Fourteen More Set Pictures

We now have fourteen more set pictures from Hungary, the first set are of the abandoned set on Lake Velence, or Daret to us. The second set depicts the set at Sag Hill, where Eragon is currently being filmed. You can see the first set here, and the second set here. The pictures were taken on Sunday, two days after filming had begun at Sag Hill, which also means that Farthen Dur will appear like that before editing. Thanks to Zoltan for sending us these!

Also, we have a translation of the Blikk article we posted a little bit ago, which can be found here. Thanks to Edit for that!

Update! How about thirty-four more photos, folks? Too bad, because thanks to, we have an article (in Hungarian, please contact me if you can translate it.) and thirty-four pictures, located in our gallery, here. These set pictures give us more of an insight to what Farthen Dur will appear as in the film, as they’ve put tarps, cloth, etc. up on the buildings. I assume that the people in some of the pictures are crew members, but we’ll find out for sure when we get a translation.