Fan composes Eragon-themed music

LindsayAnne Klemm, a 24 year old Eragon fan and musical composer/vocalist, has begun work on a full symphonic suite inspired by scenes from Eragon.  So far, LindsayAnne has composed five brilliant tracks which can be downloaded in MP3 format by clicking the links below:

"Eragon: Main Themes" – 3:37 (5.11 MB)
"Discovery: Finding the Stone" – 3:37 (5.78 MB)
"Flight of Destiny" – 1:43 (2.47 MB)
"Scrying for Arya" – 2:33 (3.3 MB)
"Doom of Innocence/ Rider’s Blade" – 2:50 (3.9 MB)

(If clicking the links doesn’t open the songs, try right clicking and selecting “Save target as…” or “Save link as…”.) LindsayAnne plans to do at least 7 more tracks, all of which will be added to her music site as they are completed. You can learn more about LindsayAnne, as well as listen to some of her other music, at her personal website.