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Adventure through “Minecraft Alagaësia,” a playable recreation of the fantasy world!

A group of Minecraft and Inheritance Cycle enthusiasts are working hard to accomplish the near-impossible: they’re bringing Alagaësia to life in a video game! Minecraft, to be specific. The group has spent the better part of five years working tirelessly to recreate the world, while also adding new gameplay mechanics such as magic based on

Meet Daras Guildward, son of the Lord of Fellworth Manor, in this deleted scene from ‘Inheritance’

Fans are always clamoring for new Inheritance Cycle content, and Christopher often delivers in the form of Q&As and even deleted scenes from the books. Today we’re taking a look at a deleted scene from Inheritance, which introduces a new character never encountered in the books. The scene, dubbed “The Swordsman” by Christopher, takes place

Relationships in the Inheritance Cycle – Which worked and what will unfold in future stories?

The Inheritance Cycle is a coming-of-age story filled with fleeting love, will they/won’t they moments, and broken hearts, leaving fans simultaneously swooning and crying. Since the series’ conclusion in 2011, Christopher has revealed a wealth of new information (highlighted in red) about the motives behind many of our favorite couples, their lives after the defeat

‘Alagaesia’ meets ‘Goredd’ – we explore the enjoyable similarities between the two fantasy worlds!

This post is sponsored by Random House Children’s Books to promote the release of Rachel Hartman’s Tess of the Road, in stores now! We’re always in search of a new great fantasy read while we await Christopher’s fifth Inheritance Cycle book, and that search turned up one of our new favorites: Tess of the Road by

Eragon and Arya were originally going to leave together – and their relationship could still happen!

To celebrate the most love-filled holiday of the year, we’re looking back to a relationship many of wish had happened… but ultimately didn’t: Eragon and Arya! It was the big question throughout the series, and a large focus for fans in the lead-up to Inheritance. Would our fan-favorite couple and two of the series’ lead