Long Awaited Updates

I have finally updated and added some pages! I would have done this sooner, but the site went down and that made everything go whack! Here’s a list of the important updates and a description for each. On the right, under Updates, you can find all of the updates I made!

Alagaesia Interactive – Alagaesia Interactive is new section of the site in which you can learn about each area of Alagaesia by clicking certain spots on the map and reading the information that comes up.

A New Contest – I have added a new contest! This contest is the “Write your version of the first chapter in Eldest” contest. More information can be found on the contests page.

Du Vrangr Gata – A new bi-weekly column has been added! You should definatly check it out! This week’s column is all the highlights from the Chris Paolini Phone Conference!

That’s all the important updates! You can find the rest on the right! Enjoy!