Christopher in “Guys Read”

Guys Read is a newly published book written by Jon Scieszka. The book is a collection of small essays written by male authors about their childhood. Christopher Paolini is one of the authors who wrote for this book, telling us a story of how fantasy novels affected his childhood:

“I loved the soaring adventure in those books, the way they could transport me into another world where anything was possible. I dreamed about dropping out of school and grabbing a hatchet, a bow and arrow, and a backpack and just marching off into the mountains to find a quest of my own.”

There’s also a mini-biography for Christopher, providing us with this random fact: “Hand-dug an eight-foot-deep hobbit hole in his backyard and topped it with an old satellite dish and dry grass.”

Guys Read is definitely an interesting read which you all should consider reading! You can by the book on here.