MWH / ShurtyCast Episode 8 – We’re Back!

After nearly a two month hiatus (that’s what we’re calling it), your favorite (and only) Inheritance Trilogy podcast has returned to the ears of thousands of listeners! We’re finally back with the Lost Episode 8, however, Joelle and the rest of the crew have yet to be found, so episode 8 is hosted only by Mike and Bob!

With the return of the new podcast comes our first ever podcast contest – your chance to name Manin, Wyrda, Hugin / ShurtyCast / The Show With No Name! The winner will receive an Eldest audio book signed by both Christopher Paolini and Gerard Doyle! More details can be found inside of the podcast!

This time around, we take a look at the new movie pictures recently released and offer our input, as well as some advice to the makers! We also talk about our upcoming trip to Comic Con in July, free stickers, new Shurt Shirt designs, and more! Be sure to listen to our longest episode ever, running at an impressive 70 minutes and 11 seconds, or you’ll definitely miss out! You can subscribe to the show for free if you’re an iTunes user by clicking here, and if not, you can directly download the show (again, for free) from our episodes page!