CP Birthday Scrapbook, Halloween Contest

Christopher Paolini’s birthday is right around the corner, and it’s time for us to announce what we’ll be doing to celebrate his birthday.  This year, we’re running the second annual Christopher Paolini Birthday Scrapbook.  Fans can send in messages (letters), poems, art work (fan art), or even a picture of themselves to be included in the scrapbook.  If you’re unable to send your submission online, or you’d like to be more creative and decorate your own "thing" to put into the book, you can send in submissions via snail mail.  All submissions are due no later than November 9th!  You can learn more on the Christopher Paolini Birthday Scrapbook page.

We’ve also released our Halloween Costume Contest.  Fans can create a costume design idea based on a character in Eragon and Eldest to submit to us.  The top three winners will win prizes, and the best of all of the costumes will be featured on the site!  You can learn more on the Halloween Costume Contest page.