Shur’tugal Exclusive: Mike Macauley To Attend E3

It is with extreme pleasure, excitement, and gratitude that I am able to announce to you all that 20th Century Fox and Vivendi Universal Games has invited to fly me out to Los Angeles, California from May 9th to the 12th to participate in E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), the world’s largest electronics and gaming expo, debuting the world’s newest and most cutting edge electronics, software, and games for the next year.

On May 10th, the day the expo opens, I’ll be representing Shur’tugal at the E3, where I will be one of the first people to preview the Eragon video game. At some point in the day, I’ll also be meeting with and interviewing the makers of the video game. 20th Century Fox will have me followed by a video crew for the day, so plenty of video footage will be available after the event. I’ll also have my own camcorder, digital camera, and recorder with me, so I can promise lots of media after the event!

Another exciting event on the 10th I’ll be covering, which I just learned about myself, will be the world premiere of never-before-seen footage from the Eragon movie at E3! Of course, no cameras will be allowed in, but I’ll have an extensive review of what I see to post for you all!

During the day, I will be posting live updates on the site (quite possibly some pictures, audio, and maybe video, too). The minute I get back to my hotel room, I’ll hit the computer and begin typing my review of the game, report on the day, and get all of the media I have at my finger tips onto the site! If you happen to be going to E3, which is 18+, email me via feedback form to let me know! More updates will come as the event gets closer…