Shur’tugal launches Inheritance Cycle Fitbit community for fans to compete and win autographed prizes – all by walking!

Today we’re launching our Inheritance Cycle community on Fitbit‘s website! Fitbits are a popular pedometer devices that track various exercise statistics throughout the day! An accompanying Fitbit app syncs your data with your phone and offers the ability to join online communities, where you can compare your exercise with others – and compete!

Our Fitbit community is open to anyone who owns one of the brand’s pedometers! We’ll be running weekly and monthly competitions, rewarding the top performers with various autographed Inheritance Cycle goodies. You can join the action at any point!

Unfortunately, at this time, only those who use Fitbits as a pedometer will be able to participate. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t able to join our community – there will be many other ways to win signed goodies throughout the year!

If you aren’t already a Fitbit owner but are looking to join us in exercising to win prizes, here’s a rundown of available devices for purchase:

Fitbit devices are also available through other retailers and directly from Fitbit’s website.

Here’s how the community and competitions will work:

  • Weekly competitions will take place starting on Mondays and ending on Sundays at 11:59pm EST, at which time we’ll award the top three performers with a predetermined autographed goody
  • Monthly competitions will begin on the first of each month and will end at 11:59pm EST on the final day of that month, at which time we’ll award the top ten performers with a predetermined autographed goody
  • Winners will be announced in a forum thread in our Fitbit group and contacted by an admin to facilitate the delivery of your autographed goody!
  • Rewards will change each month! You may only receive a prize for one weekly challenge per month (although you may also receive a prize for a monthly challenge in the same month)

Head on over to our Fitbit community to join in on the competitions!

To allow those who wish to participate time to get a device and join the community, official weekly competitions will not begin until February 13th. Our first monthly competition will begin on March 1st. You can follow the current rankings in our group on the public leaderboard!

  • February, Weekly #1: February 13th – February 19th (ends at 11:59pm EST)
  • February, Weekly #2: February 20th – 26th (ends at 11:59pm EST)
  • February/March, Weekly #3: February 27th – March 5th (ends at 11:59pm EST)

This month’s weekly prizes will be an autographed Inheritance Cycle bookplate and Eragon movie bookmark! These prizes will be awarded to the top three performers each week (based on the publicly available leaderboard). You may only win one weekly prize per month.

Important notes:

  • We reserve the right to disqualify any user we feel may be cheating or manipulating the competition
  • At some point in the future, award limits may be put in place restricting the amount of times fans can win prizes in a row
  • We are not officially partnered with or endorsed by Fitbit. We operate this community independently utilizing Fitbit’s free community tools. We’re unable to provide support or make changes to the systems that Fitbit has in place. Please contact Fitbit for support and any community-based recommendations.