will allow every reader to follow along with the show.

Shur’tugal will release a free weekly book club podcast featuring an engaging discussion of the previous week’s reading pages — once a week for twenty weeks, ending the week before Inheritance releases. Fans will be encouraged to participate by reading before the episode, listening, and submitting emails and voice mails to be read/played and discussed throughout the show. The show will largely focus on discussion of events occurring in the previous week’s reading pages, as well as how these events came about and how the events will affect the future. Theories arising from the week’s reading will also be central to the show’s discussions. Fan opinions, expressed through comments, emails, and voicemails, will heavily influence and shape the show!

The show will occasionally feature special guest hosts — from Christopher Paolini himself to winners of our Book Club Guest Host contests (more on this later). We’ll also be doing giveaways throughout the show’s run, including a major sweepstakes which will task fans at collecting one word per episode for the show’s twenty episode run. We’ll be announcing sweepstakes prizes during the first few episodes of the show, but as a “sneak peek”, we’ll tell you this: you won’t want to miss out on entering this sweepstakes!

The first of our twenty episodes will begin airing next week here on Shur’tugal. The first episode will be discussing the first portion of Eragon — to keep up with us, read “Prologue: Shade of Fear” through “A Rider’s Blade” before Thursday (stop when you hit “Saddlemaking”!). Trust us — you won’t want to miss out on this podcast series!