Journey through Alagaësia in Minecraft with these incredible previews from the fan replica server!

MC AlagaesiaA group of Minecraft and Inheritance Cycle enthusiasts have spent the better part of the past three years working tirelessly on bringing Alagaësia to life within the world’s most popular building game. These fans, who work under the community name “Minecraft Alagaësia,” regularly update fans on their progress through their website and Twitter account, and even allow readers to adventure through their in-progress world.

A series of photos from within the Minecraft Alagaësia world have been shared, offering a glimpse into our favorite fantasy universe in 3D. Each image in our gallery is captioned to further explain the locations you’re seeing, and the included videos offer a live view of the game.


The team is sticking closely to descriptions provided in the Inheritance Cycle. Creative license is taken in certain circumstances, such as when locations are only mentioned briefly or not at all in the books. The map’s size will sometimes limit the team when attempting to create true-to-scale locations.

Here’s a look at the creation of Ellesmera, which remains a work-in-progress:

This video follows a MCAlagaësia builder as they construct the elven settlement of Kirtan:

The group’s ultimate goal is to open the replica of Alagaësia to readers wanting to adventure through, explore, and live as Riders in their favorite fantasy universe. The world will be populated by the towns, cities, and landmarks from the books, all ripe for fan exploration. Eventually, plugins designed and developed by the team will add new gameplay mechanics such as magic based on Christopher’s Ancient Language, the ability to ride dragons, and more.

So just how big is the world of Alagaësia in Minecraft? Check out this video demonstrating the continent’s massive scale:

Are you interested in contributing to Minecraft Alagaësia? Here’s how:

1. Login to explore the public build Alagaësia Minecraft server by entering “” in the IP box once logged into Minecraft

2. Build and contribute your own Alagaësia-inspired creations on the public server

3. Submit your build on the MCAlagaesia forums, where the staff will review what you’ve built. If they love what you’ve done, they’ll offer you a position on the team!

*Participation in MCAlagaesia is completely free. However, connecting to the server and exploring the world requires you to have purchased a copy of Minecraft.

We’ll continue bringing you updates on the world of Alagaësia in Minecraft as it continues to come to life!