Highlights from the CP Phone Chat

For those of you who were not able to make the interview, he are so highlights from the Chat, including some of the answers to the questions I or the other fans asked:

Because of Christopher’s location in Montana, his family is unable to get TV reception, so they watch a new movie daily.

Christopher is a Simpson’s fan!

We will be seeing and learning a lot more about Solembum and other Werecats in Eldest and Book 3.

Christopher says he is leaning towards calling the third book Empire.

Christopher says “Galbatorix is not, has never been, and never will be Eragon’s father.” And when asked if Brom could possibly be his father, he said quickly “My lips are sealed.”

Christopher says the cover of Eldest will have a picture of a beautiful red Dragon, and book 3 will feature a green Dragon.

Also mentioned by Christopher was that he has hidden name twists written all throughout the book… can you find them? (example: cadoc… Kodac)

More highlights to be coming soon! For those of you who missed the interview, you can call 1 (580) 431-2836. When you call this number, it will allow you to listen to the 1 hour and 30 minute phone conversation with Christopher. Please keep in mind that this number is long distance for most people. You should get your parent’s permission before using the phone.

(NOTE: I’m the dorky sounding kid talking about www.chrispaolini.com… hehe.)