Fifty-Two more Sag Hill Pictures

Frank and CJ have again hooked us up again! Thanks to them, we have eighteen (18) brand-new shots of Sag Hill, and thanks to Gerseys gallery, we have thirty-four (34) additional, brand-new shots. We have also confirmed this set to be the illustrious Farthen Dúr, and all filming will take place at night to get an underground effect.

These pictures are obviously old, as construction is still taking place in the photos, and we know filming at Sag Hill began on the 14th of October (two days ago). Also, along with these pictures, we have one video, courtesy of Gersey that pans the entire Sag Hill set, which can be seen here (Right Click > Save As). All of the set pictures can be found in our new gallery, here.

Update: Gersey’s links are now corrected, and guests can now comment on pictures in the gallery.