Vivendi Universal Announces Eragon Game Plans

In a press release made on April 18th, Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games) announced its plans for the upcoming Eragon game, set to release in November on all consoles and PC. The game, however, will not be releasing for Macs (sorry Mac fans!). VU had this to say:

    About Eragon for Console and PC
    Based on the worldwide literary phenomenon and Fox 2006 tentpole film starring Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons and Academy Award nominee John Malkovich, Eragon immerses the player in a magical world of dragons, destiny and adventure. Gamers will engage in intense battles with an unparalleled combo and magic-based combat system, including stunning finishing moves, multiple grapples and degradable blocks with unique counter attacks. The adventure is heightened with breathless dragon flight-based combat and devastating dragon summon attacks. Fantasy fans can also share the adventure with 2 player co-op featuring team attack bonuses and dragon fight/flight combo gameplay.

To continue reading the press release containing more information regarding the Eragon game itself and the plans for the handheld versions, you can click here. We’ll have even more exciting news to announce some time over the next few days!