Shurtugal’s new look

The long awaited new look is finally here.  For the past few months, our staff member, Joelle, has been slaving away working on this new and original look for Shurtugal.  The rest of the staff have been working hard on getting the layout scripted and the content ready.

The new look includes two layouts – one for Eragon, and one for Eldest.  You can switch between the two layouts using the layout changer located on the top of our right navigation.  We’ve also added a text-only layout for our dial-up visitors, so you can now visit Shurtugal even faster than before!  (Thanks to Nick for creating the text-only layout, Mat for leading the coding of the layout, and Bob for a few random jobs like news comments.)

The left navigation has changed a little bit, as you’ve probably noticed.  We’ve just organized it a bit more and compressed a lot of content (example: combined Dragons and Dragon Eggs together).  We also added a site search tool, located on the right, which we encourage you all to make use of!

Why’d we choose today?  Because today marks 100 days until the release of Eldest!  We decided it was a day worthy of a bit of celebrating, and what better way to celebrate than with a new layout?

We hope you enjoy!