Journey through Alagaësia in Minecraft with these incredible previews from the fan replica server!

MC AlagaesiaA group of Minecraft and Inheritance Cycle enthusiasts have spent the better part of the past three years working tirelessly on bringing Alagaësia to life within the world’s most popular building game. These fans, who work under the community name “Minecraft Alagaësia,” regularly update fans on their progress through their website and Twitter account, and even allow readers to adventure through their in-progress world.

A series of photos from within the Minecraft Alagaësia world have been shared, offering a glimpse into our favorite fantasy universe in 3D. Each image in our gallery is captioned to further explain the locations you’re seeing, and the included videos offer a live view of the game.


The team is sticking closely to descriptions provided in the Inheritance Cycle. Creative license is taken in certain circumstances, such as when locations are only mentioned briefly or not at all in the books. The map’s size will sometimes limit the team when attempting to create true-to-scale locations.

Here’s a look at the creation of Ellesmera, which remains a work-in-progress:

This video follows a MCAlagaësia builder as they construct the elven settlement of Kirtan:

The group’s ultimate goal is to open the replica of Alagaësia to readers wanting to adventure through, explore, and live as Riders in their favorite fantasy universe. The world will be populated by the towns, cities, and landmarks from the books, all ripe for fan exploration. Eventually, plugins designed and developed by the team will add new gameplay mechanics such as magic based on Christopher’s Ancient Language, the ability to ride dragons, and more.

So just how big is the world of Alagaësia in Minecraft? Check out this video demonstrating the continent’s massive scale:

Are you interested in contributing to Minecraft Alagaësia? Here’s how:

1. Login to explore the public build Alagaësia Minecraft server by entering “” in the IP box once logged into Minecraft

2. Build and contribute your own Alagaësia-inspired creations on the public server

3. Submit your build on the MCAlagaesia forums, where the staff will review what you’ve built. If they love what you’ve done, they’ll offer you a position on the team!

*Participation in MCAlagaesia is completely free. However, connecting to the server and exploring the world requires you to have purchased a copy of Minecraft.

We’ll continue bringing you updates on the world of Alagaësia in Minecraft as it continues to come to life!

  • Morgoth of Thardszvul

    I want to play it so bad!!!

  • DragonRiderX

    I just finished the first book “Eragon” and was shocked by the cliff hanger ending cant wait to buy the next book and complete set in a weeks time!!! AND no its in MC omg i havfe had mc for a year and a half now and this is the best server i have played in a while! 🙂

    • DragonRiderX


  • Rio Griffiths

    is this on xbox one?

    • Morgoth of Thardszvul


  • Johanna

    I’ve tried to explore the MCAlegaesia on my computer, but when I try to connect to the server it says “out-dated client”. Does anyone know what this means or how to fix it?

    • MCAlagaesia

      Looks like you need to update your copy of Minecraft.

      Our servers are running the latest version, Minecraft 1.10. When you open the launcher, all you need to do is click “New Profile” and set “Use version” to “release 1.10”.

      The latest version of the game will download and launch when it’s ready. 🙂

    • DragonRiderX

      you just have to change minecraft version to 1.10.2 in the main loggin screen by “edit profile”

  • Bobacks:D

    Awesome server, as a builder i recommend it to anyone, even non-minecraft players. ~iBobacks

  • Daniel

    This is the most awesome thing EVER!! I am a huge MC fan and player. This makes Minecraft so much better!


    OMG!!! It looks so… gorgeous… I’m amazed by the amount of detail, and by how huge this thing is!!!! I would take off my hat, if I had one. You guys deserve the respect of everyone!!

  • Hotline_101

    Just as a member of the MCAlagaesia build team, I’d like to note that the pictures are about a year out of date. In case anyone has the impression we’re only done with two locations, we are essentially at 50% completion of the canon map locations. This 50% does not represent completed locations specifically, but takes into account the progress of each location and adds them all up. 50% of the work is done! 🙂

    Some locations (Uru’baen, Ellesmera, Tronjheim, Doru Areaba, etc) may take longer. We are also short of active building staff. If we even had a 25% increase of new staff on the MMO server, we could easily complete the server in a shorter period of time. Sadly, many people who join the team go inactive after a month or two of working. Thankfully, Hellomynameis99 (MCAlagaesia) and the executive team have irrepressible enthusiasm for this project. They’be been planning and executing their dream of recreating Alagaesia for three years!

    Right now, the hoped public release date for the MMO is late this year (2016)
    However, be aware that things may change in the next six months. Hopefully we’ll get a recruiting boom soon. Every new staff member counts for something, even if they only are able to be on occasionally! Who knows. It might be 2017 by the time we release the public server. It could be earlier than we expect if we have a sudden influx of new builders.

    We have a public build server where you can show your building skills. If you make the cut (We do have standards so that the build quality on the MMO is good) you’ll be joining the team to help us construct Alagaesia! I hope even a few people read this message! 😛


    • MCAlagaesia

      I’ll just mention that it’s the last 5 images that are over a year old, the rest are a bit more recent. I did send 7 more renders featuring structures, but it was probably a bit late to include those, so I guess we’ll see them in a future article.

      Also, thanks for the kind words! You’ve also got some extreme dedication to the project. 🙂

  • William Burke

    I… Feel slightly insulted at the size of the Beor mountains. It was stated, multiple times in canon, that they were so massive, that from the ground, the peaks weren’t visible.

    I mean, there was a story Angela told that was practically a myth (as anyone would have said it was if it was anyone but Angela telling it), that a dragon had actually managed to fly over the Beor mountains, but the feat had left his scales completely clear because of the sheer height.

    I’d feel a bit less slighted if they weren’t complete, though, as that would be completely understandable. Otherwise, however… They just don’t feel right.

    • MCAlagaesia

      Unfortunately, that’s a limit of Minecraft, not due to our laziness or lack of familiarity with the Cycle. While in the x and z directions you can walk for thousands of kilometres, only 255 blocks can be placed in the y direction.

      • Derek

        There are ways to get rid of the 256 block height limit 🙂

        • Rainbow Dash

          but there is a limit to processors, and it’s better to make it available to the many

        • MCAlagaesia

          Some mods allow the height limit to be changed, however we are trying to do everything serverside so that you don’t have to download and install mods to play.

          The height limit in the file can only be used to reduce the height limit below the default of 255, which is Minecraft’s limit.

          There is no way to increase the height limit to infinity, or indeed, anything above 255 in vanilla Minecraft. We’ve been running servers and planning MCAlagaesia for years. Trust me, if there was a good way to fix this issue, we would have taken it long ago.

          A plugin cannot increase the height, as the client will still deal with chunks of 16*16*255, as it always has.

          Finally, even if nothing I said above was true and we were able to increase the height, we’d still have the issue of lag. Not just a little bit of lag… Extreme lag. Increasing the height limit even a little bit adds thousands of new blocks that the server and client have to process.

          • William Burke

            I wasn’t thinking it was laziness in the least. I figured build limit might have been the culprit, but they just didn’t look like it… Probably considering that the base isn’t at 1Y, which would be bedrock level.
            Now, I’m extremely impressed with the entirety of the project, because I know how complex and time consuming large scale builds can be. To make a fictional country with little to no reference, save for a map? Absolutely, I’m impressed.
            I wouldn’t ever dare deign to ask you to put forth more effort than you already have.
            It’s just that it would be far easier to make if you had started from scratch on a low altitude map. I would have mentioned flat world, but i assume you already did start with that.
            But, starting with a lower altitude just makes the mountains seem that higher in comparison.
            It’s possible to not even see the tops of the mountains when starting at a lower altitude, which I know because I’ve embarked on massive upward builds that spanned far, far above the clouds, which felt larger than this… Version of the Beor range.
            So… While I am impressed, I just feel that this one thing could have been improved on if there had been a bit more foresight before the project had began, and the land had been cleared and replaced at a much lower altitude, maybe 30 blocks or so high. This could be accomplished extremely easily, not by hand clearing, but with a server administrator only available mod to do such. I know it’s available, because a good friend of mine used it many a time on his personal server.

            But hey, personal issue with the Beors aside(which is caused by Mojang anyways, not through any ignorance of the team)? Absolutely, spectacularly, fantastic job. The team has far surpassed my initial expectations upon reading the article title when I first came, and I look forward to seeing the completed project in however many months/years time.

          • MCAlagaesia

            Don’t worry about it! Just remember that these images are renders and can have infinite render distance. When you’re in-game, the tops of the Beors are usually out of render distance. Here’s a screenshot I took as an example. This was taken near the dwarven city of Dalgon.

            Also, many thanks for the kind words!

        • Morgoth of Thardszvul


      • Vista

        what about if you ended them at the limit, but make it obvious the mountain we can see/reach are only the bases of a much more massive mountain? (think impassable walls of rock and high valleys)

        • Vista


      • Daniel

        Are you going to have the clouds on? Because, that would make a huge difference with the height limit.

        • MCAlagaesia

          Clouds are something that each individual player has to turn off themselves. It’s all client side and we can’t control it. 🙂

          • Daniel

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    • NicFlix

      In Minecraft there is a height limit. We made them at tall as we could get them.

  • Thomas Bingham

    I can’t wait and I want to play here despite not really liking MineCraft.

  • Mr. Sniper

    Is this on PC or also on the PlayStation?

    • MCAlagaesia

      Unfortunately it’s just PC at the moment. No other version of Minecraft gives us the freedom to do some of the things we want to add to the game. We’re always looking for exciting opportunities to expand though, so maybe in the future! 🙂

  • MCAlagaesia

    Awesome article, Mike! Thanks again. 🙂

  • TJ Lavelle

    Holy crap we finally got featured! Some of the images are a bit outdated, but other than that YAY!

  • Fantaisa

    Wow, i always considered they would do this but i never dreamed they would go this far

    • alwaysrandom247

      some people did mata nui and the bionicle universe. look up three virtues… large maps are impressive. cannot wait to try this one.