We’re back…


As many of you have seen, Shur’tugal has been down for the past week. This down time was due to a server change gone wrong. Last week, I purchased a new server for my site, and during the changing of the servers, everything went wrong. So, finally today with the assistance of my good friend Nick, I was able to get Shur’tugal back up and running.
I’d like to thank you guys, the fans, for sticking with me during this down time. Without you guys, Shur’tugal wouldn’t be half as far as it is today, and for that, I am very grateful.
Also, I have HUGE plans for interactive features on Shur’tugal which are all in the making. I hope for all or most of these to be up by the end of this weekend, though I cannot be too sure.

One last thing I’d like to mention: the Eragon RPG. Right now, I have a HUGE and completely interactive Eragon RPG in the making. You can expect to see this some time within the next month or so. We are open for any all all suggestions you’d like to contribute, as your ideas very well could be used. You can do so by sending us an email using the feedback form located on the left navigation bar under Feedback Form.