Blacksmith and Christopher Paolini bring Angela’s incredible sword ‘Tinkledeath’ to life

tinkledeathTogether with a talented fan and a local blacksmith, Christopher Paolini recently fulfilled the unique request of one Make-a-Wish recipient: to own a replica of Angela’s sword, Tinkledeath (Albitr), and a recreation of the enchanted necklace worn by Eragon!

Christopher shared progress photos of the sword throughout its creation, as well as two videos of the finished weapon!

For those who may not remember, Albitr, also known as Tinkledeath, is Angela’s enchanted diamond sword introduced in Inheritance. The herbalist described the weapon as “the ultimate embodiment of an incline plane,” and we saw proof of its destructive power as it cut through granite without issue. Like Angela, the sword’s history remains unknown, and details about the blade itself are scarce. She did however hint at the name’s meaning, stating that Albitr means “exactly what it sounds like”.

While Angela’s sword was made out of enchanted diamond, us non-fantasy folk are restricted to more earthly materials and means. To create the sword, the blacksmith used acrylic, which was later polished to make the blade transparent. The handle was wrapped in pure silver.

Two videos of Tinkledeath in action, including its leather scabbard engraved with dwarven runes (spelling “Albitr”), offer even greater looks at the sword:

In addition to Albitr, Christopher provided the fan with a custom-made replica of the necklace given to Eragon by Gannel, chief of Dûrgrimst Quan and Eragon’s in Farthen Dûr. The silver necklace was shaped like a dwarven hammer and was imbued with magic to ward off any attempts at scrying the wearer.

If you could have a replica of any weapon featured in the Inheritance Cycle, which would it be and why? Let us know in the comments!

  • Vaughn Hurly

    Vrael’s Sword!!!

  • disqus_iwChpISarC

    AM i the only one lame enough to quantify that i would take magic as it is TECHNICALLY a weapon ?

  • Mirage

    Niernen, the deadly orchid. 🙂

  • Tim Karber

    I think I would want Arya’s sword because it would be green and handle elegantly.

  • Tyler Nelson

    The huthvir. Doubleended weapons is where it’s at.

  • Daniel Clausen

    I would like to go with “Brisingr” replica, because the sword is cool (Even though, I haven’t read the third book yet, I have only two of the four books), and, I would also go with the sword in hand – just to show people where I’m from – that I am a Inheritance fan.

    • Tracy

      I also would love to see Brisingr as a hands on sword i am also frustrated with Zaroc the stone color doesn’t match like the rest of the swords

  • Abigail

    Hhhmmm…. I would like Eragon’s bow, and

  • Zak Gwynne

    Hmm… I’d like a replica of either the Dauthdaert, or of Brisingr.

    • Rio Griffiths

      definitely brisingr

  • Raptor

    Angela has to be the soothsayer

  • Rubén Amador Salas

    I would like a replica of Du Niernen

  • Bjartscular

    I’d have to go with Zar’roc. The color red just enchants me.

    • Trail of the long nives

      I completely agree I just love Zar’roc

  • John The Shurtugal

    the best is Brisingr :)))))))))))

  • John The Shurtugal

    Islingr or u can called ‘Vrangr’ is ok

  • John The Shurtugal

    dauthdert sword

  • John The Shurtugal


  • Ebrithil

    Brisingr, Brisingr, BRISINGR! And if they can make it look like it would be on fire.

  • Daniel

    Brisingr would be awesome! Also Zar’rok would be cool too. Please come out with replicas of them all!

  • Medwyn

    Brigingr would be cool! But as a pendant for a necklace. Or even the Gedwey Ignasia (forgive my spelling if the names are wrong. It’s been a few years since I read any of the books!), also as a pendant.

  • Kassie

    The sword Brisingr!! It was described beautifully in the books, and to have a replica could be the COOLEST thing ever!

  • The Mockingjay


  • Javert

    I would actually love to have that sword-staff weapon that Angela had in the first or second major battle. that sounded pretty sweet.

  • Glaedr

    I would love to have vrangr

  • Glen Foster

    I absolutely love this idea. Id really want a replica of Zar’roc

  • Sedjwick

    I would love a replica of Brisingr, no contest. The description Paolini gave of the sword was exquisite and it simply captured my imagination as both a fine weapon and the most beautiful sword ever created. I also think Rhunon referred to it as her finest work, but I may be misremembering that. Either way, if I could have a replica of any single weapon from the Inheritance Cycle, I would love a replica of Brisingr. That replica of Albitr looks fabulous, though.

  • bobby indahouse

    thats not a sword thats a dagger…it should be at least 5 cm longer

    • Mylan Young

      I agree, it seemed a leetle too short to be a sword… Looks more like a toy. It is still beautiful, though.

    • Engla

      You mean 5 cm or 5 dm?? It’s definitely longer than 5 cm already.

      • bobby indahouse

        i said longer.

  • Whit Jamieson

    This goes without saying. Any of the swords of the riders would be exquisite and I’m sure there’s a blacksmith out there that could make a living by making swords like the ones described in the inheritance cycle. For me, I imagine having a fighting style similar to Eragon and Murtagh, so a sword like Brisingr and Zar’roc would be likely what would be best suited to me.

  • Jacinta McKenna

    Hiya Christopher, i must say i love your books, i still have the ones you signed for me back at Supernova a couple of years back in Sydney 🙂 I wont lie it would be nice to see Brisingr brought to life as a actual sword. Though that said seeing Oromis’ sword Naegling and the leader of the riders, vraels sword Islingr would also be nice. Keep up the fantastic work hopefully you will come to Aussie land again in the near future! 🙂 Reason for wanting these into replicas is because i like the history behind the swords themselves and their personal connections to their riders.

  • Danielle McCurdy

    I would love a replica of brisngr as it is the same colour as Saphira’s scales I think it would be really cool looking especially if it could burst into flames when you say its name like it does in the books. I also think the belt of Beloth the wise would be cool to have as well because of the fact the jewels are hidden.

  • Kim

    Probably the sword-staff, Hûthvír.

  • David Mikula

    Brisingr all day.

    • mala

      I think i would totally go with Undbitr it sounded so cool.

      • mala

        i also want to say how awesome it was that he did this for a child and how great this cause is.

  • Sophie

    Well this is rather hard to choose! I feel as if I would be one of those who was laden with weapons. A sword (hand and a half hilt but normal blade length, not for fighting indoors but I’m pretty short and a longer blade would put me off balance.) A bow, a long dagger and a few concealed knives. And lock picks, although they’re more tool than weapon.
    I think I’d be torn between Brisngr and Orik’s urgal horn bow. Horse back combat is a huge dream of mine.

    • Sophie

      There was a “and why?” Part to the question. This is why I’m going to fail my exams 🙈
      I guess the use of another loving creature to create a weapon just enchants me. Although knowing what we do about urgals I’m unsure I’d want one to die for my vanity. Still perhaps if it was an honourable death.

  • Mitchell

    that’s really cool

  • Alex R Crew

    If it were possible Mr. Paolini I wonder if you could do something similar for me for my 21st birthday. I’ve loved the series ever since Eragon came out. If I could have any weapon replica it would be a replica of Brisingr with scabbard and Brom’s ring Aren.

  • Pam Borchardt

    This is a really neat thing that Christopher is doing! If I were to get a sword replica, it would be Brisingr. I love the blue shades it incorporates as well as the length.

  • Deus Vitae

    That’s amazing! He is really good to his fans! (take note Patrick Rothfuss!)

    • Patrick Rothfuss is great to his fans as well!

      • Lorna

        Considering all the charity stuff Pat does – and he’s really great with his fans. I once met him at a Q&A he did in my city.
        What a good man. 😀 He even talked nicely about a question a fan had about the differences in translation (that was about ‘The Slow Regard of Silent Things’) He also had a stash of things he gave to fans who brought him gifts. He didn’t have to, really, but he still did. That was very considerate of him.