Reflecting at the Tomb of a Dragon Rider

Past the blackened peaks of Helgrind and across the glassy span of Lake Leona lies an incredible epitaph for a legendary Dragon Rider.  Upon a cliff, encased in a cocoon of diamond, is where Brom the Rider was laid to rest during the tragic events of Eragon. Both Eragon and Saphira left their marks of respect where Brom was buried, with Eragon writing a small dedication and Saphira infusing the original sandstone tomb with magic, transforming it into diamond.

Though he didn’t know it at the time, Eragon had actually buried his father.  Despite this lack of knowledge, Eragon still was moved enough by Brom’s teachings and friendship to pay eternal respects to a man he looked up to as a father figure, writing a message at Brom’s tomb:

Brom the Rider Grave EngravingPerhaps the note was a mere coincidence… or it could have been more. Was the young Rider’s subconscious already aware of Brom’s true role as his father? Did Saphira’s hidden knowledge of their true relationship spill over?

Below is a piece of fan art created by the talented Anutwyll, showing Eragon and Saphira at Brom’s tomb.  This piece of art is actually very interesting, as it echoes visuals from the pair’s first and second visits to the tomb.  When Saphira transformed the tomb from sandstone to diamond, she did so by touching her nose to the surface, while Eragon appears to be carrying Brisingr at his side in this view which would lend one to believe this was Eragon fulfilling his promise to one day return to the grave.

used-ce__diamond_tomb_by_anutwyll-d6033gaUpon returning to the tomb as promised, Eragon made a few lasting improvements to pay his very final respects to his father in Inheritance chapter “A Fitting Epitaph”:

The hill looked exactly as Eragon remembered.  When he gazed upon it, he felt his chest grow tight.

Saphira landed next to the tomb.  Her claws scarped against the pitted stone, chipping off flakes.

With slow fingers, Eragon unbuckled his legs.  Then he slid to the ground.  A wave of dizziness passed through him at the smell of the warm stone, and for a moment, he felt as if he were in the past.

Then he shook himself, and his mind cleared.  He walked to the tomb and looked into its crystal depths, and there he saw Brom.

There he saw his father.

Now we ask:  How did Brom’s death first move you? Do you think Eragon was forced to mentally relive Brom’s death after he discoverd Brom was his father? Will Eragon and Saphira visit Brom’s grave in the future? Let us know in the comments!

  • 900x2hrts

    I threw the book across the room whilst crying my eyes out…just to pick it back up again to finish.

  • Mike Sessa

    I’d love to see this series get a movie or series of movies that are at the higher quality that the books deserve.

  • RedStyx

    I cried very hard when Brom died, he was my favorite character, and still is to this day. When Eragon came back to pay his request, i nearly cried again, I really love that Christopher chose to in a way reconcile Broms death for us the readers not to mention Eragon, Brom’s son.

  • Carol

    It would be the best and longest game in the world lol

  • ian

    Id love to see a follow up book about brom going all black ops and taking down riders.

    • Nolan Holley

      I think you’ve got a great idea for a video game… Call of Brom: Black Ops 3 😛

  • Vamshi Aruru

    i wish he would return back. i wish he would come back to alangesia. no i did not cry when brom died. i only had tears in my eyes when eragon left alangesia. that was seriously heart breaking for me

  • Ian Franz Dresarie

    the illustration is beatifull. Only: Did Eragon already had that spicky ears at this point?
    When I first read the book I was totally shocked by Broms death. I really liked him and I think is one of the best characters in the series. Kinda the Yoda of Inheritance ^^
    Anyway, i remember having more then one tear on my cheek when I first read the part illustrated above, and still, just seeing this picture awakens my emotions. But then again, without those emotions, the cycle would only be half as good.

    • Akayla

      This illustration takes place after the Blood Oath Celebration when Eragon gained all the strength and apperence of an elf. So he did have pointed ears in this return to Broms grave. However I don’t believe his ears had began to come to points at the same of Broms death/burial.

  • Tony

    This illustration is almost exactly how I envisioned the scene when reading it.

  • Deef

    As it happens, Broms death was the only part in the movie where I cried. I honestly believe that this part of the movie was what got me into the series in the first place. his tomb is, if I remember correctly, one of the few parts that stayed really true to the books, and I am glad it did. (though he did use magic to move the sandstone, not carry individual stones as seen in the movie.)

    • kurey

      Correct very few things where accurate this one was rather close.

  • Torr

    This not how broms tomb was depicted in the book, and his character deserves an accurate depiction. The tomb was rectangular at the bottom like a casquet where they layed Brom and had a spire on top that threw multicolored light everywhere that could be seen for miles around. The diamond wasn’t jagged either, as the book describes Brom was visible through it, therefore it had to be smooth.

    • Nolan Holley

      The piece of art above is simply a fellow fan’s interpretation of the scene. That’s one of the fun things about books, everyone can create their own unique image of the story in their mind 🙂

      • Happy Camper

        Yeah… it was that same ‘artistic interpretation’ mentality that made the first movie suck. If you are making a movie or artwork about an literary event for which we have a lot of details, you can try to stay true to the source material. I don’t think the Shurtugal staff appreciates this fact as much as the fans of the book — you seem to apologize for the ‘creativity’ of the feature film… when if fact it sucked. Let’s call a lemon a lemon, shall we?

        • I’m not sure if you’re implying that we are not as much of fans of the books as the people who visit here, but if you are, that seems a bit silly. After all, I’ve taken the time to run this website without profit for eleven years. If that doesn’t say “fan,” I’m not sure what does.

          Regarding an artist’s interpretation of a particular scene: I’m all for it, and it isn’t the end of the world. Unlike a book or film, fan art is just that – made by the fans. It isn’t official in any way, and we never claimed it was.

          I’ve never once “apologized for the ‘creativity’ of the feature film” and would love if you could point out where I did. In fact, I’ve created a petition challenging Fox to completely reboot the franchise. I wrote an article about the future of the Inheritance Cycle film franchise, openly stating that they simply cannot move forward. In 2006, I published countless articles about just how brutal the film was, including a scathing review. Tomorrow, I’ll be releasing an article discussing how the Eragon movie got it all wrong and what Fox needs to do to get it right.

          In conclusion: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

        • Nolan Holley

          Maybe you’re confusing the post with something else, but the art above was done by a fan – just like you – and we like to show off fan material to promote the community. This has absolutely nothing to do with the movie and the professionals in Hollywood who made the film.